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  • claudia-zahorcak28 January 2007
    My 50-something husband and I remember Polly Draper from "30 Something" (back when we were 30-something) and just saw her on her Monk episode. When lo and behold we see she's the producer/writer/invisible mom for this Nick movie/series, starring her kids and their Dad, Michael Wolff. What a hoot! The 6- and 9-year old kids (their boys Nat and Alex Wolff) are wonderful, the story line cute, and the tongue-in-cheek adult references fun to spot. Plus the Celebrity Guest Appearances (including, of course, Tony Shaloub!). We were fully entertained! The music is actually quite good (does their Dad write it?)--I am still singing "Crazy Car" in my head although my husband preferred "Hard-Core Wrestlers (with Inner Feelings)." We enjoyed the script, too (Alex is "Inappropriate Alex"), complete with their 9-year-old manager; the overly assertive parents of other band members; the age-appropriate anti-girl sentiments; and lessons from Alex on fashion sense ("red white & blue are my colors, I invented them"). Can't wait to see what the weekly series is like!
  • This is all personal opinion of course, but I cannot stand the show and consider it one of my least favourite ever shows. The movie/mockumentary fares better, and I wouldn't put anywhere near my bottom 20, but unfortunately I have little good to say about it. The sloppy production values are still there, as is the clichéd and unfunny writing and annoying characters. On top of that you have music that is both forgettable and headache-inducing(at least in my view), a plot that plays more of a very predictable extended TV episode and terrible acting. All in all, I am really sorry, I didn't like it, I guess it just wasn't my cup of tea. 1/10 Bethany Cox
  • Let me start off by saying the Naked Brothers Band are not the Beatles.

    This is not to say that they aren't reasonably competent musicians; the scene where Nat is jamming out with Cindy Lauper has to be seen to be truly appreciated. Though most of the "live" music scenes are actually lip-synced, the notes and rhythms being played are true to the sounds that the viewer hears.

    No, the reason for the disclaimer is the reason this is a reasonably decent movie. If you are paying attention and you are a casual Beatles fan, you will notice the allusions run thick throughout. If you are a hard-core Beatles fan, you'll notice that the fictional "Silver Boulders" were modeled on the very real Beatles.

    The plot line of the former should be familiar to anyone who knows the history of the later. Of course, in this version no one ends up getting shot and the band comes back together. But the pivotal events of both bands (up to and including the band's break-up precipitated by an Asian love-interest) happen to line up surprisingly well... Almost as if it were a mockumentary and not the serious documentary it actually is. The finale, a reprise on the roof of "Crazy, Crazy Car" (the Silver Boulders' chart-topper), is a classic call-out.

    Unlike many other shows on the Nickelodeon network, NBB is a surprisingly smart take on tween entertainment. It has its detractors already, but this reviewer's gut feeling is that they weren't paying attention enough to notice the small flickers of genius underneath the rather more commercial silliness that makes this movie (and the soon-to-come half-hour spin-off) a viable market proposition.

    If this show maintains its integrity (more likely than not, since it maintains its writing and producing teams intact: namely, Polly Draper, mother of the show's stars Nat and Alex Wolff), it could turn out to be a surprise. Placed against its competition, mostly cute middle-school sit comes or the insipid star vehicles infesting the Disney Channel, NBB comes out on top. It's honest, amusing, at times a bit saccharine, but mostly surprising.
  • It's a great movie. These kids are geniuses! For 9 year old to write all those songs, great.. Good acting too. I think all these people dissing and hating need to get a life. It's a kids movie. Its a comedy and it's just for fun. It's not real. It's just another show on nick. If you don't like it don't watch it. It's a mockumentary. It's supposed to be funny. The thing about the 'gay newlyweds', it's just a joke okay. Calm down. It's a joke movie. Its all for fun. Alex and Nat and the others are little kids. There parents are the ones responsible for their behaviors and the content in the movie. Nickleodeon is responsible for the shows it presents. Stop taking it out on the kids.
  • This is a really cute movie. The story is interesting, and the performances by the kids pretty tight. I saw it at a screening at Universal Studios and was amazed that I enjoyed it so much! (I didn't have any idea what we were about to see.) The cameos were funny, and I will never look at lemon-lime soda in quite the same way. The thing I found great about this mockumentary film was the relationships between the main characters were very realistically drawn and handled with sensitivity as well as humor. The kids I took with me to see the film watched in a rather awe-struck manor as they sat trying to figure out whether the band was real or made-for-the-movies. To say that I saw the film six months ago and am still wondering when it will be released can only be considered a compliment, because I'm still thinking about it.
  • While it is true that parts of this movie and television series are childish it is not as bad as some other users may say. The kids quite funny...even my cousins (who are all quite young) found that many of the jokes about "babes" and "rock" were very satirical. Coming from generations of rock loving family I know that this show can't be taken at face value. But rather much of it should be recognized as a jab at the side of "big business music" and the image it portrays.

