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  • This lacks a little of the style of the other movies gathered within the Pinky Violence collection but if it's missing some of the street cool, it is certainly sexy action all the way. More of less restricted to within the confines of an all girl school we get one set of girls put in charge of another, with extreme torture considered a reasonable discipline. Then we get the 'baddies' released from detention to be improved at the school and they immediately take against the other girls. Even with all this there is more because the teachers are for ever being seduced or deciding to rape various girls who also now and again make sexual advances upon one another. The film begins with a murder, includes a hanging and ends in delirious mayhem. Not as story bound as some and containing more sex and violence than would seem possible. Well shot and with decent score too.
  • While "Kyôfu joshikôkô: bôkô rinchi kyôshitsu" aka. "Terrifying Girls' Highschool: Lynch Law Classroom" of 1973 may be one of the weaker Pinky violence flicks by director Norifumi Suzuki ("Sex And Fury"), it is still a highly entertaining exploitation flick that fans of Japanese Cult-Cineam should not miss out on. More precisely, out of all Pinky Violence flicks I've seen, this is actually among the weaker films, but I am talking about an awesome exploitation sub-genre that includes awesome films such as Suzuki's own "Sex And Fury", "Female Yakuza Tale", "Zero Woman: Red Handcuffs" or, especially, the brilliant "Joshuu Sasori" (aka. "Female Prisoner Scorpion") films with Meiko Kaji.

    What makes "Terrifying Girls' Highschool" especially worth watching is the casting of Japanese exploitation dream-team Miki Sugimoto and Reiko Ike, basically THE two ravishing goddesses of Pinky Violence cinema. The reason why this is one of the weaker Pinky flicks is the fact that the story is occasionally pretty damn silly. However, it does make up for this fault with an enormous amount of sleaze and perversions. The film actually starts out very disturbingly, with an opening sequence that I will not describe any further, as I don't wanna spoil anything. The film is about a High school for delinquent girls, in which a sardonic vice-principal and his henchgirls rule with unorthodoxly brutal methods. When three young female delinquents, one of them the ravishing girl-gang boss Noriko (played by sexy Miki Sugimoto), are brought to the school, however, they are not willing to just put up with the abuse like their fellow students...

    The tons of explicit sleaze should be reason enough for an exploitation fan to find the film worthwhile, and the film has several other qualities. "Terrifying Girls' Highschool" has a weird (and very sleazy) sense of humor, that is, at some points, ingenious. The main reason to watch this, however, are its ravishing stars Miki Sugimoto and Reiko Ike. Reiko's character is actually not introduced until about half way into the film, but Miki is the leading character, and she's once again both incredibly cool and incredibly sexy. The film's plot may be a bit messy (in the middle, it sometimes even drags a little), but that is not to say that it isn't highly entertaining. Overall "Terrifying Girl's Highschool" isn't as quite as good as the comparable "Girl Boss Guerilla" (also starring Reiko and Miki), and certainly no highlight of Pinky Violence cinema, but it is nonetheless an immensely entertaining film that I highly recommend to my fellow lovers of Japanese Exploitation!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Even a "mediocre" pinky film is still good by any other standards. Not that TERRIFYING GIRL'S HIGH SCHOOL is truly mediocre, it just isn't my favorite of the genre (or of the PVC box-set for that matter...)- but it's still primo sleazy fun.

    Three delinquent girls (imagine that...) are sent to a private girl's school for...well...delinquents. There they find that corruption abounds as some of the school's students are part of some sort of disciplinary crew, who basically terrorizes any of the other girls that they care to. But these three bitches ain't havin' none of it, and band together with a few other students to bring not only the "discipline-gang" - but the whole damn school down...

