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  • "I'd rather be watching a funeral."

    That quote, stated by Stephanie after watching Dennis Quaid get hit in the head for about the 18th time, serves as a strong indictment of this most unnecessary of remakes, but sadly it's one of the nicest things one can say about the film.

    Easily one of the 10 worst movies of the year, Yours, Mine, and Ours should be more aptly titled Suck, Suck, and Suck. Is there still a market for movies that feature little more than a bunch of young kids eating tons of sweets, splattering a house with paint, and hating each other? I figured such uncreative antics had run their course, but perhaps I was wrong. Or perhaps the people involved with this production simply had no better ideas.

    "Were the writers even trying?" Stephanie asked me as Dennis Quaid got splattered with paint, fell in a pool of goo, and then tripped over a flatulent pig that, of course, eats at the family dinner table. "No, they weren't," I replied as I stared dumbfounded at the screen, shaking my head over the fact that the writers expect us to laugh about kids vomiting and then falling in it.

    I suppose I should commend the movie for warning the audience right away just how bad a time they can expect to have if they attempt to sit through the full 90 minutes. If the "Nickelodeon Films" moniker fails to send up any red flags, then the fact that Dennis Quaid and Rene Russo (possibly the hottest 51-year-old woman on the planet) meet, rekindle their high school relationship, get engaged, get married, and buy a brand new house all within the first 10 minutes should seal the deal that it's in your best interest to sprint to the exit and ask for your money back.

    There are two legitimately funny scenes in the movie, one involving Dennis Quaid brushing his tongue. Everything else has been done several times with equally unfunny results. "Oh look, Dennis Quaid's son has accidentally started up a forklift at the store! Oh look, Dennis Quaid just jumped on the forklift and his head is bumping against every box in the store! Oh look, Dennis Quaid's credibility can actually be seen leaking out of the screen!" That's what's considered funny these days?

    And just when you think things can't get any worse, the writers decide to blindside us with an ending so ridiculously sappy that you'll be wishing you brought your trusty yellow bucket and you'll pray for an end to your dry heaving. I officially hate lighthouses now.

    I suppose 10-year-old girls might enjoy this, but if you value your time or money then I recommend that you stay away. Far away. This is a movie so the opposite of hilarious that I'm forced to come up with a new word for it - lolarious (pronounced "low-larious"). Feel free to use the word amongst friends. Hopefully its popularity will spread and it will one day be added to the dictionary. At least then I could say one good thing came out of the film.

    As it stands, Yours, Mine, and Ours ain't mine, I'm pretty sure you don't want it to be yours, and if we made it ours then we'd only end up arguing over who would be the one to get rid of it.
  • g-bodyl17 February 2012
    Yours, Mine, and Ours and is fair, unoffensive movie that the whole family could enjoy. It's not the best family movie in the world but its passable because of the charm given off from the two lead actors.

    This is about two high school sweethearts who reunite thirty years later and get married on the spot. But both people have a large number of children and those children combine forces so they can break up Frank and Helen.

    The acting is okay. The leads are pretty much what carried this movie. Dennis Quaid and Rene Russo are great actors. I wish that the children had more screen time. I could barely tell them apart.

    The film should have been paced better. It seems like thirty minutes in, we are already near then end. A better screenplay would have also helped this movie.

    Overall, this is a fair but not great family film. Kids will certainly enjoy it but adults should stay clear from this film. I rate this film 6/10.
  • This "re-casting" of the family favorite of Yours, Mine, and Ours can't even shake a stick at the original with Fonda and Ball. Granted while the original was contemporary for the day that it was made the dialog, and the family situations dealing with a large family are either ad voided or watered down to a point of non-existence. Koodos for Quaid for his role of the bewildered father. Quaid tries to make the role work with the weak script that he got, but for what he got he did an outstanding job. The 2005 "re-casting" of the situations was nothing more than politically correct mumbo jumbo that missed the mark of the comedic timing. All of it was turned into a slapstick dribble with obvious setups from the production team. They took a great crafted movie and watered it down to a dribble that only family with young kids will like. Yes, the original is dated, but we can still connect with the themes and the characters while the 2005 VERSION OF YOURS, MINE, AND OURS WILL BE LONG Forgotten WHILE THE ORIGINAL REMAINS FRESH.
  • When Admiral Frank Beardsley returns to his hometown after years of Coast Guard service, he meets his old flame Helen North at a high school reunion. Both recently widowed, the two find the old sparks again immediately and marry on a whim. There's one catch. Frank has eight children and Helen has ten children (many adopted).

