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  • boblipton8 August 2019
    Two thugs conk the proprietor of a bistro on the head and drag him downstairs to the cellar where he stores his wine. While they plot the next step of whatever they are doing, two gendarmes come in to finish their meal. Running short of wine, one heads down to the cellar.

    It's not particularly noteworthy a short, although it certainly has some suspense in it. Will the flic see the criminals? Will they overpower him? What will happen to the old man?

    It's decent, but not exceptional. What might interest the modern viewer is the color in the film. Modern moviegoers think of old film as black and white, but they were rarely presented that way, particularly in Europe. Instead, this one is tinted: where the setting is dark, the scene is tinted blue, indicating, by the standards of the day, that it is night; and when a light is lit, the film is tinted amber.