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  • Warning: Spoilers
    They must have superhero fatigue. Why? This movie is at the very least comparable to every other. Here's what this movie has:

    First, a lot of really genuinely good comedy. You aren't going to laugh at dirty jokes, you aren't going to laugh at corny jokes, you're going to laugh at genuinely well written and performed comedy. In fact, probably soon to be one of the most iconic comedic moments in superhero movies to date with Shazam and his foe.

    Second, this movie has more than one cameo. The entire team did a great job of keeping a secret cameo (and it's not the one that people might think of at the very end).

    Third, this has such a great portrayal of Foster families. Very often movies have these really negative, terrible portrayals of Foster kids and the families they go into. The family that Billy gets into genuinely care about each other. It's easy to see why Billy would want to accept them. Especially after you find out some information which I will not reveal here.

    One common criticism is that this movie forces drama between the comedic parts and that it doesn't work well. This is only somewhat true. The drama is believable, but it's a little forced, but let me play devil's advocate. We have gotten very used to incredibly great dramas, but not every movie can have this. It's a superhero movie. In all honesty, the drama in most superhero movies always comes second. It is never really THAT captivating. This shouldn't be held up to the standard of great dramas films. Really, no superhero movie should. With that being said, I find the motivation for the villain to be persuasive. Imagine that you are a child that is being bullied. Typically if you cannot rely on your family and friends to help, you're going to probably grow up with anger in your heart. In this case, he has no friends and his family ARE the bullies. Someone criticized this, but they're completely wrong. That's a strong motivation to be someone who wants to take his anger out on others (especially family).

    Another thing I love about this movie is that Billy is never really just motivated to start doing good. He shows that he is willing to do good. He protects Freddy from being beat up, but only when it's gone too far. He's chosen by the Wizard not because he is some perfect, good-hearted child, but because he has the potential to be exactly that. The fact that he's willing to protect Freddy from bullies and that he gets his powers, then doesn't immediately start to save everyone shows the writers knew exactly what they were doing. This isn't some shortcut to being a good person. It doesn't show that he does all of the very funny things he does just to.make the audience last. He's learning. He's still not perfect. It's only when he has to save people from a problem that he created that he even remotely starts to start trying to understand the responsibility he carries. It's not until he begins to accept his foster family as his real family does he really understand the importance of helping others. You have to remember that he's always been a loner. He's never really experienced love since.. well, you'll see, but NEVER. In fact, I don't even think he's fully understood by the end of the movie. He's still learning. And why wouldn't he be? He's only 14.

    This movie is absolutely great. It's much more than okay. It's honestly better than most comic book movies I've seen in awhile, but for different reasons than the other traditional superhero movies (like I said, this movie has those traditional elements, but also much more). The only way that it is "just okay" is if you have some serious superhero fatigue.
  • It was pretty much exactly what I expected which is a really enjoyable and lighthearted superhero film with some funny moments and that will be enough for most people but it just didn't blow me away. No way this is a 10 like some are suggesting and to nitpick, adult Billy acts nothing like young Billy at all. Don't get me wrong - its still a fun movie which I can recommend.
  • Technically a 6.5, but definitely not anything to be thrilled about, as there isn't much novelty. I'm not familiar with the comics so I had no special expectations. I can honestly say it was a fun movie, but I just don't see where the glowing praise is coming from.

    Story-wise, it does its job without much surprise or imagination. The little drama with Billy searching for his long-lost mom, while being unable to accept companionship from others, is alright. The special FX are good, but there aren't any mindblowing scenes (no real fighting or magic other than smoke and lightning). I didn't mind the villain being one-note, but I wish they did something better than the old "7 deadly sins," or at the very least been more creative with the designs (which look like clay concept models of generic gargoyles and you couldn't even tell which sin was which).

    Maybe I'm just cynical, but I didn't find it very funny. Sure I had a few smirks and chuckles now and then, but there wasn't anything roaringly hilarious. If the trailers didn't exactly make you LOL, then you'd probably won't within the full movie. The comparisons to a kid-friendly Deadpool are apt, but without the wackiness that "seals the deal" as most of the jokes are simple/cheesy/cheap (At the very beginning, Billy steals a cop's lunch bag while he pleads against it. Later on he uses his adult form to buy beer and visit a strip club like every teenage boy's wishes. That's pretty much the bar of humor throughout, besides the numerous "Look what I can do!" moments of discovery for the powers.)

