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  • I went in to watch this movie expecting something very good from Prakash Jha and it was worth. The promos of the movie were released just a week or two in advance of the movie; so there was not much hype, hoopla or curiosity surrounding the movie. As always, director has done a lot of research in writing the script and his efforts have paid well.

    As the title suggests, it is about the thriving kidnapping industry in the Indian state of bihar. Many of the characters may actually resemble the real life people. The movie makes you aware of the whole kidnapping process. The hostage is referred as "delivery" and it exchanges hands with 2 or more different parties, before landing with the one who decided, planned and ordered the kidnap. Each party (or intermediary) keeps account of all the expenses/cost incurred during their task (including vehicles, arms and meals). Everyone in the state administration - includes police, ministers - gets cut in the ransom - WOW, what a perfect business model.

    Alongwith is a story of a Professor Shastri who wants to fight the corruption in the old Gandhian ways and will in no way compromise with his value system, not even for his unemployed son, who is unable to make his way in this system through honest ways. When he tries to bend and makes slight adjustments (by offering bribe, even when his name was there in the first merit list for state police officers), his unluck prevails landing himself into big trouble. He decides to get into the kidnapping industry - the one he once wanted to fight against. First half of the movie is awesome, but it looses its steam in the last one hour and is just like any other movie of this kind. End was not at all good - I still can't understand, why even directors of this genre believe that movies always have to end on a positive note.

    The main characters have delivered power packed performance. Ajay Devagan and Nana Patekar once again prove themselves. Other Parkash Jha regulars like Mohan Agashe, Yashpal Sharma and Ayub Khan are also good. Once in the lifetime opportunity to watch fully clothed Bipasha Basu, but her role is useless and movie was very much possible without her.
  • This movie is really a good one....... after Gangajal, Prakash Jha again brought the truth prevailing in Bhiar on screen.... The movie makes u think what is going on in this heartbreaking corrupt political scenario........ acting showed the power of the actors for which they should be well rewarded............ This time the language was more towards physical rather than dialog delivery........ the power statements laid with eyes by Ajay Devgan & Nana Patekar impressed many....... this movie is surely gonna be hit at box office. i think Indians should go and watch this movie so that they get a view of what all can happen with power and money and especially in states like Bihar.....
  • This a very well-made picture from Mr Jha, who in the past directed Hip Hip Hurray, Damul and Gangajal among others.

    Its set in Bihar where extortion and racketeering have become a way of life. The protagonist is forced into a life of crime after his father's principles come in the way of "buying into" the system. Unable to find a job, he joins the mafia kidnapping racket and becomes the henchman of political bigwigs, first the local MLA and later, the ministers who by then, have joined hands to form a ruling coalition. In the process, his love life goes astray, his father disowns him and he sinks lower into the dark abyss. The final confrontation brings closure to his estranged relationship with his dad as well as with his fate.

    Re: acting, unlike what one poster said, Mohan Agashe did ample justice to the father's role. It called for deliberately understated acting and the late AMrish Puri could never have pulled off a sensitive portrayal of essentially a contented man, that although principled and devoutly Gandhian, isn't necessarily an *activist*. A professor who is ready to fight against injustice, he firmly believes the pen's mightier than the sword. Remaining cast also did a marvelous job including the one and only Nana Patekar. Ajay Devgan has starred in Jha films before and it seems like a successful partnership. Screenplay, dialogs and narrative are all top-notch. Jha belongs to that small group of Indian filmmakers who still make relevant and meaningful cinema. Without pandering to Western audiences a la Dipa Mehta or Mira Nair, selling sex like Ketan & co, or producing useless extravaganzas that no one cares about like the Bhasali dude, Mr Jha sticks to the point and drives home the bitter truth relentlessly.

    There's some irony in this. What is his personal gain? And what are his creative desires? What do Indian filmmakers like Jha, Mahesh Manjrekar (Vaastav, Astitva), Madhur Bhandarkar (Chandni Bar, Page 3), Ashutosh Gowarikar (Swades, Lagaan) hope to achieve in that rotting sewer of an armpit called Bollywood? Do they make money on their films (doubtful)? They ostensibly are not in it for awards. Swades was a decent film if not flawless, that was sidelined by the Drollywood dodos in favor of the usual junk fare (read: you gotta kiss the behinds of many Hojars, Pochras, Tuddas, Haigs and other assorted yo-yos or you won't survive)

    Realistically, 1 good film a year out of 100 is a good batting average for Bollywood....but "yeh dil mange more"!!
  • A couple of things I knew before seeing the movie were:

    * It was based on the Bihar kidnapping (industry ?!). * ..and Nana Patekar, Ajay Devgan and Bips acted in it.