    TGHS has plenty of what the pinky fans want - some good tits-and-ass, and some fun violence and torture (the "lightbulb scene", though not "graphic" by today's standards, is still kinda cool...). Not as strong as some of the other PVC box-set entries, but still definitely worth a look. 7.5/10
  • From the director of 'Star of David: Beauty Hunting', and the pink masterpiece 'School of the Holy Beast' comes this eye-popping, sex & violence soaked cult film. Norifumi Suzuki's 'Terrifying Girls Highschool' is finally available on DVD, as part of the great Pinky Violence box set. Featuring two icons of pink cinema, Reiko Ike, as well as the original 'Zero Woman', Miki Sugimoto, as bad girl leaders in a high school for violent girls. Dressed in the traditional school uniforms, seeking to avenge the murder of a friend, Sugimoto is tougher than ever here. Especially great is the way Suzuki introduces each of the three girls in the beginning. We see each of them separately committing the crime that lands them in the same school, which is more like a prison. Featuring some dazzling torture set pieces, including a tense 'blood draining ceremony', genital electrocution, as well as a disturbing scene featuring a light bulb. Suzuki's trademark seems to be the bladder trick, where some hapless girl is forced to hold her water while a clock ticks in the background. I have seen 3 Suzuki films so far, and this trick is utilized in every one, and always successfully. Of course nothing can top 'Holy Beast', Suzuki's masterpiece. However I found this to be a lot more entertaining than 'Star of David', but I guess this is a matter of personal taste. TGH features some good music as well, and classical pieces are used effectively. The climactic showdown between students and riot cops is wonderful, and there is humor here and there, but not so much as to take away the power of the images. And I must mention the lesbian scenes, tastefully filmed and very erotic as well. Though the girls are beaten and often nude, they somehow always come across as tough, and never victims. That is the best thing about these films, and this quality is missing in American exploit films, where the girls are sometimes just there to be abused and undressed for the pleasure of the viewer. I only hope DVD labels like 'Panik House' and 'Tokyo Shock' keep restoring and releasing these special films. 'Terrifying Girls Highschool' looks great in it's anamorphic transfer. They are going to great lengths to release high quality products, and I look forward to future releases. Especially ones that feature Miki Sugimoto, my personal favorite bad girl of pink cinema! Incidentally, if you like 'Zero Woman: Red Handcuffs', than you should like this as well.
  • This movie takes place at the "School of Hope", apparently a school for overly mature and improbably attractive delinquent Japanese high school girls. In the the opening scene a girl is being tortured by a group of her fellow students called the "disciplinary committee". They have her hooked up to a machine that is slowly draining the blood from her body (for some reason, this requires her to be topless). The victim escapes but dies from falling off a building. The action then shifts to three girls who have just been committed to the school. They team up to help one of them, "Noriko the Cross" (Miki Sugimoto) take revenge on the "disciplinary committee". But then to complicate matters a rival gangleader (Reiko Ikke) also shows up to challenge "Noriko" (she rides her motorcycle right into the school, which you would think would get HER thrown into reform school, but apparently not in Japan). Eventually though the girls all realize who their REAL enemies are and team up against the corrupt male lechers running the school.

    This "pinky violence" film has all the hallmarks of the genre--lesbianism, gratuitous shower scenes, girl-on-girl torture and violence. The sex and nudity is always appreciated, but the torture scenes are pretty unpleasant (albeit imaginative). Fortunately, the violence is not as graphic as it could be. The treatment of the male characters is pretty cynical--they're almost all lecherous perverts with "uniform" fetishes except for the vice principal, who's just plain evil. and a mercenary tabloid journalist who is the only male protagonist. Miki Sugimoto would go to appear in "Zero Woman--Red Handcuffs" and Reiko Ikke would go on to appear in "Sex and Fury", both of which would have a big influence years later on Quentin Tarantino's "Kill Bill". Both are pretty appealing (if not particularly believable as teenage delinquents).

