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  • Sure I know all of you liberals hate FOX News and have FDS(Fox Derangement Syndrome)and true I agree some of the content is to the right yet I feel shows like the O'Reilly Factor are fair and balanced while Hannity and Colmes show both views. Now if your looking for a right wing feast of info and swayed news try "Special Report with Brit Hume" though I respect Brit he's very bold and informative and I like his style as he's a polished veteran newscaster from ABC news and he's hosted many political debates in his day. "The Special Report" program covers the most current up to the minute news and events mostly focusing on politics giving great coverage to the current presidential candidates. Plenty of interviews and insight are provided from experts his all star panel of guests are mostly conservative and right wing though like Fred Barnes and Mort Kondracke, and Nina Easton. Plus he always closes the show out with some political humor. Overall a good news hour if you will overlook some of the right wing tilt.
  • The news is filled with folks trying to present themselves as unbiased but really there aren't many unbiased people out there.

    I favor news where it is obvious that someone is conservative, liberal, libertarian, etc. or a mix of all of the above.

    Developing the truth of a situation is about hearing different points of view and understanding where they come from.

    The good thing about this show is that it does discuss the different points of view. The All Star panel is typically mostly conservative with one liberal but all different points of view are discussed. The conservatives refute the liberal points of view and the liberals refute the conservatives'.

    The great thing about this is that you hear the different sides. Too often news programs are mostly sound bites with someone crafting them to a certain point of view. It may not occur to you to even consider different aspects because you don't know they exist. But if you get people arguing about a topic you can at least know those aspects exist and then go off and try to develop what you think the truth is.

    This is becoming more philosophy than a review of the show but my philosophy is why I like the show.
  • Worth watching if your a typical shallow person, I don't understand how ppl can watch this show or this network. The alt right are very entertaining and I enjoy watching and speaking to them. Amazing how they all follow and do as they are told by their media and leaders. Follow the leader guys lol I enjoy having my own mind .
  • Bret I have been a strong supporter of you and your show for years but lately you are drifting to the left or maybe you have always been a Trump hating lefty and just decided to show the real Bret. When Donna Brazil started describing the accomplishments of the Obama administration on your panel today I thought I was watching cnn and quickly changed the channel. Please tell me she is not going to be a regular on your show. Also, please drop Chris Wallis as a fill-in. I don't watch his show and I don't want to be suprised when he substitutes for you. Fox used to be a great organization but if you and your show are future of Fox, the end is near.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I just never watch the Nightly news. Well Bret the current anchor is professional and smooth. Special Report is break for a conservatives to watch the news, but still hits hard and has hard questions for both sides of the political field. Regrettably, my attention span lasts for about 5 minutes for any news show. Many articles, and guests are not of any interest. Usually the expert panels, on the spot reporting, storms etc becomes to repetitive for a person like me who gets most of my news from the net. With the competition of the internet the viewer has a choice of what articles and videos one can watch. There is no viewer interaction with the nightly news. Good for back ground when making dinner. Special Report is good to have on during an election and Special Report will past my five minute threshold. Does not omit, or cut out facts or not report issues like the more Liberal media does for conservative interests. News for more center of right people. 6 out of 10 stars.
  • Back in the day, a TV network SPECIAL REPORT was a noteworthy event. Something big was about to be shared. Sadly, since Brit Hume has claimed "special report" as his program title, the term has lost all of its stature.

    There is a game to be played while watching cable news shows which helps stop things from becoming boring. The game is very easy. Turn on any news channel and hold your remote control in your hand. Whenever anyone on a cable news channel says "frankly," turn the channel to the next news network. Whenever anyone starts using the metric system, turn the channel to the next news network. When there is an advertisement containing a blaring siren, klaxon, or a talking lizard with a grating voice; turn the channel to the next news network. Special to CNN, when a pre-recorded week-old news report is repeated yet again (with the live introduction also repeated word-for-word), turn the channel to the next news network. Also only with CNN, when a live interview of a fellow network employee is scripted and seems painfully over-rehearsed, turn the channel to the next news network. Last, when the exact same words in an advertisement are repeated three times in a row, turn the channel to the next news network. Try it, you might enjoy watching TV news again.