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  • kunalrajan21 September 2005
    This movie had lot of problems till it released. but finally when the movie released, not many of them expected the movie to be good. s.J.Suryah has once again proved that he brings out something different and interesting each time.

    It is the story of estranged lovers re-united by their own thoughts. Shiva (Suryah) and Madhu (Nila) represent a permissive mindset, as they are lovers living together. Things come to a pass when the possessive Shiva grows suspicious of his girlfriend and they decide to go their own ways. Then it is the thoughts who come in a blue tint to unite the lovers back together. Suryah could have avoided the lengthy sermon in the end.

    The songs are creatively picturised. 'Anbae Aaruyirae ... ' zestfully sung by A. R. Rahman, the melodious 'Mayiliragaai' and the charanam of the 'Thala Thala ... ' song are a treat from Rahman. From production to direction, story to screenplay and dialogue to acting, 'Ah ... Aah ... ' is a Suryah show through and through which is not to be missed.
  • Worst Movie. Nobody acted good in the movie. Songs and BGM in the movie were worst. The movie was not at all interesting. The movie was so boring and lagging because it had no story. The movie had many unbelievable and illogical scenes. Worst Movie.
  • A below avg movie with logic less scenes but in the end with a good message 🤐. ARR music was top notch ❤ but song visualisation poor 😐 unbearable