    Point 2 was the prime motivator, a serious subject sounded even better :).

    The characters in the movie are not something new to movie watchers. An aspiring son, an idealist father caught in a cruel world of the good, bad and the ruthless. The story is told in an elegant fashion without any sleaze or exaggerations. At no point of time does the movie glorify a character to make them look larger than life. Falling a genre of crime/drama, more focus is laid on the 'Clash of Titans' than on blood spatters and gunshots (there were a few, but way less than you would expect).

    The characters were a perfect fit and the script made sure they don't get too focused as well. Nana Patekar who plays Tabrez Alam had that subtle ruthlessness written in his eyes was simply a class act. His dialogues were short and powerful. His character is a lesson modern day villains need to learn. Ajay Devgan (one of my favorites :) ) shows a lot of versatility as an innocent, aspiring, angry, calm and broken character of Ajay Shastri. The scene where he refuses to 'run away from reality' was the pick of scenes. Bips did'nt have much to do, I thought she'd play something similar to her role in Footpath and turns out more like Katrina's in Sarkar. Ajay's father character was good, but not the perfect, executed what he was sent out to do. If Amrish Puri was alive today, I wish he have played the father character.

    One more feather to the cap, there are no songs and no romantic scenes, so if you are a 'Mills and Boons' fan..stay away ;) .

    The movie has a few flaws too, not that it disturbed the flow, but kind of looked odd in such a well made movie. Ajay's friends involvement in the kidnapping did'nt look believable at all. Nevertheless the movie had many positives to still hold it high.

    Overall A 40% script, 40% performance, 15% violence and 5% flaws is one step short of perfect and three steps ahead of very good. Needless to say me liked the movie, the only sad part was I could'nt understand all the dialogues. I would see it again if I get a version with subtitles.
  • Apaharan brings together the winning duo of Prakash Jha and Ajay Devgan once again. and adding to the awesome twosome is Nana Patekar as the corrupt political leader(Tabrez Alam). when all of Ajay Shastri's(Ajay Devgan) efforts to achieve the job that he desires and deserves go unrewarded, he takes the crooked path. entering the business of "apaharan" (kidnapping) under the "able" guidance of Tabrez Alam he gets all that he craved for - power, money and authority. he however pays the prices too- love,society,friends, family and life. the film also explores the subtle relationship between a father Professor Raghuvansh Shastri( Mohan Aghase) and son which is also reflective of changing times and clashing ideologies.
  • Prakash Jha creates yet another masterpiece in his inimitable style. If you loved Gangajal, you'll love this even more. Very well acted by Nana Patekar and Ajay Devgan. (why do Indian movies have to give credits to 'hero' 'heroine' & 'villlain' always??). Bipasha Basu's character is less significant than many other supporting characters in the movie.

    Great editing, camera-work, background music, art, of the movie makes the narrative very effective! And the storyline weaves through true Bihar politics & mafia nexus, and is narrated very effectively. Deserves attention of the Critics Choice award! The movie is worth watching for Nana Patekar's acting itself. Its been a long time, we haven't seen Parinda's Nana in another bone-chilling act (although this comes nowhere close to Parinda).

    Overall, this movie is a must watch for the socially aware people.
  • murali-52 January 2006
    In a different way though.

    While "Gangajal" was graphic, "Apaharan" is slick. It moves at a fast pace throughout and rarely breaks its rhythm. All the actors deliver impressive performances. But it's Nana Patekar who steals the show in this one. The usual loudness is gone and replaced by composure. Nana was always a fine actor, but in the recent years has lost his way. In "Apaharan," he finds his groove again. Welcome back, Nana.

    The movie is about the thriving kidnapping industry in Bihar, Jha's home state. The passion Jha has for his besieged land shows clearly throughout the film. Although we have been numbed by the tales of corruption told earlier, "Apaharan" still manages to shock us. Bihar was always a backward state, but 15 years of Laloo rule has turned it into a surreal world, full of scheming gangsters and unscrupulous politicians who sometimes seem to have forgotten why they ever started this ghastly game in the first place.