    For all of those people saying "it's disgusting and should never be witnessed" why not try getting a giggle out of it's intended satire instead of just bashing at the film....not to mention the young actors.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the movie, "The Naked Brothers Band"! I was a bit drawn away from the whole "naked" aspect of the name, but since I figured that it can't be bad if it's on Nickelodeon, I watched it anyway. As it figures, the movie just grew on me- as did the series, too! 10-year-old Nat has such a beautiful and pitch-perfect voice (well, unless he's trying to sound older), and the lyrics have nothing to do with "getting low", which is very refreshing from what many teens have on their iPods! So many people are saying that he sounds like a girl in a negative way. As a vocalist, I really have to disagree- Nat has a beautiful, pure voice that is looked upon in the music world! It is gorgeous and rich and I can definitely see him making a career out of it in the future! 6-year-old Alex plays the drums like a child prodigy- and the backup singers are great too. There's really nothing to complain about! Nat Wolff is also a brilliant songwriter; his songs are artistic, and are superbly written. The lyrics are catchy, sweet, and well thought out! I am extremely impressed with such talent coming from 6 and 9 year olds. They're not your average children! Polly Draper's nicely written screenplay is so cute and delightfully funny and wonderfully directed. The whole "mock-umentary" is about what it would be like to have children in the place of adult rock stars. The children deal will bands breaking up, being exploited on television, dealing with addictions (at one point in the movie, hilariously, Alex become addicted to lemon-lime soda before going on a cruise to get himself to stop, where he changes his habits to drinking milk, which sort of alludes to rock stars and alcohol,) and many other difficulties. This movie is definitely laugh-out-loud funny, especially the way the kids deal with adult situations! And that embarrassing Dad character (played by Nat and Alex's actual dad) just can't be beat- he's obsessed with his accordion and tries to get a solo in every single song. At one point, he even tries to join his sons' band! It was very cool how many of the family's relatives were worked into the movie- every time you see a "Draper" in the credits, someone from the family was in the movie! Way cool! If you enjoy mockumentaries and can appreciate good music- this one is a must-see! Impressive!
  • arbitrary0827 January 2007
    i thought this movie was cute and funny. i am sure that little kids thought it was funny because i thought Napoleon dynamite was so stupid but a lot of people loved it. i thought this movie was cute because of Alex and his comments and i love the songs. i cant stop singing crazy car.

    i think that nickelodeon accepted this show because of its music and it's different than other nick shows. Since Disney made the cheetah girls, music has changed television. More shows included music like Hannah Montana. so now nickelodeon has to step up and have a music show.
  • "Show me your boobies!" is not funny, and certainly not on a channel that shows cartoons if you understand where I'm coming from. I don't want my 6 and 7 years old daughters thinking like that or hearing that. I find it sad that Nick hyped this crap THAT much and then that's what we get, stupid little kids acting like stupid adults. I know it's meant to be humorous but consider we out there that have sweet little innocent girls in K and 1st Grade who can't wait to see this. I had to comment on how disappointed I was when I saw it. My daughters won't be watching it. I'd love to block Nick but don't have the heart at this point but if Nick keeps putting out this kind of crap I'll have to.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    That's right, you heard me this movie is a freaking' ABOMINATION. First off, the band, who the hell is going to go see or listen to a band called "THE NAKED BROTHERS BAND"?!?! Not only is the name terrible but so are the musicians, they can't even play anything! Also, the lead singer sounds more girly than Geddy Lee, and even more his voice is horrible! Not only are they terrible musicians but they're terrible actors. Led by a crappy director and thin plot, this has got to be the dumbest movie ever. I wish this website would let you use a vote of ZERO OR BELOW out of 10, because giving this filth a 1/10 is being WAY too generous.

    I'm not sure that you can call this a comedy film. If you're looking for comedy with music, go to that "Weird Al" Yankovic guy 'cause he does it a whole lot better than these untalented tweens.
  • moncogirl14926 July 2006
    I went to a movie premier in the summer of last year to see this movie. It was the best thing i have ever saw. My friends and i loved it so much we have been waiting for it to come out on DVD or go in the movies. Usually when i see a movie within a year i don't remember it, but thats not the case with this one. It was outstanding! We all want to know when and if its going to come out in theaters or DVD real soon. I cant wait to go see it again cause it was so good! My favorite character was Nat. They all were so cute though. Watching this movie was one of the best things I have done with my friends. We really really really really want it to come into theaters and see it again. It was so cute it made me cry. please let us no what is going on with the movie if you are putting it in theaters or DVD. Thank you!

