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  • I just saw the first 2 parts of this show, and it's the least boring doc I've ever seen. It has important info everyone in the world should know about, and everyone should do their part to help with the problems this show points out are going on in the world. I never thought I'd say it, but this documentary doesn't suck. Really though, I think time will show George Bush is responsible for all of these disasters anyway, but the show has no mention of him. I'd recommend showing this in schools all across America and English-speaking countries- but if the DVDs have other languages, that would help too.

    And also, it has Edward Norton (who played the violent schizophrenic guy in Fight Club) hosting !
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I've watched every episode that I can from the series "STRANGE DAYS ON PLANET EARTH". Already it has changed my out look on something as simple as fertilizing one's yard, or drinking water from a plastic bottle. I for one DO NOT use fertilizers/herbicides/pesticides on my garden or yard. I use well water instead of tap for many reasons, one it is still somewhat natural without the harmful chemicals we use in tap. (WATCH THE ONE ON TROUBLED WATERS!)I even filter my tap water now, using environmentally safe charcoal. I have 3 children ages 9 years, 6 years,(girls) and an 18 month old son. After watching the episode on water and the many dangerous pollutants that we have polluted it with. I will never reuse a plastic water bottle for drinking water, AGAIN. I thought I was helping by recycling the bottles before they were recycled. INSTEAD I WAS POLLUTING my children's bodies', my husband's body, and my own. By allowing the HARMFUL CHEMICALS in plastic bottles leech into OUR already somewhat contaminated water! So recycle your plastic water bottles DO NOT reuse. Even brand NEW/USED BABY BOTTLES ALL of THEM are GUILTY of doing this! AAAAAHHHH!!! Want to know why, and find some new ways of getting liquids safely into OUR bodies? Just research reusing your plastic water bottles. The BEST alternative the NEW WATER bottles you CAN reuse. They come in all shapes and sizes and materials. I've only tried the aluminum lined ones. Like I said watch the series!

    What I'm really trying to say here is that we ARE DESTROYING/LOSING OUR PLANET! Thus losing our Future and our children's future, our grand children's and so on. WE MUST EVOLVE OR DIE! The series teaches you that. We have to find new ways to cultivate, farm animals, and even change our everyday lives(Buy organic when you can, carpool/ride a bus/recycle, anything you can do to save our most precious resource the Earth. You would be surprised what you can recycle in your own home, garden, yard, and even at work. Did you know it takes 1000 years to break down most plastics!? Did you know that cars are always leaking oil? Even if it's just one drop at a time, you may say, "My car does NOT LEAK ANYTHING!" What about when you have an oil change, and they didn't properly place it into a recycling bin, or drop, drop, all the way there? Where does that oil go, down a sewer/street drain, into OUR RIVER, THEN OUR OCEAN! I didn't know some of these things until Earth-Day, which was Tuesday the 22nd of April, and WATCHING the series 'Strange Days on Planet Earth'. That makes me ignorant for nearly 30 years! So PLEASE WATCH THE SERIES "STRANGE DAYS on PLANET EARTH" and learn and do what you can to help save all of our futures'. You WILL NOT regret it I PROMISE!

    There are so MANY THINGS as People of This Still Beautiful Planet we can do to save it and make it HEALTHY and MORE BEAUTIFUL again! I dislike repeating myself, BUT on this occasion I will. PLEASE, please, WATCH the series "STRANGE DAYS ON PLANET EARTH" and find out, LEARN WHAT YOU CAN TO SAVE OUR GIFT... EARTH!


    Sincerely, Taylor Made and Family (Joseph age 41 years, Aiyana 9 years 'whom helped me write this!', Gracie age 6 years whom also helped, and Everett age 1 year or 18 months however you wish to look at age ;) I look at it as an EXPERIENCE, a Learning One at THAT! PEACE..... JACKSONVILLE, Florida