    The climax is predictable but leaves us something to cheer about. A must see.
  • Absolutely breathtaking performances we see from Prakash Jha's film named Apaharan.We see some fascinating & captivating performances from both Ajay Devgan & Nana Patekar.Here we see Ajay as a young gangster who just wants success whereas on the other hand is Nana Patekar who is an old politician who is fulfilling his extortion dreams.Ajay rises up as a gangster and gives conclusions to a lot of kidnapping & extortion's.Ajay's father Mohan Agashe acting is terrific as it can get.Then you have Mukesh Tiwari as DIG Anwar Khan who as an honest cops just does tremendous justice to his role.Prakash Jha has directed another superb film after Gangajal.But the stand out performer again was Ajay Devgan.He is a great actor.And such roles just suit him so much rather then those stupid Golmaal types films.The ending is stupendous.Soundtrack in the end is very good.This is a very good film focusing on the nexus between politicians & gangsters.
  • Apharan is a story set against the milieu of Kidnapping, which is a booming industry in Bihar, India. The writer and director Prakash Jha has tactfully captured the pulse of the crime city and translated it realistically and most effectively in the movie. The business of kidnapping is so mechanized that even the smallest part of the machinery, which is a 'pan wallah' performs his part in crime with precision. From a middleman to a police officer, to a high profiled politician behind the crime, kidnapping is the name of the game everyone likes to play for high cuts and speedy gains. The protests are curbed, lives are taken without a thought and the city is on the one-way road to becoming a 'jungle-raj', where the whole process of raising voice for the victim and the protector assuring them of solving crimes, is nothing but a facade. It is difficult not to feel revulsion and empathy at the same time for the generation that is fast becoming the victim and perpetrator of such racket. Apharan is also a story of a complex father-son relationship that falls out because both see each other as the culprit to the ideals and values they hold high. There are no black and whites when one views their relationship from outside, but the director in Prakash Jha chose to conclude the story where the poetic justice must be met. This however, leash the creative genius what the film was capable of becoming. It's a great film nevertheless, and a must watch for Nana Patekar's fans that would like to see him in the same element as the thespian was in Parinda. Prakash Jha after Gangajal has again managed to extract simply breathtaking performance by Ajay Devgan as Ajay Shastri who once dreamt of becoming a police officer. He refused to live like a failure and switched lanes that only led him to the path of success, power and eventually self-destruction. The item number in Apharan is quite weak compared to 'Babuji Zara Dheere Chalo', which shot model Yana Gupta to instant fame in Gangajal. Because of a herd of characters that are not all essential to the plot, film loses its pace after the interval. The climax could certainly have been more heroic. Actors Mukesh Tiwari in the role of honest police officer Anwar Khan and Yashpal Sharma as Tabrez Alam's (Nana Patekar) key kidnapper who operates from jail, are simply brilliant and actors to watch out for. Mohan Agashe, Ayub Khan, Murali Sharma, Mukul Nag and Ehsaan Khan also did justice to their roles. Bipasha Basu as Megha Basu, playing Ajay's ladylove didn't come across very naturally, though her performance was satisfactory. Why watch Apharan? Because it's an undeniable eye-opener, boasts of realistic acting, effective cinematography, fitting premise and production, and has almost a flawless direction.

    The Story: Ajay Shastri (Ajay Devgan) aspires for a job in the police force, which is his ticket to a future of power, respectability, social status and a secure life with his childhood sweetheart Megha (Bipasha Basu). And he hopes it will make his father (Mohan Agashe) proud too. Ajay is prepared to do anything to meet this end. Tragically, his desperate attempt at success is snapped by the choices made by his father. Dejected and disillusioned, Ajay is drawn into a dark world from which there is no return…Under the aegis of self-proclaimed minority political leader Tabrez Alam (Nana Patekar), Ajay soon tastes success and power.

    What happens when power and ambition clash with ideals and values? Is there a way Ajay's repentance can lead to his redemption as well? Watch Apharan to find out!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    A very tautly made film that is gripping for the most part. Excellent script with some very clever tongue-in-cheek humor adds to lighten the mood up in what is an otherwise desolate journey into the extremely sad state of affairs in that particular province. The end was a bit of an anti-climax, but i guess that was needed to let people walk out of the movie hall with at least some sense of justice having prevailed, although i am sure that the reality is far more bitter. Would have been great if Mr. Jha had shown the kind of ending that really comes of these tales, where the criminal mastermind convinced about his work being God's work, continues on with the carnage, without having any punishment for his "sins" in either life or death ... isn't that how it always happens.