    This is a actually pretty big-budget and well-made film (according to genre expert Jaspar Sharp the "pinky violence" series differs from other Japanese "pink" sex films in that they were made by a big studio and had much bigger production values). These kind of films obviously aren't everybody's cup of sake, but if you like them in general, you'll probably enjoy this one.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Outrageous pinku flick starring Miki Sugimoto as a determined delinquent high school gang leader joining forces with others forming an alliance to avenge the murder of her best friend, who was tortured by a sadistic group known as "desciplinarians" allowed by the corrupt Vice President of a private all-girls reform school(..known as "The School of Hope", if you can believe it)to carry out violent methods in order to "educate" them in the proper forms of behavior. As Noriko, Sugimoto fulfills the requirements of her role, to talk tough, look delectable and sexy, command the screen as if she owns it, & stand tall even through the unglamorous situations( when she's tortured with electrified wires to her breast nipple and pubic hair). Her equal, Reiko Ike, has a smaller role as a rival gang leader, Takigawa, who unintentionally gets immersed in the school war granting Noriko a reprieve until the revenge is settled. Noriko has a five days to take out the disciplinarian committee, but such a task would be incredibly difficult if she didn't align herself with an ex-detective, now tabloid reporter(Tsunchiko Watase), always wearing shades, with a cigarette in his mouth, who has clever methods at catching political types in compromising situations. He wishes to see the school crumble to ashes, understanding that from the top, chairman Nobuo Kaneko, to the bottom, vice-president Kenji Imai, that it's riddled with corruption. The vice president(..who soon becomes president when his boss is caught on tape admitting to his fantasies regarding school girls while Noriko's gang trapped him in a motel, sexually molesting him!)is actually sleeping with the girl he has in charge of the disciplinarian committee, while the chairman has an appetite for raping underage girls(..we see a bright girl, eyeing a scholarship, commit suicide after the chairman rapes her). As a reporter, Watase's camera comes in handy, and he's able to trick politicians into a sex orgy with minors, using the photos as blackmail for the chairman. As Noriko and her sisterhood plot and capitalize against their foes, the disciplinarian committee use tactics at their disposal(..the police who are paid off by the school and the vice president who has a knack for looking away)to attack them in grueling and embarrassing ways. Watase's able to coerce Takigawa into joining the effort to stop the vice president and the girls who work for him, eventually even banding together with Noriko to bring down the school by any means possible.

    TERRIFYING GIRL'S SCHOOL fulfills the pinku requirements we have come to expect..over-the-top violence(..the most vicious committed by young women against each other), shocking subject matter of a sexual nature(..pedophilia run rampant as nearly all male authoritative figures are deviants who enjoy pleasure with high school girls admitting to their fetishistic lust for their uniforms), catfights, torture( sequence has the disciplinarians forcing a victim to watch blood, extracted from her arm, fill a test-tube), women-behaving-badly( see school girls "gang rape" the elderly president, on his way to retirement!), and the tough females outwitting their male enemies. Sugimoto and Ike effortlessly grab your attention when on screen. Ike might have a supporting role, but when she throws around those that oppose her with ease, you just can't help but applaud her..that and she sure looks great riding that motorcycle. Sugimoto's face carries the same reserve as always, facing danger and harm without batting an eye, the cold stare of hate, awaiting her chance at vengeance. We even get a terrific lesbian sequence in a locked girl's stall as Noriko's nympho gang member fishes information from a disciplinarian by providing her with pleasure. And, as usual, the ladies are lovely to look at. Nothing much in the story department, basic revenge plot between rival gangs within a school environment, and the immoral, unconstitutional acts of those in charge is exposed. Norifumi Suzuki's film doesn't even attempt to masquerade as anything other than a sleazy, violent gang film, only that he brings a polish and style to it provided by a nice Toei studios budget, although the suicide, which essentially advocates the riot that ensues, does add a bit of tragedy that thwarts the overall tongue-in-cheek mood.
  • These Pinky Violence movies have always fascinated me. They are hard to find, I got my copies from Amazon Germany, so far I've watched 3 out of 4 of them and this is the one I like the most. First of all, this movie is violent and nudity recurs often, hella often! It is a dizzying combination of prison-movie archetypes, social satire, and S&M-fueled kink, that is definitely not for all tastes, but there's a surprising amount of artistry behind it. The story is very catchy and there is also torture in it. The movie itself is a pearl, like a picture of Japan in the 70's, I really recommend it because it has lots of stuff that will make you understand more about the culture and the way some Japanese conceive eroticism. The OST is even great! Lots of bass lines and percussions! If you love low budget movies, but violence, sex and torture and action, this movie is definitely for you! Lead actresses Miki Sugimoto and Reiko Ike are amazing! I read some reviews that defined the movie as disgusting and boring. I must confess it is not boring at all and the sex scenes are not explicit as in porn and there are still more violent movies nowadays even on TV. Give it a shot, if you are looking for some emotions!
  • Terrifying Girls' High School: Lynch Law Classroom is slightly messy and at times doesn't make any sense at all; but all this is made up for with a constant stream of action, nudity and torture scenes - and while this is not the best that Pinky Violence genre has to offer, director Norifumi Suzuki (who also has the likes of School of the Holy Beast and Sex and Fury to his credit) has united two of the genre's biggest stars in Reiko Ike and Miki Sugimoto and created a very entertaining - and violent - genre entry. The film focuses on the 'School of Hope' - a school for female juvenile delinquents. In order to deal with the more unruly pupils, the school authorities have set up a 'discipline squad', consisting of some of the most ruthless girls at the school. The latest crop of new recruits to the school is none too happy with the way things are being ran; especially since the girl killed at the start of the film was the right hand of one of the new girls. Plans are soon set into place to bring down the entire school...