    Someone should tell the writers of Yours, Mine and Ours that chaos does not equal funny. Two parents, eighteen kids, one crazy nanny and one pig all live under the same house, so hilarity is supposed to ensue right? Well, not in this film. All of the laughs are few and far in between and when the movie is over, all you're left with is one big headache. Kids will most likely eat this one up but they deserve better films than this. It's no surprise that this film is a dud since its directed by Raja Gosnell. He is your typical bland director and he doesn't have much imagination. He always puts the lamest jokes and pratfalls into his films like Dennis Quaid falling face first into a bucket of paint.

    Dennis Quaid plays the uptight father and he pretty much makes a fool of himself here. He seems to be trying so hard to get a laugh from the audience but he fails. I'm surprised he took this role since this is a little out of his usual element but I guess Tim Allen was busy. Rene Russo plays his wife and she was okay but a little bland. After this film and Two for the Money, she needs a new agent because she actually is talented. There were so many kids that it was hard to keep track of them. Most of them were either bland or they played annoying characters. There were a few that showed a little potential for the future but I wouldn't hold my breath. In the end, a weak story, very few laughs, weak acting and bad direction equals a poor film and this movie is better left on the shelf. Rent the original instead. Rating 3/10
  • Frank Beardsley (Quaid) is a 2-Star Admiral in the USCG and a widower with 8-kids. Helen North (Russo) is a dress designer and a widow with 10-kids. They were sweethearts in High School and meet 30-years later and get married. The kids don't like it and plan to break up this union.

    Let's see, we had the "Little Old Woman Who Iived in a Shoe etc; then we had Our Gang Comedies; Then the Brady Bunch; then Eight is Enough, and then My Three Sons. All had something going for them. All were good in their day and I predict that this movie will soon be a family TV show.

    Yes, there are silly things in here. Come on, there are 18-kids involved so you can expect some of that. Frank runs a tight ship, and Helen does not. One of Helen's kids says, "they get married and we get drafted." See where we are going with this?

    But, there are also enough funny things going on to keep you going to the end of the movie. Quaid and Russo play it straight and that is to their credit. Rip Torn is always good and is probably one of the most under-rated actors of our time. Jerry O'Connell did okay.

    I am surprised at the number of times I laughed at some goings on. This is good family fun. There was good timing by all and nothing was overdone and these are quite possibly the reasons the laughs came easily. This is a well done comedy.

    Yes, I can see where this will become a TV show in time.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I was very disappointed with this remake. The original was funny, but this movie was in my opinion, chaotic! I think those kids really needed a trip to the woodshed! In our politically correct system we are made to think that every family is dysfunctional. Most parents would be ashamed of such rowdy children. Why do we put up with such poor family movies? Let's get back to traditional family values. I took my 7 yr old granddaughter to see it and she was appalled by the lack of discipline. Bring back It's a wonderful life and Spensers Mountain. They had real values. Why so many remakes of good films and making them trash? Let's get back to the real America!
  • philip-ct24 March 2006
    Both Russo and Quaid have an energy between them, but they cannot redeem this film, with a paltry script and too many characters, so that the supporting cast remain that, and wasted! The film seems to work on the premise that bigger is always better, and the direction seems to go that way too. What could have benefited from some quieter, uncluttered subtlety, becomes an assault on one's senses, patience and believability.

    This film could have been better had it been downscaled a bit, and had some honest attempt been made to show plausible character development. Although just released (in SA), it has a jaded feel about it.

