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  • While I can completely understand the polarizing nature of this show, I found it to absolutely hilarious. While the comedy (like all comedy quite frankly) isn't for everybody, if you are a fan of absurd and esoteric humor this is definitely for you. There's little jokes buried beyond the action that gives way to repeat viewing. Even banal things such as walking seems humorous when done by the men of Stella. I cannot wait for further episodes, and while I assume the show will probably burn out after 2/3 seasons, it will be a great ride while it lasts.It is a show you should definitely check out. You may not like it, but it's worth a shot.
  • Stella is pure comedy genius. If you fancy non-sensical and bizarre humor, Stella is right down your alley.

    I was introduced to this comedy trio while living in NYC and got the chance to see them live a couple of times. Each show introduced a new film short, which was the part of the show I looked most forward to. When I heard about the Comedy Central show, I was super stoked.

    The pilot episode gave me the impression that they are going to bring the laughs without diluting the oddball humor that made them famous in NYC. While we probably won't be hearing any obscenities or seeing as many sex shop props, I am confident Stella's going to be a hit.
  • In the post-Friends era where the "sitcom is dead," the new Comedy Central series Stella proves that great comedy is about innovation, not repetition. It's a difficult task to describe what makes the Stella trio of Michael Ian Black, David Wain, and Michael Showalter so side-splittingly funny. Perhaps it's that one never knows what they will do next. The three ne'er-do-wells find themselves propelled from one exceedingly far-fetched situation to the next (being caught "in tableau", enjoying various dipping sauces for food they've found in the dumpster). This series will appeal to drama geeks, fans of 80s pop culture, dark humorists, and anyone sick of the rote, by-the-numbers that constitutes typical sitcom material. It finds a welcome home at Comedy Central, and will soon stand alongside other eccentric hits such as South Park, Chapelle Show, and Reno 911.
  • after a string of filler and hyped failures and like the-prank-show-whose-name-i-don't-remember and hollow men, finally something for a shorter attention span. i've seen stella doing stand up on comedy central and didn't like them, so imagine my surprise and delight when the pilot turned out to be brilliant.

    each scene features random clichés (mostly Hollywood conventions) that are fully developed within 10 seconds to 5 minutes. another joke starts before you realize the last one's over, and they are stringed together like this to form scenes within the show. the characters are completely nonchalant about the rules of their world. while all three actors are men, they switch between masculine, feminine, even animal clichés. the show's distinguishing schtick is that random sketches combine to form a storyline.

    the show is relentlessly committed to its absurdity and satire. the underlying idea is not unlike traditional spoof comedies ranging from monty python to mel brookes films to the more recent scary movie series, but this is more shamelessly random and faster. the 3 guys are really good. i had a great time with the pilot. my only concern is as the show progresses, how they will be able to come up with as much material for every episode in order to not resort to running jokes.

    best show introduced on the network since chappelle. but not for everyone.
  • This show really took me by surprise. It's just so off-the-wall and different that most people don't know how to react to it at first. David Wain is by far the funniest of the trio. It's like they took all the expected cliché sections of movies and sitcoms, then replaced them with craziness and absurdity.

    It's really a lot to take in the first time. I don't think this is for everyone, but give it a chance, you may find yourself coming back for more. And anyone who only watched it for 5 minutes and decided to write a review deserves to have their review taken off this site. The jokes are clever and in some cases subtle.
  • At first, when I only heard of Stella, I thought it would be most unfunny and very stupid (in a bad way) however, something about it sparked my interest. So, I watched it out of complete curiosity. It was completely opposite of my first impression of it. The random humor and stunts as shown in the show is what I loved most about it, but that's just me. Those who don't agree are probably into smarter comedies like the Notebook or something. Despite what others may say, I love this show I hope it isn't another flop of Comedy Central. I hope you all find this summary outstandingly informative and take note, i am just saying stuff because i really want to take some lines because apparently, what I first said was not long enough.
  • I had seen Stella do stand-up on several occasions and found what they did on stage hilarious but somewhat limited. Not anymore. Stella with their new show is everything you could hope to see if you were a fan before the series. They take out a lot of the homosexual stuff they use in their act and replace it with a ton of outlandish humor. From spoofing "JFK" to making jokes about the great Irish potato famine, Stella is a fun half an hour of television. Michael, Michael, and David have been doing stand-up together for years and when stand up comedians trying doing shows (The Drew Carey Show, The George Lopez show, The Job, Action, etc.) they either end up terrible, slightly humorous, or are canceled before you get a chance to see them. Not with Stella, then again, there's still time for it to get canceled...
  • I'll admit that I wasn't expecting much when I first heard about this strange show, after all, the ads for it didn't really explain much about the show except that it was supposed to be hilarious, but who would buy into that just because they said so? I later found out that by doing this it would only make the show better. I first thought that this would be another flop that Comedy Central would come out with in an attempt to boost ratings since Chappell left. I decided to watch it that night out of total curiosity and after hearing how funny it was. It was incredible. It's one of the few funniest shows to come out this year. Its random based humor was perfect. It was definitely one of the better half hours of my life sitting in front of a television. I truly hope that this is one of the few shows to stay a while on Comedy Central.
  • Stella seemed like it would be an absolutely awful show from watching the commercials. It looked stupid and pointless. Those two things are true, but along with being stupid and pretty pointless, it's also very hilarious. This show knew what it wanted to be, and the actors knew how to portray idiots who overact extremely in situations. The premise of the show is 3 suit wearing dummies have various adventures, and often learn a lesson. Where most of the shows on Comedy Central seem to be enjoyed by the public, but lack in quality, this show was a minority and was not enjoyed by the majority and was actually pretty funny. The first season is now available on DVD and I suggest you rent or buy it, because this Three Stooges like show is very funny.

