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  • I just got finished watching the first episode of this Canadian drama and so far, I like what I see. This episode took a little while for you to catch up to where the story was, but once there, it glides along nicely.

    The strongest aspect of this show seems that while it would be EASY to make a tragic cryfest over the topic of cancer, it's treated here with a smirk and a bit of wit (while sneaking in a jab at reality TV). Maria del Mar does a wonderful job in the lead as the cancer-sufferer with the strange charm and it works well. The rest of the cast is good and are believable in their roles. The writing is sharp and production value ( this is a Canadian production, I braced myself...) is very good (thank god).

    I can't even imagine where this mini-series is going, but I highly suggest checking it out. Tentatively, 7.5 out of 10.
  • I missed Six Feet Under and this is the closest I can find that matches its wits, plots and characters.

    It is refreshing to see a family that has their problems and deal with it the way they do.

    Would love to see CHUM do more of these kinds of shows. No reason why Canadian filmmakers cannot be recognized for quality shows.

    What I find fascinating is its simplicity in filming. My favorite characters would be Saul, Nicky and Ari. I believe they are portrayed in a very realistic way. Cancer affects all of us and this show portrays a powerful way of dealing with the situation, including those affected.
  • I just can't say enough about this brave and stimulating drama.

    There was appropriate humor and equally appropriate tragedy. Real life. Sometimes, inappropriate humor and tragedy, just like real life.

    You cared about every character, even though several may have been stereotyped to the extreme.

    Real people do get sick.

    The writing was crisp and eloquent.

    The acting and direction were equally impressive. There were long takes that had the flavor of theater.

    I applaud these top-notch dramas coming to the small screen.

    Sometimes the big screen is not a good venue for every story.

    I was sad to see it end, but one thing I've learned in my short visit to this planet, everything is temporary.

    I look forward to the DVD release to share with friends that don't see Sundance.