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  • I love series like this, and Criminal Minds is just so interesting and absorbing. It is very dark and somewhat grim often, but I like that side, it does make the show compelling. I will admit it was a show that started off good, but then got better and better. I love how it is filmed as well, the camera work is innovative, and the locations are always lovely and evocative to watch. The music is very fitting, the main theme is chilling to an extent and the music choices in each episode are appropriate and effective a vast majority of the time. The writing is always intelligent, witty and thought-provoking and the episode ideas are brilliant with moments that are chilling and moving. And of course the characters are wonderful, especially stone-faced Jason Gideon, Spencer and Hotch(as well as Rossi and Prentiss), and they are brought to life brilliantly by a sterling cast, both lead and supporting. Overall, I just love this show, it is true that some episodes are better than others(then again it is like that with most shows), whenever it is on I always watch it. 10/10 Bethany Cox
  • The Behavioral Analysis Unit (B.A.U.) is a premier investigative squad of the F.B.I. They are sent to create profiles of criminal suspects around the country. Jason Gideon (Mandy Patinkin) is the original proponent of the squad. Aaron Hotchner (Thomas Gibson) is the leader at the start of the show. Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) is the brains. JJ (A. J. Cook) handles liaison. Penelope Garcia (Kirsten Vangsness) is the computer support. Over the years, some of the cast would be replaced although the main cast is surprisingly stable over the show's 15 years run.

    It's a standard network police procedural concentrating on gruesome serial killers. It is a solid show and 15 seasons is an impressive run. The cast is terrific. It maintains a certain pacing and tension with its brutal gruesome crimes. Procedural is not a dirty word if it's done well and this is done well. The show did spin off a couple of failed shows. The missing ingredient has always been the characters and unlike those police acronym shows, this is not a show based on a location. It makes it harder to spin off. Otherwise, this is a very successful network show.
  • These were usually interesting stories of the FBI's profiling group called the BAU (Behavioral Analysis Unite) in which crimes ares solved by understanding what kind of person commits then. Most often, after figuring out who the killer is, the group goes in and captures him or her. The first 30 minutes of each show are basically cerebral while the last 10 minutes are action- oriented. Profiled and - hopefully - caught are serial killers, usually, there are also serial arsonists, rapists, etc.

    Co-heading the unit are veteran actor Mandy Patakin who plays the stone-faced, 50-ish "Jason Gideon," and the younger "Aaron Hotchner" (Thomas Gibson). The latter is the most stable person in the unit and the only one married with a family. The rest - like most crime shows today - are single people and usually in their late 20s or 30s. I guess, technically Hotchner heads the unit, the it feels more like Gideon does. It's his narration that beings and ends each show.

    Completing the team, you have the young, nerd-looking "Dr. Spencer Reid" (Matthew GrayGruber) who seems to know everything about everything; the volatile "Elle Greenaway" (Lola Glaudini); the macho "Derek Morgan" (Shelmar Moore), group spokesperson "J.J. Jareau (A.J. Cook) and he computer geek "Penelope Garcia" (Kristin Vangsness).

    Story-wise, the show has the usual Liberal bent of today's TV but doesn't go overboard with it in most cases. Many of the shows feature a very tense conclusion as someone is being saved at the last minute from some serial killer. Not that it matters, but after watching the complete first season on DVD, I liked "Hotch" the best and "Garcia" the least.

    I look forward to seeing the second season on DVD, as well. (I refuse to watch regular TV with all the commercials ruining the shows.)
  • This show by creator Jeff Davies describes the hard-working assignments carried out by the FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU). The crack team of FBI Profilers undertake twisted cases and analyze the nation's most dangerous serial murderers and individual heinous crimes in an effort to anticipate their next moves before they strike again . The intelligent investigators form an elite group of profilers who use the best scientific and technical methods to resolve killings of extremely violent nature , where the perpetrator is unknown and to get detain the heinous delinquents , utilizing complex profilages and the occasional leap in logic . Using evidence from the case and matching that information to historic precedents and psychological analyses to solve the case . As they are mobile , thanks a to their luxurious plane and have the necessary cooperation with local police and other FBI agents .