  • In my personal opinion, I think this movie was a very refreshing movie. Sure, the acting wasn't a ten on the scale, but what do you expect from a 6 and 9 year old. Nat and Alex Wolff did a very great job as super stars and I think they were exceptional at their parts and I know they'll improve as time goes on. The movie focuses on two brothers that start a band and go through the trials and tribulations of fame. I think they did a very good job at creating a funny movie in the form of a documentary. The movie was awesome and hilarious and I'm definitely going to be watching the show. Tune into Nick on Saturdays at 8:30 to catch the Naked Brothers Band show!
  • OMG this was the most painful experience of my life watching this. I could even finish it what is happening to Nick. Their best thing on teen Nick is Drake and Josh and thats about to go off air. The kids songs are kinda of annoying and the so are the kids. My little sister wanted to watch the show because she likes anything that comes on Disney or nick usually but after finish watching this show she said " one of the worst shows that I have ever saw so boring." My little brother actually fell asleep I envy him. In short if your 3yrs old with no brain activity you'll enjoy this show otherwise change the channel now.
  • luvsact1227 January 2007
    I think it is a really good kids show for someone mi age and the girl above is probably some older lady who would definitely not like the show DUH! I mean all it is talking about is a kids journey its not like its horrible and offensive. they are only up to 10 for goodness sake its not like they are professional actors so i would let kids be kids and match the show gosh!!By the way Naked Brothers Band is just a name so u can get over it! I am sick of people like mi mom saying how stupid kids shows are! so just let your kids watch it if they wanna! think about it, it is better than them watch MTV or VHI its on nick and rated pg7! so i like it n kids like it so.... yeah!
  • I live in a college house with three other 21-year-old fans of Christopher Guest and his mockumentaries, and when we stumbled upon The Naked Brothers Band movie on TV while flipping channels, we were astounded by how much we loved the movie and the songs. We listen to Crazy Car on repeat during car rides, and constantly quote the movie with lines like "Yo, man. That's like a fresh burqa for the ghetto or something" and lyrics like "I wear a doo- rag; you wear your hair. That's how it is. That's how it is."

    We laughed pretty much non-stop during the movie and appreciated the special celebrity appearances, the allusions to Beatles history, and the genuinely catchy songs. We sat down smirking, ready to follow the silly Nick show with a snarky running commentary, but instead, our smirks melted and we found ourselves singing along, rooting for the boys, and wishing it would never end. You may be drawn in by the "Naked Brothers," but you'll stay for the "Band!"
  • I mean seriously what group would sing about a crazy car? So what if their ten, It's way too immature for a little kid to sing about "being my women" I mean seriously! The name is pretty corny too, naked brothers? just because they take off their pants??? HOW CREATIVE.I don't get why they need a TV show I mean most artist don't really need a TV show about themselves, especially the naked brothers band. Heck how many of them are in the freaking group. And seriously whats with the movie? Jeez Nick use to be the hightlight of my years growing up but seriously The naked brother band? SO many parents would not let their kids watch this especially with the name the Naked Brother's band, its a stupid, uncreative show that should not be aired onto TV.
  • vascano1-129 January 2007
    A very bad attempt at a young spinal tap. At least the music in spinal tap was good.

    This is really a very sad case of Hollywood nepotism at it's worst. A bunch of Hollywood execs, bad musicians and producers create some "poopie" show so their kids can be in the spotlight. Oh please!!! The potty humor was even bad. I hate this stuff when there is really incredibly talented kids (musicians, actors and artists) out there busting their butts to have success and this crap comes along.

    Help u all!!!! Why wasn't Gene Simmons in it??? Ameriac's taste in entertainment is going down the toilet.
  • As for the movie, it was cute and great for families to enjoy together. Nat and Alex are fun, talented kids and it made for an enjoyable movie to watch with the younger kids. Definitely not a movie for anyone over the age of 10 unless they are watching it with the target age bracket.