    My rating: Great show. 30 mins. TV14
  • If you are into ridiculously funny comedy then this is the show for you. Some people won't understand it because they are not smart enough for it but it is brilliant non-the-less. If you have seen any of the Stella sketches or Stella's stand-up then you will like this. Watch this show, you won't regret it. The three Jewish members of The State had an instant connection and after The State was through formed this hilarious trio. Michael, Michael, and David could not be any funnier. Watch this show people, it is the most amazing thing ever. If you don't watch it you will regret it for the rest of your life and you will be like "remember that time I didn't watch Stella, that was dumb of me."
  • This is by far the worst thing these guys have ever done. It's easy to see why Showalter was barely in the State, everyone on Earth is a better actor than him. It doesn't help that they constantly re-use jokes from the State. I just watched the entire series and never laughed once.
  • In many ways, Stella reminds me a refined late-night long-form improv set out of Chicago. There are numerous winks at the audience and stylized imitations of clichéd genres. Yes, it's alternative comedy but if you really let the premise flow with you, there is some very witty writing. The consequences of everyone's actions are very minimal but at the same time it's a show that tries to exist in a world of satire. Ultimately, it's about the three friends as they explore the world. (Albeit, a world filled with wacky antics.) Still, the basic tenets of improv are always being reinforced: the "Yes and.." nature combined with a concentration on the relationship between the characters.
  • It may take you a bit to adjust but once you do you'll love every minute of it.
  • I'm at a loss as to what people see in Stella.

    I love absurd, surreal humor (Kids In the Hall, Aqua Teens), but I hate this show with a passion.

    Maybe the difference is that those shows were funny (most of the time). This one is not.

    Why are jokes like, "Why are you dressed as skunks?" "We're not dressed as skunks, we're skunk-people," followed by interpretive dancing considered funny? Am I missing something?

    Maybe it's success comes from airing after the superior Reno 911. After all, it worked for Friends.

    Unfortuneatly, I have heard this has been renewed for another season. I guess I'll just have to keep not watching and hope CC or the viewers come to their senses and can this show.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    In a world where basically anything new on TV stinks this show broke out and made TV Funny again, and made where you didn't need to illegally download old 80s sitcoms or watch 20 second clips of people whipping out skate boards on Youtube. Michael Ian Black, Michael Showalter, and David Wain fit together perfectly in the this title. There use of outlandish but somewhat relevant humor make this show amazing.From religious conversations, to leaving David out of varies things, to the friendship rap, people can make a very long list of the hilarious things they have done.

    it's a damn shame that this show could not go more past it's first season. Hopefully it will be able to go down the road of family guy and be able to get back on.
  • "Stella" is the type of "comedy" we all made with our friends back in Junior High when we got a hold of a camcorder. Three friends try very hard to be funny, but for the most part it seems to fall flat. "Stella" seems to be trying for surrealistic type comedy. I found myself scratching my head and wondering if I should be laughing or not. At times, it can be actually painful to watch. Worthy of the occasional chuckle, I'm afraid this type of programming is best left to the under-15 crowd to appreciate. Perhaps Nickelodeon can pick it up.

    I can understand Comedy Central taking a few risks to add to their current lineup of fine, original comedy, but "Stella" is a definite thumbs-down.

    One last note: "Comedy" is truly a subjective matter. Your mileage may vary.
  • This would have to be one of the worst shows i have ever seen. The show is full of unfunny jokes and boring sketches. I watched this show for about 5 minutes and i was sick to my stomach. I never expected much from this show because i have seen "Stella" as a stand-up comedy trio and it wasn't even mildly funny. The show really has no plot at all. It is also armed to the teeth with unrealistic jokes with a few one liners. I would have expected more from Comedy Central. This is a big disgrace to the whole network and will not last more than a season two if they're lucky. Simply I wouldn't recommend anyone at all watching this. If you value your sanity please stay away from this one.
  • I agree with the user who is annoyed by this show. And I strongly disagree with the poster who says you have to be smart to understand it. This is not one of those smart shows that is secretly funny and only smart people are in on the secret. I consider myself to be one of those people that enjoys and is able to "see" the comedy in those kind of shows. My list of such shows include Arrested Development, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Dr Katz, Family Guy after season 2, South Park before season 10, Mystery Science Theatre, Upright Citizens Brigade and of course the brilliant Always Sunny in Philly. These shows are not necessarily just about that kind of comedy but they contain within them that kind of comedy to some degree. This show does not and it is so frustrating that it makes me hate the 3 actors in it. I cannot stand to see any of them in any other show.
  • zhumatthew6 September 2012
    Just plain !@#$ing retarded.

