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  • See, there's this giant scorpion, and it's been mutated by government weapons testing or nuclear waste or something and - oh, what do you care? No one watches movies like this for the plot, for God's sake. You want to know if the bugs are any good, if it's any fun, if any of the chicks get their boobs out, right? Sadly, the answer is no, no and emphatically no.

    The bugs are really, really rubbish, and look like nothing so much as plastic models blown up to giant size. If they paid for these effects, they should ask for their money back. The plot and characters are all Z-grade clones of Aliens, the acting is uniformly appalling - Jeff Fahey, we hardly knew ye - and the whole thing is about as much fun as, well, being eaten alive by a ginormous scorpion, actually. There are no good lines, no cool moments, not even any good deaths. As for the breasts, don't get me started. One very hot chick and one moderately nice-looking one, and both stay extremely fully clothed throughout.

    Whatever the makers intended when they started out, this is a cheapo monster flick. Some things are expected - thrills, fun, gore, etc. They delivered on the gore, but forgot about everything else.
  • dmuel26 February 2007
    Giant bugs produced by American scientists, that look like cheap copies of the "Starship Trooper" variety, escape after they are mistakenly hijacked by the Russiam Mob. An elite team of soldiers goes after them. Blood and mayhem ensue. There's your plot, but this terrible movie should have never been made. What a pity that the name of Roger Corman was affixed to it, a veteran of movie making who, in spite of low budgets, managed to produce some unusual and entertaining flicks in his day. This is an utter piece of crap. The CGI effects are so bad! Please do yourself a favor and don't bother watching this film. I am adding another line here because of IMDb's ridiculous policy that every criticism requires 10 lines. This film doesn't merit saying anymore.
  • william-gibson25 November 2006
    Hmm.. well I was surprised when I started watching this, as it appeared to be in the hands of a vaguely competent director. Well the lighting's quite good, considering the normal quality of filmaking to be found on the Horror Channel. It only grabbed my interest though when I noticed the major in it was the same bloke who was the major in Carnosaur 3 (aka Primal Species). having endured that gem of filmaking last week, I carried on watching out of loyalty. Turns out the movie is a virtual shot for shot remake of Carnosaur 3 - even down to the bizarre we were in a warehouse, now we're on a ship plot twist. Even the "climactic" explosion is a straight lift from Carnosaur 3. In its defence, the script, acting and effects are step forward from Carnosaur 3. Sadly thats still a long way behind pretty much any movie you will watch.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Scorpius Gigantus starts somewhere in Eastern Europe where an incognito U.S. military convoy is ambushed by the Russian mafia in the hope that one of the trucks contains uranium, they slaughter the American soldiers & steal the truck. They drive it to a disused warehouse & open the doors only to discover a genetically created creature that is a cross between a scorpion, water-bug & cockroach, it kills them. Major Nick Reynolds (Jeff Fahey) is informed by his boss Colonel Miller (Ray Hartbarger) that he & his team will be responsible for going in & sorting the whole mess out, unfortunately Miller doesn't tell Reynolds about the giant bug & some of his team are killed. The Government call in the scientist who created the creature Dr. Jane Preston (Jo Bourne-Taylor) to oversee the capture of the bug but as she insists on a live specimen for study Miller tells Reynolds neither he nor his team can use ammo, however the Scorpius gigantus hasn't read the script & kills anyone it comes across & to add to Reynold's problems it seems to be giving birth...