    In regards to "gooliegirl2000" and all other comments but one, how pathetic is it to make fun of a couple of kids who obviously have talent if they are under 10 and reaching a higher goal than most 40 year olds? Who are you to judge what people decide to sing about, especially kids? This movie is meant for kids and their parents to enjoy and spend time together, obviously if you do not respect it you are not in the target age bracket for such a movie. Go watch "Mean Girls" or something else you can relate to. This movie was obviously about kids and adults having fun making a mockumentary. It's not even meant to be taken seriously, it's entertainment!
  • meepthereitis21 January 2007
    I happen to like these guys...they have really awesome voices for their age! (I'd know...I've been singing for ages.) Okay, this is to everyone who hates these guys so much that they start cussing: STOP. Now. Seriously, some people have NO respect!!! We know you think the band sucks. WE GET THE FLIPPING POINT. It's your flipping OPINION, and you have the right to express it, but you DON'T have the right to shove it down our throats, because, believe it or not, some people actually find obscene language repulsive. So either comment without swearing or just plant it altogether if you can't. If you hate the show, then don't watch it!! Did that ever occur to you?? Give biting your tongue or thinking before speaking a try. Gosh.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    My favorite memory of this show and the band was when I got together with a bunch of my friends which are NBB haters and had a big bonfire and we took a CD of their songs and the DVD of the movie and a bunch of pictures of the band members and threw them into the fire and danced a happy jig around the burning stuff while singing "Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead". That was the best thing about the show and this show is stupid with a capitol God this show sucks. I hate it so much. Get rid of the crappy car. You guys really suck! You really ruined the whole channel! No offence or anything but you guys need to get a life, I mean, really, who makes a stupid show with a stupid lead singer that can't even sing! You guys really sound horrible and need to get a life as hobos or something, except Roselina. She's really pretty. But still, you guys reak!
  • frozenpandaman11 December 2006
    I know the people and I did some of the animation and graphic design and the show is horrible! They are rich little kids who don't have any talent, and probably just begged Nick to accept them! Alex has played the drums for one yearm, I've played for 4 1/2! The movie is terrible and so is the show! This is the craziest most mixed up comedy that even isint funny I've ever seen. It is so stupid it makes me want to barf!!! It is just so crazy that Nickelodeon would ever accept something like this and so dumb! They are sooo stupid and weird! I hate them and their show and think once Nick realizes how stupid it is they will most hopefully take it off!
  • My son matthew is three years old and he just loves to watch you kids play. He can sit on the sofa,( which he never does)!! and just be mesmerized with your band...My baby pretends to be natt, he says he is rosalinas boy friend... Alex is very talented on the drums and sweetie you are so cute you remind me of my baby matty....To the guitar player, you are an outstanding asset to the band!! Your unique personality is what balances out the band. Keep on rocking.. It is a great thing to have children of your age playing in a band!! Keep up the great work and keep playing hard. I know that my son will keep watching you kids play for as long as you all are together!! BEST WISHES AND BE SAFE.... A MOTHER THAT ENJOYS YOUR MUSIC

    WITH HE SON...
  • Warning: Spoilers
    everyone needs to get off their high horse about the naked brothers band movie. these are some of the most talented kids i have ever seen, and try to remember that the movie was partially documentary. Nat did write those songs and i for one thought they were great, inspirational and touching. Alex was about six years old and kids that age will say in appropriate things. it's possible that not everything in the movie was scripted. Nat likes Rosalina yes, but he says nothing sexual about her. and if people are thinking about the conversation between Thomas and Nat, there was nothing sexual in it. Thomas simply wanted to say that girls drool and Nat didn't want to alienate the girls. Alex was young and didn't really understand. so what, lots of little kids are inappropriate and it's up to the older ones to tell them that it's not okay. this movie inspired team work, pain, and hurt of going through what lots of bands go through, break-up and nasty articles. i loved it and would recommend any kid to watch it.
  • I totally hated the movie. It was so retarded. They need to get some acting, wait, that won't help because the Naked Brothers Band people a retards. You know why I am here even though I am a Naked Brothers Band hater? To warn people before they watch the dumb movie so that the NBB doesn't get any money from it so then they can't make any more amateur stupid songs that are so retarded that any old guy could go and write it in 10 seconds. Not only are the song lyrics retarded, they sing badly. Okay, I'm kinda getting off the movie here.....anyways, it was boring and they acted horribly. It was NOT funny at all even though they tried really hard for it to be. I guess they deserve some credit for that...well, the movie isn't worth your time. Just look at its rating. The movie (and the series) is very painful to watch for anyone who has even half a brain. Seriously, if you liked it, you need to go watch movies where the actors actually act, not babbling their lines in a monotone. I am on the drama club at my school and some people there are actually BETTER than those Nat and Alex guys. Hurry before it's too late! I seriously thought that Herbie Fully Loaded was better than this piece of poopie. I don't even know why I went through even HALF of that film. I don't think it even deserves to be called a film...
  • matt_torrez27 January 2007
    Forget their questionable talent, forget that it's just not a good film...the real problem here is the failed attempt at satire.

    I'm not a prude, but watching a 7 year old kid go through "soda addiction" at a "rehab center" is not's wrong.

    And the relentless pursuit of "chicks" is pretty disturbing, far from cute.

    Even my eight year-old daughter seems somewhat put off by it all, easily recognizing that Alex's "addiction" was all to similar to the clichéd rockstar drug and alcohol story.

    Avoid it.
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