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3 February 2012 | dpfacialfan
| Skeeter brings us the usual stuff...
This movie is directed by Skeeter Kerkove who also directed Private X-treme 13, 17 and 19, which I've reviewed before. This movie plays out the same way as those 3 movies. If you've seen one of those, you've seen this one. Even if this is the only one with a title that doesn't refer to anal sex, it's pretty much a anal sex movie. The title "Big Titted Super Sluts!" fits this movie very well, because that is exactly what these girls are.

I really liked the first scene with Mika Tan. Mika gave some really good head and she really enjoyed herself during the scene. The guy sticks it to her quite hard during this scene and from Mika's moaning it sounds like she really likes it. When Mika rides the guy she takes it all in, both when he sticks it in her pussy and when he sticks it in her ass. It would have been really nice to see this girl get DP:ed, but unfortunately that didn't happen this time around. In the second scene we see Cameron James take on the same "nigger" with a big dick that had trouble keeping it up with Flick Shagwell in Private X-treme 13. Miss James was also in Private X-treme 13, but in that movie she still had her natural tits. Here you see her with implants and from the look of it this was probably shot just after her surgery. This time the "nigger" manages to keep it hard better, but on the other hand we never see miss James ride him in the reverse anal cowgirl like miss Shagwell did. Miss James seemed to enjoy herself a lot and what woman getting a taste of a big dick wouldn't? But I had a problem with the fact that this "nigger" was going so easy on Cameron. You never see him stick it to Cameron real good and hard. And from the looks of it that would have been exactly what Cameron was looking for. You can clearly see that this girl likes it rough when she gets a chance to ride this "nigger" in the cowgirl position. As soon as she has her pussy stretched to fit this big dick, she starts speeding things up. It was also really nice to see this girl perform ass to mouth during the anal sex.

The next scene is a scene with Jada Fire. I didn't like this scene at all and it's all thanks to Jada. I really don't enjoy to watch "nigger" girls have sex, because there's nothing sexy about that. Jada, like most other "nigger" girls, is a little on the chubbier side, has a face that looks unattractive and has a pussy that looks incredibly loose. I'm no racist, I'm just not attractive to "shit" like that. In the next scene we see Tyla Wynn take on one guy. Tyla gets a good hard pounding and she seems to enjoy it. After Tyla we get to see Victoria Givens get a hard anal pounding. I'm not a fan of Victoria's looks. She's too pale and has way too big silicon tits. In this scene she also has a horrible looking makeup on that doesn't help things either.

I liked the last scene with Venus (Angelica Costello) the most. Here we see Venus take on two guys simultaneously. I've seen Venus give good performances before, but I've never seen her perform with 2 guys simultaneously before. And here Venus goes absolutely wild when she gets 2 guys at the same time. I really enjoyed this scene despite the fact that it had some faults. Mostly I was horrified at the close up of Venus stomach, which was very saggy looking and full of stretch marks. Luckily we don't get too many of those shots and Venus looks fine as soon as the camera moves back. Another fault with this scene was the fact that one of the guys wasn't able to perform quite to the end, because he probably shot his load prematurely at some point. We never see it and he comes back at the end to deliver his load, but before that we see him at the side jacking it like crazy to get hard again. Well, luckily this is only like the last 2 minutes of the scene and doesn't affect the overall scene that much. On the whole this is still a really great scene. It's basically 2 guys with big dicks really sticking it hard to a really horny girl who totally loves it. There is no doubt that Venus enjoys this kind of treatment. This girl has a big smile on her face during the whole scene, especially during the double penetration which is what she really enjoys. We see Venus get DP:ed in both the cowgirl and reverse cowgirl positions. Venus also gives great head during this scene and the guys give her no mercy during oral sex either, as they shove their big penises down her throat full force. The way Venus enjoyed herself was what really made this scene. Usually it's girls that are on the uglier side and girls who start to loose their good looks, like Venus with her stomach, that really enjoy the double penetration treatment the most. Venus is probably aware of the fact that her days of getting double stuffed by two guys with big dicks are soon going to be numbered and she decides to enjoy the hell out of it as long as she still can. I knew this was going to bee a great scene when Venus was introduced to the 2 guys and immediately said that it's going to bee a real battle for the next half hour. Well, it was a battle that Venus clearly won as she was still smiling and looking like she could take tons more after the 2 guys had blown their loads.

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