    Directed by Tommy Withrow I can't quite get my head around Scorpius Gigantus, for a start what a cool title but ultimately what a poor film. As I was watching Scorpius Gigantus last night the script by Raly Radouloff & Terence H. Winkless reminded me of another film called Carnosaur 3: Primal Species (1996) also made by the same production company New Horizon Pictures & both were executive produced by the king of the rip-offs Roger Corman. It is amazing just how similar the two films are, from individual scenes & sequences which are almost exactly the same apart from the cast & instead of a dinosaur this time it's a mutant insect bug. The arm wrestling scene, the bit when they are examining a dead specimen on a table & it comes back to life with the same revelation that the creatures cells repair themselves, from the ambushing of an American convoy by bad guys who think they're stealing uranium but instead find a dodgy genetic experiment which kills them, the female scientist who wants them alive, the run down warehouse setting to the fact both share exactly the same ending aboard a ship. The thing is I only saw Carnosaur 3: Primal Species two & a half weeks ago (My IMDb comment for it is dated 30th July) so it's still quite fresh & both films really are virtually the same, in fact I'd say this is more of a remake of Carnosaur 3: Primal Species & follows it more closely than the recent Dawn of the Dead (2004) remake was to the original Dawn of the Dead (1978) & looking at the other comments for it I see I'm not the only one whose noticed this. As a film in it's own right it's poor, it's clichéd & extremely predictable, it's far too long at 100 odd minutes, the dialogue is bad, the character's are cardboard cutouts & there isn't an original idea within the whole film. Having said that it moves along at a reasonable pace, some of the dialogue is hilariously bad & there's one or two decent gore scenes, that's still not enough to save it though.

    Director Withrow doesn't distinguish the film from any-other low budget sci-fi/horror & as a whole it's pretty forgettable stuff. There's little excitement, no scares or atmosphere & serious lapses of logic within the story. The CGI effects are really bad, the creature looks awful & at times just seems an ugly mass of shapes. There's some decent gore though, people are cut in half, someone has their throat slit, there's severed arms, peoples guts are sucked out, someone gets infected & their face & neck swell up which then explode, there are various body parts flying about & a fair amount of blood.

    Technically Scorpius Gigantus is average looking made-for-TV stuff & won't impress anyone. The special CGI effects are poor although some of the gore effects are OK. The acting is bad, Jeff Fahey looks embarrassed & has every reason to.

    Scorpius Gigantus is a poor film in it's own right but I'm simply amazed at how closely it resembles Carnosaur 3: Primal Species, why remake a film which in probability hardly anyone has ever heard of let alone seen. In this respect it might not actually be a big problem because many people haven't seen or heard of Carnosaur 3: Primal Species, still a terrible film though.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    No question about it -- I have to give this film credit for being everything it portends. The DVD cover is a pure 50's big bug tending its eggs (or something.) The film-makers tongues are deeply jammed in their cheeks here. It's not a satire, not a send-up, but a genuine clone of monster movies of the 50's -- and utterly deliberate, a carbon copy of the sensibilities of Godzilla, Forbidden Planet, The Attack of the 50 Foot Woman. Unlike the dreadful Man with the Screaming Brain, this stands on its own -- a tribute by emulation. But not without its own disgusting charms -- (*** spoilers herein ***) the bug that nods when you ask it questions, the detail as the bug lops off the head of the babe, the liberal use ultra slime on virtually everything. This is not a big budget effects movie, but an off the wall, often clever tribute.
  • jegajotor25 September 2008
    When i heard that there was a remake of Carnosaur 3 Primal Species,i was excited to watch it.So i bought the DVD and watch and i discovered something, it was more awful than the original.I mean god the acting was atrocious, i think they weren't even taking it serious.I think Jeff Fahey was embarrassed to do this movie because he's a great actor and this is a stupid movie,great actors and stupid movies don't mix very well,thus the special effects was very fake it looks like it came out of a 1970's video game.The bugs looks like the aliens from Starship Troopers.So that's my point avoid this movie at all costs, i even regret buying the DVD. its not even a b-movie it's more like a a z-grade movie.
  • One of the greatest Gigantic Scorpion movies I have ever seen. Really in a class of its own with the CGI used for the Scorpion. At least I think it was CGI, was almost to realistic to tell. The Helicopters were well used and didn't at all look like they were stationery or stock movie footage. The arm wrestling scene was some of the most intense moments I have ever witnessed. And the montage of trap building. Superb.
  • jwlight11 April 2020
    This movie had some funny graphics though. Why was Jeff Fahey in this turd.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    A military genetic experimental creature is accidentally let loose in Bulgaria (thanks Russian mafia). An Army special ops "A" Team is brought in to "quietly" take out this genetic scorpion-bug.