    This comedy might well be yours but it's not mine!
  • This movie was excellent, it one of very few family movies that are suitable for all ages. Many people say they didn't like it, and gave it bad ratings probably because, there's no sexual humor or sex scenes. These days, If there's sex in a movie, then that makes it interesting and good. Hardly anyone understands that family movies are for families, they're not meant to be nasty to watch, it should be enjoyable for everyone. Movies can be great without that garbage. The humor was good and you can really feel the compassion in this movie. Its great for kids. I loved the way things happened, like the physical humor and the kid actors/actresses were so adorable. The only thing I didn't like about it was the fight over a boy that the two older girls had. I think it was stupid and unnecessary. Drake Bell did a really good job on his part. He was witty and full of drama with the different situations throughout the movie. Everyone did a great job. I give it a 8 out of 10.
  • My 11-year-old daughter loved "Yours, Mine and Ours." Of course, my daughter loves all movies, including the one from earlier this year about the talking zebra. On the way out from "Yours, Mine and Ours," she commented, "That was a great movie, wasn't it, Dad?"

    "Yeah, it was great," I lied.

    This is a cold, often times mean-spirited movie involving scheming children hell-bent on destroying their parents' marriage. As plans are set in motion, the once loving relationship between the unsuspecting Quaid and Russo quickly deteriorates into heated arguments, hurt feelings and tearful nights. Charming stuff.

    There are very few laughs in this movie. Ten minutes of 18 kids doing their best to destroy their fixer-up lighthouse home was enjoyable. But as 10 minutes turned into 60 minutes of the same — food fights, flying paint and spewing vomit — I couldn't wait for this mess to come to an end.

    No substance, no warmth, no charm. "Yours, Mine and Ours" should have been about family fun. Well, at least my daughter liked it.
  • The advent of mixed families is certainly more relevant today than it was when this film was originally made in 1968 (with Lucille Ball and Henry Fonda in the leads); but that doesn't make this newer version a better film – not by a long shot.

    That movie was quaint and cute for it's time, had a great, emotional conclusion and even inspired the television series, "The Brady Bunch."

    This is – by far – one of the worst films of the Year of Bad Films. It is directed by Raja Gosnell (which is appropriate because he was responsible for both horrid Scooby-Doo movies) as if he were hit on the head with a huge circus mallet. This picture tries to combine joy, love, comedy, pathos and crude slapstick into a rollicking family good time.

    It doesn't work. The leads, Renee Russo ("Two for the Money") and Dennis Quaid, "Flight of the Phoenix"), have no chemistry and the children – all amazingly attractive, but talentless – are nothing more than annoying and idiotic. The situations they are tossed into are far-fetched, ridiculous and, worst of all, totally unfunny. Not the best thing to say about a comedy.

    Frank Beardsley (Quaid) is a widower with eight mostly cute blonde, blue-eyed children, and a Coast Guard Admiral, to boot. He runs the family well, like a Coast Guard Admiral, constantly blowing his hornpipe, having them fall in and organizing them into work groups. After moving to New London, Conn. in one of the great plot conveniences of all-time, he meets widow Helen North, a free-spirited handbag designer who knew Frank in high school.

    Within one jump cut – and without meeting each other's offspring – the two tie the knot. Thus, when the families finally get together, the kids – naturally – hate each other. Among these "actors," there is every type of cliché; a Boy Scout, a military cadet, a cheer- leader, a punk rocker, a grunge singer, a couple of sets of twins, two precocious little boys, and other assorted goofballs.

    Also, to keep things as diverse and politically-correct as possible, Helen adopted six of hers, including some Mexicans, Indians, a jive black dude and a gay Asian. It's like the floor of a Democratic National Convention.

    Add to this mishmash a pot-bellied pig (why directors think a strange pet is funny is way beyond me – remember the duck in "The Pacifier"?), who makes about 100 appearances, including at a hardware store, at the kids' school, and in Frank's bed, and you have a recipe for Holiday disaster. It's like having the whole family over and your father gets falling-down drunk and knocks over the tables with the food on it. No, wait, that would actually be humorous. This movie is a bomb like none dropped on the slums of Baghdad by Dick Cheney.

    If this film were any more of a dog, it would be dragging its butt across the driveway. And, after the 10th fight in which the children mess up and destroy the house, a store and everything else in sight, you start to feel a little sick to your stomach.