    There's a large disconnect between the ever-brooding Billy and the upbeat Shazam, almost like a reverse Jekyll/Hyde. I'd be pretty stoked too if I suddenly gained superpowers, but neither character is a natural extension. And except for Freddy, everyone is entirely one-dimensional and stereotypical: overly enthusiastic foster parents, the tech-wizard gamer Asian, the sweet 16-type daughter going off to college, bullies, etc. Billy has probably less than 10 minutes shown interacting with the fosters that him eventually accepting them as family is a giant, unsatisfying leap.

    Overall, it's highly forgettable, but kids will enjoy it, assuming they won't be affected by the CG monsters.
  • If you measure this film against other DCEU movies it's pretty good, but stand it on it's own and it just isn't. The biggest problem with the movie is its tone - is this movie for kids or adults? The thin plot and hokey bits don't play for adults and the strip club and demons biting off peoples heads don't play for kids. My own kids wanted to like the film but nightmares about the demons and an unwanted conversation about why Shazam wanted to go see naked ladies turned them both off. As an adult, the super simple story and ridiculously over the top antagonist were big turnoffs. I think we all want to like this film, and that we all want DC to make good movies. Unfortunately this is another miss.
  • I got to see an early screening of Shazam! at my local theater, and boy did it not disappoint. It's not flawless, but the good outweighs the bad more often than not. With a bright story, boundless energy, and an irresistible sense of fun, this is certainly one of the best-if not the best-installment of the DCEU so far.

    Direction: I feel like David Samberg is the DCEU's Taika Waititi. He's this movie director that really isn't known for much past some horror, which made him an initially odd choice for this movie; a choice that paid off tremendously. He helps some light shine into this world, but doesn't underplay the action. His direction and coordination through framing helps us laugh and, in some cases, feel the punches. The action isn't jolty like the other DCEU installments and due to the bright vibrant colors, we really know what's happening, where it's happening, and who it's happening to. Well done.

    The writing was uneven, but definitely fun. It's a basic story that converts Billy Batson's origin into a modern-day retelling with some elements of Big in there. The humor is well-timed and consistently funny; a lot of meta jokes and inner humor help the story obtain its brighter feel. The relationships written in are heartfelt and the story itself has a lot of heart. One part that causes a rift is the central character of Billy. His two versions, between the adult and the kid, seem to be two completely different people. It's an inconsistency that's fine being just about the only part (besides typical villain problems) that bugs you about the writing.

    Performances: I swear, Zachary Levi was born to play Shazam! He carries childlike enthusiasm and a heart in effortlessly. He oozes charisma and really... I won't be able to say it enough so here it is: Zachary Levi is perfection. The rest... Kid Billy was somewhat toned down but still played quite nicely. Mark Strong played a menacing villain. The child actors, especially Jack Dylan Fraiser (Grazer? I'm sorry I don't remember off the top of my head), were VERY good. Child actors really are improving. Any other supporting performance was played nicely and everyone knew who the real star of the movie was: I'm sorry, I'm gonna keep coming back to this: Zachary Levi is a national treasure.

    What else... music was nice and heartfelt, I talked about the action sequences... every other part of this film is mainly there to add to Billy's story and I like it. The world is undeniably fun and we're not really pulled out of it.

    The future is bright for the DCEU with chapters like Shazam! (9/10)
  • Seriously can't believe how much I loved this movie! This felt like a proper superhero movie felt when I was a kid, they captured the perfect tone, can't fault it.
  • zibubu6 April 2019
    Unfortunately a little weak and all over the place. Good story, good start and than just fell flat. Watched in cinema, couldn't wait for it to finish.
  • If this was the potential of DCEU, why on earth movies like Justice League, BvS and Suicide Squad even exist? The more I watch films like this, the more I think Snyder was the biggest mistake of DCEU.

    Good : Zachary Levi is awesome as the adult version of Billy Batson. He can perfectly play an adult who is actually a teenager. His performance is incredible. He has an amazing chemistry with all the other characters which made the experience really good. The movie is an ultimate fun ride from the top to bottom. There's not a single part which felt boring or uninteresting. The arc given to Billy was quite good and we start to like the characters. The comedic parts deliver at its finest. Director Sandberg has shown versatility in a very good way. I have always thought of him as a very good director. His horror films like Lights Out and Annabelle Creation are directed quite well, the major flaws are in the script, if any. Here, there are no such problems with the script, and he understands very well how a certain part of the story is to be directed. Some parts do have a nice horror movie vibe to it, but it is not tonally inconsistent. It knows what it tries to be, and doesn't take itself too seriously. Even at the times it does, it is for a comedic purpose. It never tries to be an epic film knowing that it's not, unlike BvS. It is sure to put a smile on your face throughout and make you laugh a lot. The final moments are crowd pleasing moments done right.

