The Adventures of Be the Mask 1 (2004)

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21 March 2011 | gavin6942
| Dani Woodward At Her Finest
I love watching Dani Woodward work. She is above and beyond anyone in the industry from the past ten years... maybe ever. And in this film she is at her peak -- I have never seen her face, hair and body looking so fine. She rides with a fluid motion that is beyond sex and approaching art.

The premise here seems to be you can win a contest to be a porn star for a day, and you wear a mask. That may or may not be the case. It is interesting, though, to see that as much as the guy wants to be with Dani Woodward and as much as her girlfriend (another porn star) wants this, too, he still shows slight hesitation, and he favors kissing his girlfriend over Dani. Not sure what this says... probably something about morality and open relationships, but I am at a loss.

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