    It was also more than a little embarrassing to see Quaid doing lame slapstick (he gets splattered with paint and vomit, covered with sand, knocked to the ground and falls in a wading pool full of slime), and playing second fiddle to a bunch of little brats. Of course, he deserves it for taking on this role once played so well by Henry Fonda.

    Russo, who allows her evil moppets to get away with anything, doesn't fare as bad – unless you count her involvement in this travesty. Best to leave this Thanksgiving turkey in the oven, take a few extra minutes and find the original; you'll thank me for it.
  • Nothing against Dennis Quaid or Rene Russo, but they certainly were in way over their heads, not because they had to contend with 18 snotty brats, but rather because of this tedious and contrived script adaptation that strangles a once amusing story.

    First of all, the romance is implausible. A stern Coast Guard admiral who regiments his ten offspring like so many deck swabbies meets a free-spirit who lets her eight kids run wild, and these polar opposites fall instantly in love? Then, like two infatuated teenagers, they impulsively run off and elope faster than you can say, "Vegas wedding with Elvis, please." After this, the movie just disintegrates into a parade of scenes of this mob of kids yelling, crying, fighting, breaking things, or something always falling on the dad. No comedy; just tired, overused old jokes, and monotonously boring. The plot is built upon these hateful creeps plotting to destroy their parents' marriage and happiness. Funny? No, it's not. Typical of this inept movie is the routine ending which doesn't even fit the action that precedes it. For those who can't wait to see the obligatory scene of a little kid puking, don't worry; it's here too. After watching this, you may do the same.

    Just plain irritating.
  • rcfires10 April 2006
    Warning: Spoilers
    The movie Yours, Mine and Ours was a terrible movie and a waste of my time to watch. The reasons are quite simple, the actors sucked and the plot was the stupidest.

    The children supposedly don't like each other and have nothing in common. And instead of trying to explain to their parents that they can't stand each other, have nothing in common and were unfairly forced together without their say, they make a plan to try to break up their parents. Obviosly the kids have no respect toward their parents and their feelings, even the older ones. So what ends up happening is they begin ruining their parents life.

    What I find the stupidest part of the movie, and what really made it a waste of my time is that these kids supposedly don't like each other. Well it takes a lot of teamwork to pull of the tricks that they were pulling on their parents. They learned to respect each other and eventually even like each other, and yet they were still trying to break their parents apart? The whole reason they wanted to part their parents is because they couldn't stand each other. So why didn't they stop their plan when they began to get along each other? Stupid plot, stupid movie.

    The pig was a stupid addition, these guys would not had made this movie without their stupid goals behind it. They said "hey lets remake the 1968 movie Yours, Mine and Ours so we can out-number the kids in cheaper by the dozen". And then said "hey lets add a pot-bellied pig so we can have an original family pet just like in The Pacifier". Also the fact the Quaid was married to another dress designer like in The Parent Trap. They take the wreckless slapstick style with no humor in it. This movie is a rip off of so many things and lacks the ability to make me laugh.

    And another stupid thing about this movie is the character Helen North. She has disciplinophobia(Not a real word as far as I know). She is scared of discipline, total hippie. There is Nothing I hate more than somebody, whether they are real or a character, who is afraid to put their foot down. After the kids trash that store I thought their would be heavy consequences. After they throw that party without their parents permission, behind their back, when their home is full of complete strangers trashing their house and when the kids are neglected, stored away and sick on junk food she tells Frank to relax?! I would expect any health parent to ship their kids off to military school after a stunt like that(only the kids that threw the party). She is in a relaxing mood at a time like this? Pathetic, and worse than that she was afraid to set any rules or boundaries. When Frank says "There is nothing wrong with having rules. Everybody lives by them, the entire universe lives by them." She says "Well then Frank that's the last thing these kids need from me. There's only one rule I know, and that's at any time all of this can be over. Taken away from you forever, then who needs more rules after that.". Sounds a lot like a divorce threat to me. Why would any parent(especially a parent of ten) want no rules or boundaries for their kids? Unrealisticly a terrible character, it pisses me off so much I want to take my fist and..........

    I found nothing good about this movie, except its alright for anybody 9 and under. I would have voted 0 but I can't.

