William Sneath: Paul collects people that interest him - and then lets them do whatever they want. And now he's collected you.

Lizzie Thomas: No. I'm just the secretary. That is quite different.

Lizzie Thomas: [trying to walk past]

Paul Reynolds: You don't want a drink? Or a little food? Or a job?

Lizzie Thomas: No, thanks. None of those...

Redfern: I do not kneel before you, Paul. But I do teeter.

Lizzie Thomas: I don't belong here, do I? I really don't.

Paul Reynolds: That's exactly why I want you here, Lizzie. To bully me, cause me grief.

Lizzie Thomas: Coming to this party is everybody from Cabinet ministers to small children. I'm sure we'll all be able to tell the difference.

Paul Reynolds: You want something I can't give you and you can't forgive me for that.

William Sneath: [walking through the debris] Pick something, Oliver. Choose something to keep. There may not be another party for a while.

Lizzie Thomas: I feel, you know, if anyone should be saying sorry...

Paul Reynolds: Don't even start.

Lizzie Thomas: Everything was so intense, so chaotic.

Paul Reynolds: Well, maybe that's why all sorts of things happened in history.

Redfern: Amazing, here we all are. Together again. Older, certainly. Wiser?

Older Oliver: Definitely not.

Paul Reynolds: It's good to have a ghost at a wedding.

Lizzie Thomas: Why is it that I think about you so much? Why is it that often, you're the first thing I think of in the morning? When I wake, you know? What would Paul say about this, about what I'm about to do? What would Paul feel about that? What's that called, Paul? Going bonkers, probably. Why is it happening?

Paul Reynolds: Because we were born to work together, but we couldn't manage it. And we can't stop thinking about it.

Lizzie Thomas: And that's my fault, I suppose?

Paul Reynolds: Absolutely not. People need to work with other people that challenge them, that threaten them - but they'll never ever let themselves work with such people.

[last lines]

Older Oliver: I can tell you the day of the week they opened the Panama Canal. It was a Tuesday. It was a Tuesday.