    The pace of the film is really fast - which while ensuring constant entertainment, also means that the film has a tendency to go off the rails with too many plot threads. Indeed, the final third of the film is rather disappointing compared to the first two because of this. The film is rather perverse; even more so than the majority of other Pinky Violence films and the director makes full use of the fact that the film features a bunch of schoolgirls. There's plenty of interaction between the girls and the torture scenes also have a rather perverse edge to them. Miki Sugimoto is the biggest name to have a lead role in the film; while the other star, Reiko Ike, doesn't appear for too long; which is a bit of a shame. The film becomes more and more manic as it moves along; and this all culminates in a riot at the end; which provides a fitting climax to the film. This film was released as a part of a Pinky Violence box set in the USA; but it's actually one of four 'Terrifying Girls' High School' here's to hoping some DVD company releases the rest of the series in the near future.
  • When three transfer students arrive at the Girls' Hope High School,they refuse to tolerate the routine abuse to which the majority of the students are subjected.A group of students known as the disciplinary committee administer the torture in the science lab.The transfer students played by Miki Sugimoto,Misuzu Ota and Seiko Saburi, resist the abuse and stage a coup with the other students.Matters turn personal when Miki Sugimoto's character Noriko finds out that the disciplinary committee is responsible for the murder of one of her closest friends."Terrifying Girls' High School:Lynch Law Classroom" is a well-made and visually impressive pinky violence flick with plenty of sex,bare breasts and blood.The use of colors is wonderful and the main theme of film is appropriately misogynistic.Check it out.
  • Suzuki's ''Terrifying Girls' High School'' is obviously exploring the boundaries of the sub genre. As it is my first film by this well known Japanese exploitation director, it's hard to make any comparison with his other work. Similarities seem to be there quite often. Reiko Ike is a familiar face ever since his first Girl Boss Blues film and Miki Sugimoto returns after her part in Girl Boss Gurerilla. It's hard to keep my expectations low at this point.

    But no worries, you'll have plenty of reason to be excited for Lynch Law Classroom, which I'm told is supposedly the second film in the series... Women's Violent Classroom being the first. Yet again placing various tempting theme's in an interesting setting. A high school full of terrifying girls, as the title gave away already. Delinquent girls in a violent game of sex, torture and corruption. It's all I needed to hear, I'm so in!!

    A brilliantly chosen environment for all the great things to come, this high school has everything it needs to keep you hooked and thrilled for quite a while. Again, these films rarely take a long time to unfold so you will never find the opportunity to doze off. There's no stopping Suzuki and his large group of blood and sweat thirsty girls.

    It's quite obvious where this is heading from the very first minute. With the cool music playing, the stylish shots and of course some blood draining torture. It's not taking baby steps, but it still knows how to trigger your wtf-muscle plenty of times after this opening sequence. Sure, it might not be all that shocking by modern standards, but the great amount of violence and sex still has its effect one way or another.

    Suzuki certainly ends with a bang in this one. Offering the viewer one last amazing display of ultra violence in a huge riot at the gates of the school. This all happens right after the girls trashed most of the building where Reiko Ike and Miki Sugimoto had a fight of their own, of course with their boobs hanging out. Exactly how it should be!