    The movie makes you think and definitely is worth a watch for someone who wants to watch a movie to be able to appreciate acting, screenplay and logic, rather than item number, bare skin, blood, foreign locales and hams ..
  • silvan-desouza4 November 2009
    Prakash Jha after the memorable GANGAAJAL made APARAHAN

    The film is a nice take on kidnapping which hasn't been seen before on screen in such a way

    The best part being the film keeps you involved throughout Ajay's characterization is well handled the problems he faces are so real to life

    The first half is a bit slow but manages to keep your interest alive Nana's scenes are pure magic and Ajay-Nana's first scene together is nothing short of great

    The second half focuses on how Ajay changes and becomes a person of Nana's group, this part is too filmy though but yet it's believably handled

    Even the climax though clichéd is well handled

    Direction by Prakash Jha is awesome Music(only 1 song) suits the theme Background music is apt

    Amongst actors Nana proves yet again why he is one of the best actors, he acts the character so perfectly and gives an understated performance Ajay Devgan too excels in his part, people may say that it's the same kinda acting but i don't agree with that He suits the role and is a complete natural In fact I would like to see Ajay in such a role more Bipasha in a small role is okay Amongst rest Mukesh Tiwari another person who is doing nonsense nowdays is excellent in this film, In fact Ajay and Tiwari in ZAMEEN, GANGAAJAL played opp roles then in this(in Gangaajal and ZAMEEN Ajay played the good guy and Mukesh the grey shaded guy here it's the opposite) Dr. Mohan Agashe excels in his role while Anup Soni is adequate Yashpal Sharma repeats his goon act
  • I watched Apharan today and I must say, the movie is definitely worth watching BUT watch it in theater only.

    after Gangajal, Prakash Jha again brought the truth prevailing in Bihar on screen.... The movie makes u think what is going on in this heartbreaking corrupt political scenario..

    The movie is about relationship between politicians & gangsters in Bihar and how gangsters kidnap people in Bihar with full support of police officers & politicians. They have succeeded to show the reality to people, they way gangsters live in jail, the way they keep the police in their pocket. Ajay Devgan, Nana Patekar,Mukesh Tiwari and even Bipasha Basu all did real justice with the movie. It'll be a great hit everywhere. We think the new government under CMship of Nitish Kumar will do his best for the betterment of BIHAR.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    At a basic level, "Apaharan" traces the evolution of Ajay Shastri (Devgan), an innocent lad being pushed around by the system to becoming the system himself. There are two influences working on him, viz, his father's Gandhian idealism and acceptance of corruption as a way of life all around him. He tries to escape the insult and exploitation that his father's idealistic stand begets him--- only to get insulted and exploited by the likes of Tabrez Alam (Patekar) who use him for their own purpose. Yet, Devgan's don is a reluctant hero. He takes to crime because as an honest and hard-working citizen, society treated him as a "freak"!

    "Apaharan" then talks a State held at ransom by the greed and corruption of a system meant to protect it. It talks of the kidnapping of a child's innocence by a greedy system where merit has no role. It talks of society's resignation to the state of affairs and how we all give in... for there are no options.

    What I liked about "Apaharan" is that it does not have any good guys and bad guys, nor does it offer any magic solutions. It tells it like it is. It shows every member of society as responsible for the decay-- right from the ministers to religious leaders to traders to teachers to the youth "experimenting" with crime at a corner tea-shop! At the same time, it is not a cynical story. It has optimism and power of positive action.

    To believe that this movie has anything to do with Bihar would be entering a fool's paradise. Yes, it is set in Bihar-- although shot in Satara (Maharashtra), if one goes by the credit acknowledgment. Yes, it speaks of a situation that Bihar is going through. Yes, it uses a Bihari idiom and dialect to move the story.

    The characters, their motivations and their reactions are not limited to Bihar, though. If that were the case, it would not find such a wide appeal.