    Also I feel sorry for all of you so naive to actually enjoy this movie. God remove the devil inside you for it.

    Don't waste your time.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I took my little girl to see this movie mainly because she is a big Drake Bell fan. I was a little apprehensive because I am such a fan of the original. I was pleasantly surprised. I was entertained throughout the whole movie and am always pleased to sit through a film where I don't have to hear profanity every 2 minutes. I thought it moved along well. I laughed every time a bucket fell on someone or a big mess was made. I would totally recommend this movie to anyone. My little girl couldn't stop talking about it and we had to go out today and buy the DVD. She has watched it 2 times already today. I love Dennis Quad and thought he did a great job in this role.
  • as far as comedies goes it get's the job done, but some parts of the movie just dragged, and u were waiting for the preverbial shoe to drop. randy quaid seemed a bit to stiff in his lead role, rene russo still has the charm and looks, the younger actors seemed to be more relaxed in their roles, overall the movie wasn't bad by any stretch, just in spots the writers could have done a better job filling the gaps. i would say that if you watch it just for comedic value , then it's a great 1.5 spent, if you look for other redeeming qualities as i do then it was okay, but could have been better, in my opinion the pig really steals the whole show, the kids can have a blast watching this one, but i would go with a comedy that can keep the story going just a little better
  • Did no one involved in this remake realize the original film was based on a true story? I find it annoying that the screenwriter thought it was necessary to throw a few ethnic types into the mix of kids to give the storyline a contemporary twist. And why switch the number of children each parent had? In real life, it was the dad who had ten, the mom who had eight, and all of them were biologically theirs. Quaid and Russo are their usual likable selves, but can't salvage this unnecessary and egregiously unfunny slapstick version of life with the Beardsleys. If they were going to play fast and loose with the facts, they should have changed the names to protect the innocent and given the movie a new title, like "His, Hers, and Theirs (But Who Cares?)."
  • Now, granted, 2005 was not the best year for films and lately the family movies have been quite lame. But do you really think, to those who have seen the film, that this film deserves a 3.3? Come on! Where is your sense of humor? Also, I watched this film when I was babysitting my cousins, we were just laughing our heads off because this film had some good gags in it. Yes, it's unrealistic, but what movies are? Some have to be a little unrealistic in order to deliver what we want. That's the point of films, they help us escape reality and just enjoy ourselves for an hour and a half. So please, give this family comedy another chance and just let go and have fun!

  • This movie was so bad that the only recommendation they could find for the DVD cover was "The best family comedy of the year!" from the (I think nonexistent) Film Advisory Board.

    The original (with Lucille Ball, Henry Fonda, and Van Johnson) was on Turner Classic Movies recently. While not a classic or a work of art, it was solidly made and from what I remember told the story of this blended family in a fairly accurate manner.

    The remake has so little to do with the original that it could have been written with different character names and probably nobody would have remembered. At the very least, they should have had the decency to credit as "inspired by" rather than "based upon" the original screenplay. At least they had the decency not to mention Helen Beardsley's book (it's probably out of print, anyway) on the poster.

    The first mystery about it is how four producing entities (Paramount, Nickelodeon Films, MGM and Columbia) could blow $45 MILLION on a movie that looks so cheap. Where in the world did that money go? No flying saucers, no earthquakes, no aliens. Some $40 plus million either went into somebody's pockets or up somebody's nose. It sure didn't show on screen.

    And whose idea was it to get all those "politically correct" adopted and foster children in there? I guess this was a ploy to trick minority audiences out of their hard-earned money to see this. And since the Asian boy was gay I guess they got one more notch on their PC gun belt.

    The worst part was realizing that since Dennis Quaid and Rene Russo are both over forty this is what they have to settle for to get lead roles. Talk about a waste of talent. I'd hate to have heard the dinner table conversation when they got home at night after a day on the set. Add Linda Hunt (that Oscar can't get her decent parts?) and Rip Torn: thankfully they don't have all that much screen time.

