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  • If you ever wanted to take a trip through the history of NYC, then this show will give it to you in spades. The show touches upon various aspects of NYC with historical locations, people, and innovations that made The Big Apple into what it is today; one of the largest, most famous cities in the world and also the fashion capitol of the world. Hosted by the lovely Kelly Choi, this show is one to watch if you're a history buff or just want to get to know the city that never sleeps a little bit more. I've seen a few episodes and my overall impression is that it's one of the best documentary shows out there on TV even despite the fact that it's not on cable, like for example, The History Channel. Watch this show and you'll see what I mean. And if your a tourist, this show may convince you to visit NYC as it's a perfect starting point for a vacation destination.
  • I agree with the other reviewers. It's a good show and very informative, but what's with the host? Looks like she wants to walk the runway and show off all the black fashion (not) that she has and that voice, oy! difficult on the ears. Please get someone else more suited for the content and someone who can has a voice for narrating. That's the most annoying part of the show. Ugh! Can't tolerate it. Otherwise, would watch it more.
  • nydana822 June 2012
    Fascinating subject, not badly done after all. With the exception of Kelly Choi who uses the main character of New York City to showcase herself in the latest fashions. She is much better suited for sensational material such as Top Chef, as she does not understand the nature of a documentary feature. With its short and quick trivia character, "Secrets of New York" does not leave any lasting impression. Kelly's interviewing skills of the experts leave a lot to be desired, as she shows more interest in her own voice. And at the end of each episode it is not apparent what legacy remains in present day New York. New York will hold on to its wealth of secrets: Kelly Choi has none.
  • "Secrets of New York" is a fabulous concept and has the makings of a terrific show, and ALMOST is at times. But whoever came up with this program seems to think, for some inexplicable reason, that having the host provide a constant, over the top fashion show will somehow enhance the subject matter. For the life of me I cannot find a correlation between the program's content and the elaborate outfits the host wears; if anything, they are a major distraction. Actually, it seems to be the intent of the show to have the viewer's attention drawn to her get-ups, with the subject matter providing an accompaniment. Is this an attempt to make the show more hip and/or more appealing to younger viewers? What other reason could there be? I do not fault the host, but the Director, since ultimately it is his/her tastes and values that prevail. But if someone could explain the rationale for this, I'd be all ears!