    Mixed : It's not a big problem, but I expected more comedy out of this. What I got was great, but I wanted a lot more of funny stuff. The kid playing teen Billy Batson isn't a bad actor. But some of the times, it felt like him and Levi were a little different with each other. It could've been a little better.

    Bad : The villain was a clichéd villain. He wasn't interesting as a character like Thanos, Ledger's Joker or Bane. Mark Strong does a good job, but this is a poorly written villain.

    Conclusion : An entertaining superhero film which knows what it is, and is quite campy in a good way. It is not wildly original concept of a film. It has some popular tropes of the genre and has a familiar template for an origin story. But it will definitely keep you entertained till the end, and you will end up liking most of the characters. The best thing is, even if you have never seen a DCEU movie, it won't make a difference. It has little to no reference to the previous DCEU films and is its own thing for the most part. Recommended even to those who are not the fan of the genre.


    Score : 7.8/10

    Grade : A-
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I honestly thought this was a borderline awful movie. It was classic DC, they overdid the suspense to the point where it got boring. First of all, the set up to the story was very repetitive and took way too long. Secondly, the animations of the "bad guys" was very poor. The biggest problem I have with this movie is that the fight scenes were very disappointing and consisted of people running away the whole time. The main character didn't even use his lightning super powers once again the main villain.... what? No one got hurt even once in this movie, there seemed to be no stakes at all. At least half an hour of the movie was dedicated to the super hero running away from the villain. It was just so monotonous and poorly done. Lastly, this movie was made out to be much funnier than it actually was in the ads. The pros of this movie just do not outweigh the cons. This is coming from someone who usually likes most movies. I just cannot support this one.
  • I went into this a little sceptical and found I came out rather chuffed with such a good film. Far far better than I was expecting and pleased I had gone to a preview screener for this.

    The acting is spot on, the comedy is spot on and the action is.... You guessed it, spot on. I certainly recommend any super hero fan to go watch this and big praised to WB for leaving this alone and letting the DIrector get on with it.
  • Can't believe anyone would give this movie 10/10. The movie is childish to the enth degree, I know Its Shazam and it needs to be a little childish but it was like watching a preschool cartoon.
  • I am quite disappointed that some of you guys felt that this movie is not even worth 1 star. How is it possible ? Seriously to me is very funny throughout the movie. This movie also suits family to watch together. Even though the story line is NOT as strong as other movie, but hey, the hilarious part makes this movie very interesting and NOT dull at all. Very RARE to see a super hero behaving in a comedy Conclusion, worth to go watch at movie theater ! 10/10
  • Clive_W23 June 2019
    DC has had a rocky road, but shazam, aka captain marvel was an enjoyable film, silly yet fun, found a good medium, and the villain was great. Can't wait for Black Adam. See it if you just want some fun and nothing serious.
  • Great for kids 8 to 15, vizuals are ok CGI could have been much better... Story felt rushed and we are not Given enough time to believe the closeness between the children. All in all.... decent
  • muahmed-356014 April 2019
    Despite the fun and family friendly looking movie, DC didn't lose its identity as a dark comic universe which we all love , SUPER recommend 😉
  • I've seen some reviews before and this movie was supposed to be somehow good. It really was just meh. But i think for children (even though there were some questionable hard scenes) it could be something nice. Also the after credit scene was probably more hilarious than the actual movie.
  • My 8 year old doesn't love superhero movies (he doesn't ask to watch them) so I was surprised when he asked to see this. After about 20-30 mins he wanted to go home because nothing was happening. We stuck it out and he was so glad we did. He loved it (especially because there was swearing - his favourite thing).
  • After 45minutes of sheer boredom, I walked out of this movie and saw Dumbo instead. As the honest reviewers have aptly noted, SHAZAM! is designed for younger children age 8-14. Older teenagers and adults will find this movie tedious, unimaginative, and hard to watch for more than 15 minutes. The reviewers who gave this a "10" are purposely fooling you; they likely were paid to do it. Don't fall for this amateurish mess. I've seen better CG on cable. It's not exciting, it's not funny, it's nothing!
  • I couldn't wait to get out of the cinema. I'd ask for my money back if I could. Boring and all of the times it happens the same. Yawn.
  • It's been a very long time since I wanted to walk out of the cinema mid-movie. This film felt like an utter waste of time. It was boring, borderline offensive with the way they portrayed some characters, idiotically simplistic with the plot (those conclusions the characters got from basically no information is like wtf), and just all in all a terrible movie. It could have been soooo good and funny, but all the good parts were put into the trailer, with the rest of the movie dragging on forever. The number of bored sighs and flashes of phones when people kept checking their phone was more entertaining than anything on the screen. I wish I could have my money and time back.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    SHAZAM! is a weird movie. The stuff it does right is done very well, but the stuff it does wrong it does horribly. I was able to catch an early screening of the film on March 23 so, naturally, the theatre was packed with eager fans. I'll get to it later, but this audience would go on to become an instrumental part of my negative film-going experience.