    I notice that the viewer rating for the original film is twice what the rating for this one is. Obviously many other people feel the same way I do.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Yours, Mine and Ours has some fatal flaws that for most (especially critics) destroyed the film (although it's made more than it's fair share of profit.) The film is brutally predictable and not only that but is far from a new concept coming along on the heels and in front of the Cheaper By The Dozen series. The single only difference is double the children. Unfortunately as cute as that sounds there is just too many cast members. There are so many children that only a small few of them ever get to show off their characters. The film still aims for the exact same comedy as Cheaper By The Dozen did...physical comedy usually involving the fact that so many children are under the same roof. The only plot variation is that these kids are trying to break up their new found parents because they hate each other.

    Dennis Quaid is by the book Navy Admiral Frank Beardsley. Quaid is always a terrific leading man and he can do action, drama, and also comedy including some very funny physical comedy and pulls it off flawlessly. He is in fact one of the highlights of this film and certainly brings the most ability to the cast. Rene Russo is free spirited and less regimented new wife Helen North who brings her 10 kids (6 adopted, 4 of her own) to the chaos. Russo is a good actress with a lot of experience and she nails a lot of big roles opposite basically every leading man in Hollywood but doesn't necessarily make her great. Her acting is a bit dry and over performed in this film. She borders on annoying and if I were Quaid I would have ran for the hills...High School sweetheart or not. The kids...well the kids do well but there is so darn many of them that none of them ever get the opportunity to really stand out with perhaps the exception of Sean Faris who plays eldest son William who plays a strong character but looks too old to be doing the things he gets involved with and the young twins Brecken and Bridger Palmer who are adorable and the perfect trouble makers. Again all the kids do a fine job but there is way too many parts to make any difference.

    The film beginning to end is complete chaos with a hint of a decent storyline but everything moves at such break neck speed. Quaid and Russo meet and marry in about thirty seconds and how much money would these guys actually need to support a family of TWENTY?? Plus housekeeper, pig, dog, hamster etc. Russo and Quaid do have decent chemistry and Quaid's character is a good character and a good father and some of the cute moments are exactly that...cute...but not overly funny. Little kids will probably like the chaotic kids running wild fun but for most adults it'll get old quick. I will say as predictable and clearly mapped out as the film is the ending is still warm and fuzzy and will make you smile...any good feel good family flick should do that. It's not something you should avoid, it's not as bad as critics say it is but it's mostly just a cute little family flick. 7/10
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Yours, Mine And Ours (2005) Starring Dennis Quaid, Rene Russo, Sean Faris, Katia Pevec, Dean Collins, Tyler Patrick Jones, Brecken Palmer, Haley Ramm, Ty Panitz, Danielle Panabaker, Drake Bell, Directed by Raja Gosnell.

    This comedy film is actually a remake the late 60's film of the same name which starred none other than Luclle Ball. Dennis Quaid is Admiral Beardsley, a divorced father with several kids and who runs his household as if it were a highly disciplined navy ship. Rene Russo is Helen North, a free spirit, Neo-Hippie purse designer with several children of her own, many of them clearly adopted. Before you can say "Brady Bunch" rip-off, this film is actually suited to present day audiences. There are a lot of hilarious moments which are sure to have kids rolling in the aisles with laughter and moments adults can appeciate as well. The children are the true stars, as there are so many of them (how much did they get paid for this ?). They each act their roles with comedic flair and it's enjoyable to watch them feud as all siblings do and eventually scheme to break up their parents. Dennis Quaid is out of his element in a comic film, and it's obvious he is trying too hard. Also, I've noted many similarities between this film and "Cheaper By The Dozen" which has basically the same "Brady Bunch" premise. Tim Allen would have been a better Admiral Beardsley but in truth, he was busy working on "The Shaggy Dog". Quaid does a fine job but it's just uncomfortable for me to see him in this film. It's evident he is trying to imitate Steve Martin's character in Cheaper By The Dozen. Rene Russo is a fine Helen North and plays her part well but she's dull and unintersting and of courses cannot live up to the actress who originated the role - Lucille Ball herself. Overall, this film is funny but it's predictable.
  • Since I've always wanted a big family with lots of siblings, I do enjoy movies featuring large families. I'm a die-hard Brady Bunch fan, and thought Cheaper by the Dozen was awesome-- both 1 and 2.