    Like all good cinema, "Apaharan (2005)" tells a story. That's it. And kudos to Prakash Jha for telling us an "art house" story with "masala potboiler" action. But for the trademark Prakash Jha finesse, this movie reminds one of typical Bollywood fare like "Vaastav", "Nayakan" and "Company". Good action and powerful performances!
  • umairali013 July 2006
    although Nana is again excellent in this movie, mohan agashe and Ajay devgan are very very good and not very far behind story about corruption, bribery and power, this is a story that repeats all over the subcontinent, every day. in the name of religion, money, sympathy, the politicians and the rich use human beings every day. and every one is in it except the common man any ways a must watch, the background music is very very good and so is the plot and characterisation

    Nana is again at his best but restrains his act and plays a calm politician set in his mind to what ever it takes to do what he wants, although other characters have all unique roles and have their own affairs.

    a good characterisation that tells a story of several people at the same time

    all in all at times a weepy, but mainly a very entertaining and gripping story that will have different people different sympathies with different characters. it will take something to beat this one
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Apaharan is a realistic movie about the total breakdown of law and order situation in Bihar. Ajay Devgan plays the role of the son of a professor who is desperate to get into the police. The movie portrays the politician-hoodlum nexus which plagues the state. Bipasha doesn't have much of a role,and could have been done away with. Same thing for the needless song. The film is too long, and the second half is tedious as the viewer is forced to hang on till the conclusion. Nana Patekar,playing the role of a corrupt politician once again is up to the mark. Mohan Agashe as the crusader against corruption could have had a bit more of a role. The ending too could have been better instead of leaving the viewer to tie up the remaining loose ends himself. Prakash Jha excels once more in creating a movie which reflects the reality of our times,when other directors are busy creating NRI flicks or boring art-house stuff.
  • First things first, Apaharan is a good movie but it is not Gangajal. Prakash Jha's masterpiece was better than his latest movie. Gangajal was Gangajal.

    Apaharan is, what you may say, the story of an ordinary person from Bihar. This film is obviously about the kidnapping industry that was thriving in Bihar. It depicts the whole system perfectly and how it is easy for the misguided youth to fall into the deep hole. Once you get in, you can't get out.

    Apaharan and Gangajal both are fantastic movies but what differs both is that one moment in Gangajal at the climax when you feel that the movie is complete. Apaharan, in my view, should have had a better climax. The story could have been the same but it wasn't filmed as well as the climax of Gangajal was. That is why Gangajal is in my league of top Indian films like Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron, Dhoop and Maachis.

    But then when you compare Apaharan to the usual SRK crap, you notice the difference. That is why Ajay Devgan is rightly known as the "intelligent" man's SRK.

    The performance of rest of the cast was good and the role played by Mukesh Tiwari( SP Anwar Khan) and Mohan Agashe( Prof. Shashtri) stands out. There was no real "hero" in the movie. Even Ajay Devgan was portrayed as a normal youth without any special qualities, a thing which 99.99% of Indian movies lack.

    One interesting thing about all great movies is that they don't have any "hero". Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron Didn't have any hero neither did Dhoop nor did Maachis! All in all, I'd give this movie a 8 on 10.
  • I have always been a fan of Ajay Devgan, and it is one of those movies where I cherished the most. It is definitely a visual treat if the collision of Ideology, Necessity, Love with critical social issues are shown in one frame of amazing artistic way.
  • skbharg8614 April 2013
    This movie is amazing for me. Ajay Devgan's acting is so fully confident and smart. I love this movie very much. Everyone who play his/her role in this movie is so lucky. Ajay's Serious Acting is so woderful and i really like this movie very much. when Ajay say No to Bipasha I appreciate for this scene because a really men didn't get anything from Any girl. Nana play also very good role and bipasha is also good. Hair style and dressing of ajay is so beautiful and he was looking very beautiful in this movie. I wanna say to that Ajay got the best actor award for this movie. Story and camera work is also very nice. I wanna give lot of thanks to mr. prakash jha for making the two great movies. No.1 is Apaharan (Ajay Devgon) No.2 is Gangajal (Ajay Devgan)
  • Apaharan is a hard hitting movie dealing with many social issues such as the descent of educated youth into the world of crime, the politician-gangster nexus, the kidnapping business which is a thriving & lucrative profession in Bihar...mainly it deals with the practice of kidnapping for money, which has been honed into a fine art in states like Bihar & which is patronised by shady, influential politicians, hence the name of the movie...

