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  • Warning: Spoilers
    An Eclair which reproduces what purports to be a smart smuggling trick on the French or Italian frontier, which allows a famous smuggler, Meskal, to deceive the revenue officers and get cigars across the border without paying duty. The chief interest centers in the costuming and scenery which are both good. The action is of the swashbuckler type, and is quite in harmony with the subject, being largely drinking bouts, quarrels and various other forms of bravado. The smuggler's escape, which is the point of the picture, and the officers return to their watch discomfited. A species of dime novel, such pictures as this are more welcome than those which are made up of funerals or the suggestions of funerals, but they are not to be commended for the lessons they teach. - The Moving Picture World, September 4, 1909