    As for the movie itself, the cast is the easy highlight. Zachary Levi does a really fantastic job as Shazam and perfectly captures the fun and innocence of being 15 years old. Asher Angel plays his "alter-ego," Billy Batson, and when he is given the opportunity he really shines in dramatic scenes. Another stand-out was Jack Dylan Grazer's comedic performance as Billy's best friend, Freddy Freeman. Mark Strong plays the antagonist, Dr. Thaddeus Sivana, though his talent as an actor is wasted in the minimal screen time he is given. Besides a few poor actors such as the little sister and the two bullies from their school, the cast was quite excellent. In particular, a scene in a convenience store was very well done from an acting/writing point-of-view. The action is also pretty good. Though it is nothing all too special, it kept my attention, and I was never bored during the action scenes (which is something I cannot say for other DCEU films). They found many creative ways of utilizing Shazam's abilities, especially the power of changing between a kid and a super-powered adult. As well, the special effects were very effective and never felt fake or cheap. While this film doesn't have as much VFX as most superhero films do, the scenes where they are most prominent are quite good, save for some strange-looking creatures primarily featured in the third act. To round out the pros, the best thing about this movie is how fun it can be when it's not taking itself too seriously. It knows what it is, and relishes in that. Unfortunately, that's where the pros end and the long list of cons begin.

    This movie is so poorly written. It is one of the most predictable superhero films I have ever seen, and that's saying a lot. I don't just mean in terms of how the overall story will play out, but also individual scenes and jokes. Things are set up so obviously that it is impossible to not know what the payoff will be. If you're watching a scene and you think you know where it's going, then that's likely what's going to happen in the scene. Even little moments such as characters turning around and seeing their car isn't where it was a moment earlier and it being SO OBVIOUS to the audience that the car is about to fall right in front of them. I know that might seem like a nitpick, but when predictable things like that happen every few minutes, it takes away from the enjoyment of the film. This movie is not only very predictable, but is also not very funny. I'll admit, there were a few moments that made me genuinely laugh, but there are so many jokes in total that the real funny ones likely only comprise 5% of all the comedy in the film. It tries so hard to make the audience laugh that it does the opposite effect for me. For crying out loud, the characters in the film pause after many jokes to give the audience time to laugh. It's hard to sit through at times. Many of the jokes overstay their welcome and go on for way too long, and other jokes are either really obvious slapstick humour or jokes that have been done a million times before. There's one moment when Shazam and the villain are really far apart, and the villain does his generic bad-guy monologue and Shazam can't hear him because they are so far away. This EXACT joke was done (to much better effect, might I add) in Kung Fu Panda 2...eight years ago!

