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  • "Una Familia Especial" had everything to be a good comedy during Argentina's 2005 soap operas' season: good story, great acting and it was entertaining.

    It tells (or told, if we consider it has already been canceled) the story about an extraterrestial family who accidentally ends up living in Buenos Aires. The plot goes about their arrival and their way of understanding this "new world" they must get used to. The situations which arose from, for example, the family members confusing idiomatic expressions, were just hilarious.

    Even though the plot and acting was good, the program soon started to become difficult to watch: not for its storyline, but for its continuous time slot changing.

    It ended in the middle season (August 2005), with quite low ratings. I think that if they would have given it a second chance, it would have had been successful. Because it had all the qualities to be.

    So, if you have the chance to watch it (despite of the fact that non-successful soap operas are not exported) don't miss it. I'm sure you won't regret yourself.