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  • Peaks24 September 2005
    Krama mig is a little gem that hasn't got the attention it deserves. The movie also fills an important space in the Swedish flora of teenage portraits. There have been many in recent years (Fucking Åmål, Fjorton suger, Hip Hip Hora! and Sandor/Ida) but all of them depict life in your early teens. Krama mig, on the other hand, is less about partying until you puke, and more about relations and the challenges of becoming an adult.

    For us who have already been through this phase in life, the story is very identifiable. The dialogue is great in all its simplicity, and Henna Ohranen (Minna) and Erica Koop Nedrell (Simone) are doing two very memorable performances.

    Hopefully, the fact that Krama mig was released in January doesn't affect its chances of being recognized at the Guldbagge Awards next year.
  • Yes, I don't like this movie. Sure, the actors are OK, but what does this movie actually has as purpose? I was looking at this without paying, because I got some free tickets and when I was sitting there in the cinema I thought it was a good thing.

    The movie is about a girl who just finished school and is now entering the adults world. She work in some kind of big kitchen where they make and hand out food to the only factory in town.

    There are some people in the movie I can hardly understand the purpose with and the rest I don't understand at all.

    This girl fall in love with her car-driver teacher, but there is also other guy she sort of like later on. So its becomes a bit complicated.

    I ain't gonna say much more, but this movie is like some kind of love story taking place in a small Swedish town, but its kind of useless, as you never get into the movie, and the actors are mostly stupid, or maybe just their role are supposed to be played like this.

    I don't like this movie, and rate it low...
  • kg-4325 August 2009
    A Swedish film which is difficult to understand. This film is a very slow going movie which is not hitting any heights. I agree the teenagers in the film are like a stupid or infantile kids. I can't understand what the youngsters are doing in the small Swedish town. Looking for an uncertain future and searching for love.They are still kids but try to play adults and nothing really happened. The story is very thin.The actors also acting very unprofessional. Not funny not dramatic and nothing at all. The small town mentality is the main topic. If you don't have anything else to do. Go out for a walk instead,it is more fun.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    First of all i didn't care very much for this movie, and it is quite hard to write a review for it without including any spoilers, mostly because not very much really happens in it. I found it to be very straightforward without any surprises, and my guess is that the screenwriter tried to write a story about a normal girl with a normal life. The girl, Minna, whose mother is dead and her father is still grieving floats through the whole movie waiting for someone to notice her and serve her a happy life on a silver plate, much like the title implies. ("Krama Mig" is Swedish for "Hug Me!" in a kind of desperate way).

    Most of the other characters doesn't make much sense at all. Among them are a totally stereotypical sleazy overweight guy at her workplace, and she just keeps running into him everywhere, and even invites him! Then we have an equally sleazy driving teacher, whom she has a crush on, and now that I think about it, most men in the movie are having affairs. The rest of the characters are so "ordinary" that i can no longer remember how to describe them.

    The movie as a whole is silly and uncompelling. The picture is typically Swedish gray, brown and bleak, with boring light. The sound is quite good by Swedish standards (I'm Swedish and I usually need the subtitles! but not with this movie)