    Having said that, the plot was totally unrealistic, with entirely too many chaos/disaster scenes that I guess were supposed to be funny. There was a lot of "fluff" and not much "stuff".

    But because I really enjoy movies featuring large families, I "curved" this rating and gave it a 6-- Otherwise it would probably be a 1 or 2. Because from an unbiased point of view, it looked like something somebody slapped together this morning.
  • afijamesy2k30 November 2005
    This Lowbrow awful remake of the 1968 classic brings nothing good, but the same usual shtick and the same usual idioticness, Dennis Quaid stars as a Former Navy Solider and Renee Russo plays the mother of so many children, (Don't even ask), because quaid also has big children as well, so that makes a grand total of 18 kids, there is a pet pig in the house, usual disasters, is this a stupid movie?, I Think so.

    The Acting is terrible, especially dennis quaid, who's been good in other things, Rene Russo is wasted, the kids are not interesting, there is zero chemistry between renee and dennis. Why would they remake garbage like this?, Look at what happen to the jackal 8 years ago with Bruce Willis and Richard Gere and that was also garbage.

    This is one of the year's Worst Films.
  • Welcome to the Suck

    Wow, I did not think Hollywood could sink much lower, and people wonder why Hollywood is having record low turnouts.

    1. Dennis Quaid, what the he!! 2. Come on 3. Cheaper by the dozen 2 4. COME ON PEOPLE 5. The kids in this movie were the worst child actors I have ever seen. 6. How did they get two moderately successful actors/actress to star in this movie, did they really think they would be joining a good movie? This is just sad It is just a plain shame. When was the last time a decent movie came out that had an original plot this year? Nothing comes to mind, maybe if movie studios stopped making dumb movies like "Starsky and Hutch" or this piece of junk the box office would see more turnouts.
  • i went to see this movie not for the enjoyment but to compare it with the much better 1968 film of the same name. Dennis quaid is among a group of actors i feel will soon break out(hopefully before he is a senior citizen) into a fairly good actor, leaving out the parent trap & flight of the phoenix on his resume. however, he is no henry Fonda(no one can be) & Rene Russo is no Lucille ball(again, no one could ever come close) but this movie is a waste of every talent in it & i wish that Melville shavelson, along with bob Carroll & Madelyn Davis could have their names erased from the credits but as they did the original & much better '68 film, their names have to stay with the new bomb....
  • I saw this film only because my 4 year old daughter was too afraid to sit through the "Chronicles of Narnia". That's OK, I understand that. If I was her age, I'd scream too. She did love this film, along with my 7 year old son, but unfortunately, unless you are under the age of say 12, there isn't much here to like.

    "Yours, Mine and Ours" is based on a 1968 film. It's about a military dad who has 8 kids who meets a liberal hippie mom with 10 kids of her own. The two marry and the 18 kids are forced to get along with each other. They move the entire family into a fix me up lighthouse and naturally we have plenty of pratfalls, flying paint, food fights, and people falling off ladders. There is even a giant pig walking around. This is all cute for the younger crowd, but anyone else will be looking at their watch.

    The movie is predictable and probably resembles Cheaper By the Dozen more than anything with a little Parent Trap thrown in. It is harmless and the two leads (Dennis Quaid & Rene Russo) do what they can with flimsy material. I guess it's not horrible, but frankly, this is a family I could do without. (**)
  • I thought this movie was great, and I'm expecting as sequel soon.

    Each actor (Dennis Quade, Rene Russo etc.) played fabulously for their roles. I was deeply impressed with Danielle Panabaker and Katiija Pevec, who played the roles of Phoebe North and Christina Beardsley. But, I must say, I was impressed with ALL the actors. The movie showed me comedy, romance, but most of all, teamwork. Yes, you read that sentence correctly. Teamwork. At the beginning of the movie, your going to wonder what the heck I'm talking about. But then, throughout the last half, your going to notice how the two sides of the family put their differences together, hilariously trying to rip their parents relationship into shreds.

    Like I said, this movie was great, and I'm sure that if you watch it you'll agree with me.
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