    This is where my experience with the audience came in. With Shazam, I am convinced that no one in that theatre had ever seen a film before. Every single slightly humorous comment got UPROARIOUS laughter. People were wheezing, gasping for air, and honestly it was annoying because the movie was simply not that funny. People also clapped and cheered a lot, which I found weird because applause works for a film like Star Wars: The Force Awakens or Avengers: Infinity War; big anticipated films that can be akin to a sporting event. But this was Shazam. This wasn't some massive team-up film or a long awaited return of a beloved franchise. Something else that really bothered me was the choice to acknowledge other DC superheroes such as Batman and Superman as icons of popular culture. It makes sense that if superhero really existed they would become icons for which they would sell toys and merchandise, but in this film it seems overdone and creates a few potholes in the continuity of these films. For instance, a kid at the school has a Batman backpack, but within the world that these films have established, Batman was a vigilante that the press and police deemed too brutal as he would brand his "victims" with bat symbols on their bodies. Even though he's a very different character in Justice League, I don't know that he's now become a friendly neighbourhood superhero that a five year-old would have a backpack of. Another example is in the toy store scene where they are literally selling toys from the Justice League film, complete with the films logo and the DC logo on the side of the packaging. I know this sounds very nitpicky, but remember that on a film there are hundreds of jobs. Someone's entire job is to decorate the set, another person's job is to work on wardrobe. How did things like this get overlooked? This may seem small, but when you notice these things it makes the film feel lazy and cheap.

    Moving on, the villain's motivation seemed almost non-existent and seemed like he was evil for the sake of being evil (he even acknowledges at one point how evil he is). Finally, the "drama" element of this film felt so forced and underdeveloped. If the filmmakers wanted the strained relationship between Billy and his foster family to be the main focus, why do they devote such little time to developing all of them as characters? The only developed member of that family is Freddy, but his primary focus is on the Shazam/superhero parts of the film. And again, not to nitpick, but the little sister character is given way too much screen time for a character that matters so little. Her only purpose is to make jokes, but in a comedy film we already have many other characters that serve that purpose. I'm also annoyed at the new trend of-in order to put a twist on the stereotype and to be funny-making the little girl character the most defiant and brave character. If a six year old is going to be picked up and almost eaten by a giant monster/demon, she's not going to make some one-liner or boldly tell it to let go of her. She's going to cry and scream and be a realistic depiction of a six year old girl. "Let go of my brother!" isn't something a little girl would bravely say to a giant demonic monster, but at least my audience got a kick out of it.

    This film jumps the line back and forth from taking itself very seriously to acknowledging the silliness of the concept and having fun with it. At one moment, I'm expected to care about whether or not Mary is going to get into the college of her choice, and next I'm shown a homemade video of Shazam trying out his powers. Again, when the movie lets itself have fun it can be enjoyable to watch, it just feels like two people with opposing ideas of how to adapt Shazam for the big screen decided to write this film together. It's very generic and adheres to many of the same tropes that have been done in other superhero films. It presents nothing new and will likely not be remembered in the future as a stand-out within this genre.
  • Great film, loved it 😍😍 everything and everyone was amazing should recommend it
  • I watched it with my 12 and 14 year old and paid a princely sum to watch it at the cinema.

    There is something very wrong with DC.

    It's really gone downhill since Suicide Squad.

    Poor CGI, 80s plotting, 1 dimensional bad guys, no real sense of danger and terrible dialogue.

    The thing is DC do have some interesting ideas to work with. A disparate bunch of anti heroes group together (Suicide Squad), a female superhero who completely takes the reins (Wonder Woman) and now a kid who becomes a superhero. The ideas are really interesting, it's in the execution of the ideas that it all fails.

    All the recent scripts are the same really. All end up with this OTT (and yawn inducing) Big Boss fight off.

    Shazam is fun in parts. The first act is really over drawn but things improve significantly once Shazam enters the frame. And that middle act is fun. Full of jokes and humour but then we get to the third act and it reverts to type.

    That last act is cringe worthy (something my children told me). No real sense of peril or danger and the CGI doesn't help.

    Honestly, not sure why people are posting 10s for this. It ain't The Godfather or Toy story. It's just another run of the mill 80s type plot with mediocre to poor CGI with some decent jokes.

    Save your cinema ticket for something better and catch this on Tv whenever it comes out. You will thank me.

    You could argue that it's just silly fun. Yes, if the film were just the middle act but unfortunately you have to sit through the final third for zero pay off.

    For the time being, don't bother.
  • For children under 5 but with horror effects. Without any clues what DC universe is trying to accomplish ?
  • This movie is just perfect in every way and very different compared to other superhero films. Trailers barely show anything. There are so many surprises (no, I'm not just talking about some little cameo, I'm talking about main stuff). Also if you feel that most superhero films are showing similar stuff and want something new then this is for you and those who enjoy every superhero films anyway then it's definitely for you. And even those who don't like superhero films at all, will also love it.
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