    We do get to see our CG bug at 14 minutes into the film. Most of the film is consumed making us believe this could really happen and tactics to confront the insects. The bug becomes camera shy for much of the film.

    We get some minor ineffective character build up as we watch the "A Team" do a training drill.

    This is no "Starship Troopers" but it does have a smart bug in it.

    Guide: F-bomb. No sex or nudity. Some blood spray.
  • This wasn't a bad diversion if you didn't mind not recognizing anybody but Jeff Fahey. It's what you'd expect in most ways. The Special Forces are called in when Russian mafia try to steal what they think is nuclear fuel, only of course, to have it turn out to be something far more dangerous and unpredictable. I tend to think one CG monster is like the next, except in terms of how cleverly it thinks. I like this one. He was in places I didn't expect (others I did) but most of the time it did what it was asked -- it made sweaty palms. My complaint and it's not really a complaint is not knowing who anybody is. I always like seeing familiar faces. I liked Jo-Bourne Taylor, and there's a guy early on who comes and goes very quickly but the rest are adequate unknowns.
  • aditzah2k25 December 2005
    Warning: Spoilers
    This is by far the worst movie i've ever seen. In the first place is the filming. The movie seems it has been shot with an ordinary camera. The actors are by far the worst ( same as the movie, as i said before ). The lines are very bad too. I laughed ( of their acting ) even if the situation was ... let's say "ba". The animation was even "worser" ( this word should be invented after this movie ). I think i could have done a better animation in PAINT.For GOD'S SAKE , this movie is a 2005 production and in some cases i think the "SCORPIUS" was made with the frame by frame technology.I do not recommend this movie to anyone ( except for those who are really in the mood for a BAD MOVIE ).
  • flatstep7718 August 2007
    I rented this to see what it was really like -- and it was just like every other monster movie in the current crop. Experiment on something, it goes wrong, send somebody in to save the day. The girls were cute; the guys were not so competent, the lead was full of himself. It's a carbon copy except for the bizarre language moments, though I kind of liked those too. All in all I had more fun than I should have. I mean once you accept that the bugs are CG bugs, then they're just like every other monster movie out there. Maybe they went overboard with beheading the cute babe, and maybe we didn't need to see the snot shooting out of the bad actor's nose, but it all seemed right to me.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I bought this hoping to enjoy it. I can usually find something in most movies to enjoy. I really like not so good movies for their entertainment value of being not so good. I sat down and started to watch this movie over the weekend thinking good a monster type movie..Oh boy!! I got it started and about 5-8 minutes I was thinking this is very familiar. It is a remake of Conavore 3. The original was not as bad as this one is because it was a movie that did not try to be more than it was. Scorpius Gigantus tried to use better effects to little advantage. The acting was not there. It followed the script of the other movie so closely that I knew what was happening. They did attempt to make a couple of changes to add something but the changes went to nothing except to add a little time to the running of a movie. If you want to see this movie see Conavore 3 and you will probably enjoy it more.
  • This isn't even Fun Bad, its just bad. I'd even go as far saying its depressing. A giant bug movie should be at the very least, FUN. Not this one. We are forced to sit through endless dialog delivered at a junior high level. What makes this movie sad to me is that it seems like some of the actors really tried, but still sucked. Its like watching a kid at the Special Olympics line up for the fifty yard dash and then proceed to run in circles, for 90 minutes. I really felt bad for Jeff Fahey. What happened to that guy? He made some good movies in the past. The bug effects need to be seen to be believed. They wouldn't have been acceptable in 1983. I can't imagine showing up to the set of this turd each morning. Knowing that you were working hard each day to end whatever dreams you had of a career. At least Dinocroc was fun and didn't take itself too seriously. This movie made me feel terrible. I can't believe I sat through it.