    Very obnoxious. All the actors do is make noise and talk like children. After watching a whole episode and half, I barely cracked a smile. Everyone in the show is so offbeat to the point that it doesn't make any sense at all. The plot is completely ridiculous, it is based off of someone's unfiltered, slightest figment of demented imagination. In my opinion, comedy central has, in general, mostly terrible shows and movies to offer, and this show got rejected by comedy central after a season. How bad does a show have to be to be rejected by comedy central? This show is a golden example.
  • To put it simply this is the greatest show ever. You have to be smart to get it and perhaps that is why that ethnic Carlos Mencia is now in this time slot, people are stupid and they don't get this beautiful show. So screw it, if you love STELLA and great comedy go see "The TEN" whenever it comes out on the big screen. This has to be ten lines sooooooooooo....... The special features on the DVD I wall talk about those. The commentary is superb and it is basically just banter between the guys, there are some cool easter eggs as well. The coolest special feature is probably the one that discusses the origins of STELLA and has more banter between the guys, this is simply...heaven. If anything watching the DVD made me sad but I realize people are just too stupid for this brand of comedy and the guys of STELLA will have to pander their comedic genius talents to a broader audience if they want stoop down to the level of the frat pack.
  • Michael Ian Black, Michael Showalter and David Wain star in Comedy Central's new comedy-improv show, "Stella," which really has no plot to speak of... I've seen a few episodes now and they're usually quite loose in terms of motif. There's no discernible central theme apart from three guys performing comedy.

    The last episode I saw had the trio trying to come up with a film was a very funny parody of aspiring scribes and writer's block. I enjoyed it.

    Another episode had the boys trying to get their apartment back...which I also thought was funny. Their bizarre sense of humor - rather distant and zany - is refreshingly different.

    All in all this is yet another reason to claim Comedy Central has improved its programming recently.
  • "Stella" is love it or not get it humor. At first, I watched it alone because I thought that my roommates wouldn't get the humor and kind of ruin my enjoyment of the show. I started taping it, then watching it when they weren't around. Eventually, the tapes came out when we were all around, and after repeated viewings, voilà! They love it now, even though they didn't know what to think of it at first. The show gets better with repeated viewings. The smaller jokes get funnier and funnier. I think this is the funniest show on television, easily. The only other show that comes close is "Ali G". If you love really wacky humor and "the State" and "Wet Hot American Summer" have made you pee your pants before, this is for you. I hope Comedy Central brings Michael, Michael and David back for another season! This show made my summer!
  • I'm a Stella fan and I really like this show but its upsetting that there aren't that many people who like it. I really like this show. My favorite character is Michael Showalter, second is David Wain and third is Michael Ian Black. I've liked some of the earlier episodes better, but I liked the last episode, Amusement Park. That one had a very interesting ending. I like the fact that Justin Lord guest stars a lot. Hes a great actor. I also like Samantha Buck. I wish Ben Garent would have guest star. Hes a fellow The State performer and hes my favorite deputy on Reno 911!. If you haven't seen Stella, watch it because its a great great show.
  • When watching Stella, it can sometimes be incredibly hard to stay on the channel. The jokes get tiresome and a lot of the time it's just the three guys running around acting like idiots. But if you're just watching this show to look at the jokes that they readily present to you, then you need to watch something else. Hidden behind all these incredibly overdone jokes are incredibly funny gags.

    So yes, if you just like to laugh at things that you can just sit there and understand then you can insult this how. However, if you're prepared to actually look for little things in the background (Such as one of the main characters being shown walking a ball for about a split second)and laugh at them, then this show is worth watching.

    Overall: 7/10
  • wbdbikes24 February 2006
    I had the privilege of seeing the live performance of these guys at my college and I laughed until I couldn't anymore, my sides hurt too much. I'm serious, they hurt. The show however..i didn't laugh as much, still the show was great. It seemed like most people who saw it didn't get it. I'm not sure if I even totally got it, but i do like those guys, all the way back from the state, and red hot American summer, classics in my eyes. I did enjoy the recurring jokes that popped up, its always nice to see that, or hear that? get it. Hopefully it will come back on, they did give a nice push. This show and Reno i strongly believe had a nice cult following, and still do. If you can get your hands on the DVDs from Stella's live performances i suggest you buy them. Thats it for now.