    This director definitely convinced me and I'll be looking forward to screening Sex &Fury and of course the entire Girl Boss series. There's no doubt in my mind that I love the Japanese exploitation, and Terrifying Girls' High School is yet again a perfect example to explain this affection.
  • This is a great little movie: it's one of the most far-out and over-the-top movies I've seen, yet at its core it tells a fairly heartfelt story of underdog misfit high school girls bucking a corrupt and at times downright evil school system. Over-the-top though it is, you sometimes can't help but wonder if what you're seeing is a more-or-less true depiction of actual events that took place in a Japanese high school some where, some time, not terribly long ago...

    Anyway, I thought I'd include here the Production Notes as they appear on the Special Features portion of the DVD:


    The "Terrifying Girls' High School" pictures were a kind of spin-off to the "Girl Boss" series. Reiko Ike stars in all four. Miki Sugimoto co-stars in the first two, and the outrageousness factor is in just as full flower. However, here the girls are not former reform school inmates, they're high school girls – albeit emotionally warped, perverse, violent, sexually precocious high school girls. The tone of the entire quartet is pretty dark, even compared to most of the "Girl Boss" sagas, with less of the goofy, adolescent humor that sometimes overstayed its welcome in that series.

    The second episode, "Terrifying Girls' High School: Lynch Law Classroom (Kyofu Joshikoku: Boko Rinchi Kyoshitsu, 1973)" is the best – a lunatic erotic/grotesque sleaze fest that remains one of director (Norifumi) Suzuki's wildest movies. Sugimoto is the leader of a trio of underdog delinquents at a super-strict girls' school. Independent yakuza biker chick and all-around free spirit Reiko Ike arrives midway to assist Sugimoto and her pals in fighting a homicidally fascist band of schoolgirls whom the principal (Kenji Imai) has recruited to keep the rowdier misfits cowed. These neo-nazi types are merciless sadists who love to drain their victims' blood, burn them with hot light bulbs, and generally make their lives miserable enough that they'll commit suicide! Ike, in turn, is helped by her yakuza pal, the suave but somewhat klutzy Tsunehiko Watase. Watase engineers blackmail scenarios by setting up sex stings on various hypocritical school staff and a corrupt member of the Diet (Nobuo Kaneko), a bunch unable to put the brakes on their voracious appetite for underage poontang.

    The climax sees a full-scale riot at the school, with the girls keeping the hordes of cops at bay with rocks and fire hoses. Supremely anarchic entertainment. This film is really the strongest of all of Miki Sugimoto's performances and the first time she ever really carried a film without Reiko Ike. Ike's presence was greatly scaled down, in order for the producers to build a more antagonistic relationship between the two leads. It also allowed an opportunity to build stars out of the other supporting cast members like Misuzu Ota, Yuko Kano, Ryoko Ema, and Rena Ichinose. The fact that none of them ever reached the heights that Ike or Sugimoto attained is more a tribute to Reiko and Miki than criticism of the others.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    At the School of Hope for Girls, an utterly ridiculous boarding school that prides itself on turning the delinquent teenage criminals of today into the obedient housewives and child bearers of tomorrow, three new transfer students; girl gang leader Noriko (Miki Sugimoto), "Razor Blade" Remi and slutty bisexual Kyoko have just been brought in by the cops to be whipped into shape. Soon enough they find themselves facing off against the "disciplinary committee," a gang of sadistic bullies who are paid off by the school's corrupt vice president to torture the students who get out of line or challenge authority. Sounds fair enough for a sleazy little exploitation film and this movie opens on high note as a tied-up girl is slapped around, belittled, gets her breast cut with a scalpel, has her blood slowly drained and is then knocked off the school roof. Noriko discovers the murdered girl is actually a friend of hers and vows to get revenge. There's also a wealthy tabloid reporter involved who also wants to see the school crumble for his own reasons. Unfortunately for this viewer, the opening scene is the sole shocking moment in the film and one of the only memorable things about it. TERRIFYING GIRLS... is classified as "pinky violence;" something I'm not too familiar with. Apparently it's a subcategory of Japanese films of various genres that try to cram in as much T&A as possible because they could not legally show pubic hair. I guess for fans of this kind of film, it delivers the goods, with many scenes of gorgeous Japanese women sans clothing and in various sexual situations, some a little kinky and others a little comic. But for this viewer, something was really missing that kept the film from being as good as it otherwise could have been. It's adequately sleazy, but there is also an element of fun that's missing.