    Based in Quantico , Virginia , BAU is a subsection of the FBI who discovers perpetrators using scientific analysis , high technology and solving difficult crimes , as they investigate the evidence from the crime scenes , compose a profile and try to prevent the individual grisly crimes in an effort their next moves before they strike again . With an extreme dedication towards their quest for the true facts , the chief staff , and their underlings investigate the evidence from the crime scenes , compose a profile and try to prevent the next deadly strike . This elite team of investigators work several twisted cases using scientific skills , computers and equipment that are capable of finding valuable tracks from the most allegedly unlikely sources . Majority of the techniques and technologies used in the BAU shown in the series are accurate and true to reality .

    The nice actors who play these notorious characters from BAU -whose members are fiercely loyal to the Unit and to its other members- , they are the followings : 1- Jason Gideon efficiently acted by Mandy Patinkin who inspires great respect to the other members but left the bureau after some difficult decisions . He has a special relationship with the young, socially withdrawn, genius Spencer Reid , whom he mentors . He is divorced and he has a 25-year-old son . He owns a remote cabin in the woods, where he likes to retire . 2- He is succeeded by his operational right hand man Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner well played by Thomas Gibson , he was a prosecutor for a time , it allows him to judge when and how it may be necessary to skirt the law to successfully capture and prosecute an UNSUB (unknown subject). He is often a hostage negotiator and has been for over a decade he states that he wrote a book on it . He is often referred to as a drill sergeant , rarely smiles and it is a common joke that he doesn't blink . He married Haley , Meredith Monroe , his high school sweetheart. 3- David Rossi performed by Joe Mantegna , previously retired , rejoins the bureau in an effort to make a difference in people's lives again and follow up on a case he worked years ago . He has been searching for a killer who killed a mother and father in the same house as their three children , the oldest of whom found the bodies . He promised the children that he would catch their parents' killer . He is one of the most experienced and having written a book on the subject. 4-Penelope Garcia amusingly interpreted by Kirsten Vangsness , a brilliant computer whiz who gets access to any database etc. She was put on a FBI watch list that consisted of only a handful of hackers in the world . After an incident in which Derek Morgan , Shemar Moore, couldn't remember her name, Garcia and Morgan talk to each other using pet names like "sweet cheeks", or "hot stuff". Garcia also has a tendency to answer her phone in outlandish ways . 5- FBI BAU Special Agent Derek Morgan is decently played by African-American Shemar Moore , who was formerly a Chicago Police Officer . After his father died when he was ten , he got into trouble and earned himself a juvenile criminal record . A local youth center coordinater acted as a surrogate father and helped Morgan earn a football college scholarship, but he also sexually abused him . 6- The still juvenile good-tempered Dr. Spencer Reid is excellently portrayed by Matthew Gray Gubler (who also directed some episodes) , he is an erudite on everything except real life. 7- A.J. Cook plays Agent Jennifer "JJ" Jareau , she decided to join the FBI after attending a book reading held by David Rossi, at the beginning her job involves mostly doing paperwork, talking to the media and the local authorities and comforting the victims' families ; in later seasons, she participates in field missions more often . She starts secretly dating Detective LaMontagne Jr. , Josh Stewart, whom she met on a case in New Orleans . In 3ª season they reveal their relationship and soon afterwards , JJ becomes pregnant. 8- FBI BAU Supervisory Agent Emily Prentiss was finely played by Paget Brewster. She is fluent in several languages and once worked for Interpol. It is later revealed that it was Chief Erin Strauss ,Jayne Atkinson , who put her on the team, hoping to use her in order to gain inside information against Hotchner . However, Prentiss becomes loyal to the team and, instead of betraying him , she prefers to tend her resignation . 9- FBI BAU Special Agent Elle Greenaway was played by Lola Glaudini, assigned as an expert in sexual crimes, after demonstrating her skills by assisting the team in capturing a pair of killers. In a dangerous mission she panics , compromising the operation and allowing the rapist to walk free.
  • bevo-136781 April 2020
    I like the bit where, instead of saying let's go to the plane, he says Wheels up in 20
  • Numberis627 September 2020
    Just like all crime shows it's all the same. Get bad guy. Have subplots. Mess up. Create another subplot. More subplots get bad guy. End in cliffhanger. Get bad guy.

    Same old mumble jumbo.

