Kyle: AAAH! Oh my God! Fuckin' Jesus! These creepy-crawlies, IT'S ALL OVER ME! They're bitin' me! GET 'EM OFF! They're down my throat!


Kyle: I'm gonna... choke on 'em, Pops! Help me!

Dr. Killjoy: Like the reflections in a shattered mirror, your psyche is delicate to the point of brittle. I've done what I can for you, for all the versions of you. Now your childhood home awaits. Your burden is to discover which shard of the mirror goes the deepest.

Blackmore: Let the blood wash it all away.

The Creeper: Are you ready to come down? We can be close down here. I'll tell you all my secrets. And I'll want to have a look inside you as well...

Blackmore: You get up in me, I get up in you.

Voice on phone: I am here for the sole purpose of your death. Look into my eyes and see the revelation of your demise. Feel the pain that stares at the center of your hearth.

The Creeper: I sliced her top to bottom so's to see her inner self... Remember, blood's the best lubricant.

Miles: My man! We in this together, baby, to the end, for always and forever.

Dr. Killjoy: You must be confused... you made all the right choices, yet you're back in the vortex of despair. Perhaps there's something, or perhaps someone, you failed to tell me about?

Carmen: You ever see yourself doing something, knowing it's wrong, but not being able to stop yourself? When I came here and told you we were getting a divorce, it was like I was someone else. I should have been there for you. Will you ever forgive me?

Copperfield: Each man has the tools of his trade. Mine just happen to be living, and hungry.

Dr. Killjoy: Aren't you coming to the theater tonight, Torque? Don't delay now. I wouldn't want you to miss the start of the feature attraction. Oh, that's right, my mistake. You are the feature attraction. Don't keep your loyal audience waiting...

Blackmore: You were expecting someone else? You have come so far, yet have so far to go. I'm waiting for you. Down in the drowning pool. Where all the pretenders lose the game.

Loading Screen: The places we live define us as much as we define them. They are filled with our remembrances. When we return to them, we give the dead life once more.