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  • sksep179 March 2005
    A man decides to prove himself by learning to fight in this independent comedy drama. Joseph Rex (Roy Jahangard) is an introverted middle-aged businessman who is going through a midlife crisis and needs to loose some weight. Joseph has become the frequent butt of jokes from a self-consciously macho co-worker Paul (Owen McKibbin), and one day Joseph allows himself to get talked into entering an amateur boxing tournament to prove to Paul he can go the distance. Joseph knows he is in no shape to go into the ring, so he hires Jake (Adam Guertin) to train him, only to discover Jake doesn't have much practical knowledge of the fight game. Still, with the encouragement of his best friend Frank (Stephen Sepher), whose romantic problems have sent him into a midlife crisis of his own, Joseph drops thirty pounds in sixty days, and begins to look like he might just make it through the tournament after all. The first feature film for Roy Jahangard and Stephen Sepher-who respectively co-wrote and directed the film as well as playing one of the leading roles - One More Round also features supporting appearances from Udo Kier and Patrick Cranshaw.

    Mark Deming All Movie Guide
  • leeslieselmar16 February 2007
    You made me laugh. I know so many guys like the men in this film its not even funny! The screening was a blast. When does it come on DVD? When I found out that the filmmakers where first timers I could not believe it. I mean they had so many known faces in this film. It was crazy to see the human side of macho men, and who they so pretend to be. Woman power! yes. That was so nicely put together in this movie. I told my girlfriends about it and they can't wait to see it. Its funny because my girlfriend took me to this private screening and I just came along to take my mind off of things, and I was so pleasantly surprised. It is so refreshing to catch a film not influenced by the media. There were no stars in this film, but I can say for certain stars to be in my opinion. NICE! And about time.
  • acook74b28 February 2005
    I enjoyed the realism of the characters in this film. I laughed pretty hard at some of the punchlines. pretty cleverly done. I loved "Blue" from Old School and the unknown leads pulled off a nice job. A very interesting ending. when my friend told me that this guy lost thirty pounds in the film it struck my curiosity. The movie touched on many social issues with a comical perspective. Udo Kier was pretty funny too as a drunken boxing announcer. I felt pretty good after the film. I think these guys will do OK with this. even though the weight loss was not emphasized in the film, but it was interesting to see the before and after and the difference. amazing! overall, i would recommend this film to those who are looking for a real, feel good type of film!
  • treeboy2101 March 2005
    One More Round is a great movie for anyone at that stage in life who wants to really try to "do something" or who wants to spend sometime laughing at the great interaction between the unique ensemble of characters. The relationship between the two main characters is very believable; you really feel these two have known one another and have stood by each other for a long time. A great mix of sports, comedy, love and determination to entertain any moviegoer for 90+ minutes. The look and style make the audience believe that this first time filmmaker has done more than get his feet wet with this production. As a member of the audience, I look forward to more films by this talented team that can both make me bust up laughing and think about the direction of life and where the journey takes you.....awesome job!