    Ajay Shashtri (Ajay Devgan) is an unemployed, educated, talented young man who dreams of joining the police force...his father is a high-principled, moralistic man and a social activist, who expects his son to follow in his steps...when his ideals start clashing with Ajay's ambitions & dreams, naturally a rift emerges.

    Though Ajay qualifies to join the force on his merit, he discovers that it is impossible to get in without bribing higher his father refuses to finance his cause, Ajay with his friend's help takes a huge loan to bribe his way in...when things go awry, Ajay and his friend decide to kidnap a Government Official to repay the amount...Ajay loves Megha (Bipasha Basu), who is also in love with him, but their worlds are far apart.

    At the last minute it turns out the official is in fact one of Tabrez Alam's men (Nana Patekar), a powerful and influential minority leader..Tabrez runs a parallel government; an empire which lives off money and fear and one which Tabrez has under his thumb with the help of his right-hand man; Gaya Singh (Yashpal Sharma)...murders, extortion, bribery, rape and, above all, kidnappings are just some of the illegal activities that are conducted by Tabrez...meanwhile Ajay voluntarily distances himself from Megha as he begins his descent into crime as he does not want her associating with a criminal...

    Ajay plans to exact retribution from Gaya who had humiliated him & also kills him in cold blood...instead of fleeing from Tabrez he asks him to take him into his gang...Tabrez sees potential in Ajay and takes him under his wing...soon Ajay exceeds Tabrez's expectations by being ruthlessly cruel & eliminating other rival gangs...Tabrez persuades Ajay to surrender himself to the law & run his illegal activities from inside the safe haven of his cell (which has been converted into a luxury apartment & was previously used by Gaya Singh)...this showcases the manner in which politicians & gangsters blatantly abuse the law to achieve their own ends...Tabrez reveals that he has been using Ajay the whole time & betrays him...the movie ends with Ajay killing Tabrez...

    The events in the movie is portrayed in such a realistic manner that it is eerie...the mannerisms of the gangsters, the professional way they run their business, the finer points of kidnapping wealthy individuals, everything is handled masterfully...Ajay Devgan turns in a intense, convincing performance as a disturbed young man who is drawn into crime though not by entirely his choice, but his desire to be successful & earn respect...Mukesh Tiwari as the honest Police officer SP Anwar Khan is excellent...Nana Patekar is well, Nana Patekar...he breathes life effortlessly in his role & its a joy to watch him act...

    This movie is directed by Prakash Jha & is as good as, if not better than his earlier directorial venture on the same lines, Gangajaal, which is another of my favourite movies...
  • ashokkk-0258115 December 2020
    Outstanding movie. One of the best movie till date.
  • tushargupta-2728617 October 2020
    Warning: Spoilers
    This movie is totally awesome and nice interesting story
  • vijay-919632 September 2020
    Great acting Great performance a movie well worth the time.
  • No words can make up all time watch movie. ajay devgan and nana patekar are excellent as they were every time.
  • After watching Gangajal one can easily expect another surprise from the maker and it did happen in the guise of Apaharan!

    Prakash Jha who is known for his realistic portrayals delivers another masterpiece after Gangajal. But this time his potryal on human emotions is even more genuine.

    Ajay comes back with another power-packed performance after the stern cop role in Gangajal. Only this time he plays a commener!

    Throughout the entire film, one aspect that really moved me was the amazing chemistry between Mohan Agashe and Devgan. Agashe who plays his father has done a fabulous job and its very very praiseworthy. You can easily relate to him.

    Then once again coming back to the performances, Mukesh Tiwari has another brilliant role to play after playing the unforgettable 'Baccha Yadav' in Gangajal. His performance as the honest straight forward cop is beyond words.

    Speaking of all the other cast, everyone is phenomenal and not to mention Nana!.

    Worth watching
  • This movie reminds of Vaastav just because of the gangster aspect but otherwise a totally differently treated movie...All aspects are great but performances, dialogues and direction was the highlight of the narrative. Nana Patekar was fantastic as the villain and casting Ajay Devgn was the best decision as no one else could have done the part with conviction as he did...He deserved all the accolades for this role. Prakash Jha, take a bow sir for giving us two of your best works, ie, Gangaajal and Apaharan. Didnt liked Rajneeti that much but these two I can see innumerable number of times because of everything being so perfect. A must watch if u are a Devgn or a Nanas fan.
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