Eagles linebacker: I remember a play. 4th down punting situation. As soon as I snapped the ball, and brought my head up; WHAM! I look up and saw all these stars, and I also saw the number; blue 52. And I went up to him and said, "You son of a b****! I'll get you."

Eagles linebacker: Fours years later, there is Chuck Noll. Long and behold, the game is over and... here he comes. *Here he comes*, and so he goes, 'are you ready you?' and I go WHAM. I mean, I gave him a shot, he goes down, Burt Bells comes up and fines me $500 and says, 'now I want you to go over there and apologize to that young man.' Now it takes a little courage, to apologize to someone when something like that happens. But anyway, I remember it, the next day I was walking into the commissioner's office and told him that I wanted to apologize for what happened in Sunday's game. And so, he comes up real close and goes, "Bullshit".

Chuck's mom: I told him not to start any fights. But if anyone hit him first, I tell him to hit them back. Hit them back. And give 'em a good one.