    Don't get me wrong, it's not terrible or anything. I was just surprised at how pedestrian much of this seemed and how bland even many of the more outrageous scenes came across. I think it has something to do with the overall uncertainty of tone and the fact the characters (even the supposed heroines we should be cheering on) are all so nasty, one-note and/or unlikable. Kind of takes away from the pleasure of seeing girls kick ass when you don't even really care who wins in the end. The premise, and the depiction of the school, is impossible to take seriously for one second. That's wouldn't be a problem at all, except for the fact that the film wants us to start taking it - and its characters - seriously toward the end. I actually really didn't care much by then, despite a few entertaining and amusing moments here and there. I'm sure the making-girl-do- push-ups-after -a-red-hot-light -bulb-inserted-her-vagina gag will go over real well with most people. There's also nipples getting shocked with electric wires, the girls bringing in a rubber band so they can gang bang an elderly teacher and other things that sound outrageous on paper but aren't quite so outrageous how they're set up and visualized here.
  • So here's another pinky violence flick, apparently the second in a series of movies about "Terrifying Girls High Schools", but for some reason none of the other movies have any profile whatsoever, and nobody seems to have heard of them.

    You know what to expect: legendary sleaze, despite most of it being left to the imagination, including, of course, no full frontal nudity, and perhaps some violence. And a basic lack of plot, zero characterisation, filler, and nothing making much sense.

    Without a basic plot to follow or characters to root for the movie just becomes a series of events, and most of these events aren't interesting. You basically tune out until something you haven't seen before happens. Example: in one scene, a girl is made to do pushups with a light bulb inserted in her nethers, running the risk of shattering it... but of course this is all just implied, not shown. You have to give them credit for a sick idea, though. In another scene, a guy who I believe was the school's principal is practically raped by a bunch of girls who take photos of it and use the photos to get rid of him.

    There's not much else to say but that. I couldn't tell who anyone was - apparently there was some sinister group of students who were victimising the others, but they all seemed to be doing that to each other all the time anyway.

    There are numerous shocking events other than the aforementioned, but I have already forgotten them, and I doubt I'll even remember the above described much longer. I also got antsy toward the end and just wanted the movie to end.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Clearly a film for the male fantasy. There is a group of "mean girls" known as the "Disciplinary Group" who bully the other girls at what is the Japanese equivalent of a reform school. They have the blessings of the vice principle. A girl dies and shorty there after three new girls show up at school who themselves are gang leaders. We later discover, as does one of the girls, that she knew the girl who died. This degrades into a plot holed revenge film.

    For the guys...and a few of you gals there is plenty of nudity, a cat fight, tied up topless torture, shower/bath scene which includes a "sex check", girl/girl action/ principle raped by four first/brief rape scene/ Japanese vibrator soft core. I think you get the idea not to look for a deeper meaning.

    The respectful singing send off to the principle who was disgraced had me laughing.
  • In the '70s, Toei studio has switched completely from their samurai movies into Yakuza, and Sukeban type movies. They might have done some disservice to the Japanse culture for glorifying violence during that period. Reiko Ike and Aya Sugimoto were their stars at that time.

    A group of girls belonging to Kibou Gakuen high school decides to battle the corrupt management of the school they're in that killed Michio Akiyama the friend of one of the girls. In between the girls engage themselves in lesbian escapades.

    Girls that look awfully old to be a student appear as high school students in these movies.

    Toei used to make samurai movies in glorious color. Their great photographic technique is evident in these movies as well.

    Lot of interesting scenes in this movie, as are other movies made by Toei at the time.

    The movie is tame in violence and sexual contents compared to the movies of today (frontal nude was illegal in Japan at the time), but this was the cutting edge in the '70s Japan.

    BTW, the girl that appears on the box of Pinky Violence Collection is Reiko Ooshida, and does not appear in this movie.

    A good movie from the '70s Japan.