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  • KKND Xtreme is by far my most played game of all time. I've been playing it for about 9 years, and I'm still at it once in a while.

    A strategy game, it lives up to it's name (Krush Kill 'N Destroy). Play the mutants, who were once men affected by a nuclear strike or the survivors, who survived by hiding in underground bunkers. Now both sides battle for control of the surface. Honestly, I don't understand the plot well. The mutants were humans, but since becoming mutated they started behaving like an Incan tribe.

    Wonderful game, though very old. Good graphics and explosions for a 1997 game, but the seas and rivers is static. Kaos Mode is the skirmish version of Command & Conquer: Red Alert, but for KKND, you have allies, whereas it's counterpart doesn't allow you to ally with an AI. The war takes place in countries with fictional names (Granbretan, Mariendad), despite a few missions showing the Chrysler building.

    From what I know as of today, KKND Xtreme is forgotten. I never saw it on sale anymore, unlike Red Alert and Tiberian Sun.