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  • I saw this for the first time recently. Surprisingly there is not a single review n I thot lemme be the first one to post a review. Wanted to beat Coventry regarding obscure films.

    A boss with his slob servant r passing thru a secluded forest n they come across a house n seek shelter for the nite fearing ghosts n bandits. The owner is a lady who lives with her female servant alone in the middle of nowhere. The owner doesn't approve of their stay but the men sneaks inside n pretend they r fast asleep. In the middle of the night, the boss peeps inside the lady's room n sees her sleep naked upon which the lady gets upset that since she is a virgin, nobody will marry her now. The boss agrees to marry her n they both move to the boss' house.

    It is not difficult to know that she is some kinda ghost who flies n seeks revenge against people who raped n killed her 20 years ago. The acting is atrocious, the screenplay is a big lol.

    Ther is a scene where a priest trespass in a house n chases the ghost while the dumb husband keeps on saying her a name anu, anu, rather than tackling the trespasser priest. The acting by the male lead is atrocious n the fat slob guy overreacted too much. The film has a big wtf end.