    Verdict: you are under arrest for doing this too many times.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    After the dramatic 13th season when some police social climber in the FBI had decided to take over the BAU (Behavioral Analysis Unit) and get rid of all the confirmed members, this 14th season is back to normal: one case per episode, though one case in the 12th episode is not solved since the killer is still running free, food for the next 15th season I guess.

    The cases are simple all the time and the solutions are always a lot of data and information thanks to Penelope, and a lot of profiling thanks to all the others. But that sounds a little bit humdrum and it is. The only suspense we have is the details of the cases, the grossness and gruesomeness of the cases, and the creative way out of a mess designed on purpose for an elegant and brilliant solution to come up in a moment.

    The concept that this unit of FBI profiling work is a family is both banal and probably true. But true in an unwarranted and unforeseeable way. It is a family because it is the only circle of people who know what horrible monsters they are fighting against and what horrible things they are obliged to perform to win, and they are not allowed to lose. So the colleagues are the confidents and the siblings everyone of them needs to have in their professional life and in their everyday life, for life in general not to become a nightmare because a few people know exactly what they have done and are ready, all the time ready, to listen and provide solace, comfort, confidence and support.

    But after many seasons I must say there is little to discover that has not been seen and experienced already. This series needs some real new blood to become something new because it is getting old and old age always means decrepitude. The other solution is to get a beautiful last episode in next season for the story to come to an end.

    Dr. Jacques COULARDEAU
  • Yes, there are so many, but this one is the Sheldon Cooper approach to Drama-Crime-Mystery police shows.

    What I like about this show is how you relate to all the characters, the entire BAU and the criminal they are chasing. The entire BAU ensemble has a nice mix-up of characters that work very well together and have great chemistry.

    I'm happy this series keeps getting renewed season after season and I hope it stays on air for a long time.

    It's a 9/10 form me!
  • I don't need to explain anything other than the entire production sucks. There are gobs upon gobs of continuity errors and deus ex machina through out every single episode. It baffles me that criminals don't know already that if you go to "talk" to the investigators that you don't just say "I plead the 5th. Where is my phone call so I can speak to my lawyer". And when a lawyer does show up they are incompetent.
  • /refers to Seasons 1-11/

    Although an our TV-channel had shown it partially for some time, it never really caught my attention, I was more into Lewises and Poirots at that time, regarding crime series... But this summer, when weather was not so good, I decided to go into Criminal Minds from the very beginning. Well, the cases to be dealt with and solved were most very nasty and raw, but several characters - both good and bad - were those who I began to follow, who make the episodes more watchable as they are based on their scripts.

    First and foremost, Dr. Spencer Reid, pleasantly performed by Matthew Gray Gubler. To me, the events and dialogues connected to him are the highlights of this series, and the episodes without him were more trivial and impassive.

    Secondly, Jason Gideon (Mandy Patinkin). Alas, he participated in Seasons 1-3 only, and I had difficulties to accept his successor David Rossi for a long time. Besides, Joe Mantegna as actor was quite unknown to me. The other main characters have their place and logic as well, but they are more holders of certain types and characteristics seen in many other crime series. At times, they are overshadowed by strong character actors who have episodic roles in the series, often as habitual criminals (e.g. Tim Curry, Anton Yelchin, Gary Sinise).

    True, perhaps the number of seasons-episodes is already too big, but then, some new angles or events appear, and you become excited what happens now, how this crazy outcome will be resolved, could the new performances provide additional value, etc. In spite of several flashbacks and explanations, it is recommended to watch all the episodes sequentially.

    And last but not least - Criminal Minds is definitely not for you if you are firmly against death penalty and/or non-violent detention of offenders.

    PS Series 12-15 had its ups and downs, mainly due to several episodes without the presence of Dr. Reid / M. G. Gubler who is the most interesting performance and character, and too-much-focus on politically correct approach. But 8 points still earned.
  • This is yet another show forced upon me by my significant other and....It wouldn't be bad if it was the first of it's kind, but it's not, this is exactly like ALL the other shows she makes me watch.

    Honestly, you've seen this before, back when it was called "Law & Order." What you have here is another procedural. What you have here is yet another in a long lines of crime shows that imitate one another.

    "Criminal Minds" is just like "Law & Order," which in turn is just like "Law & Order: SVU," which is just like "NCIS" which is just like "How to Get Away With Murder." The cast is different, the characters are different, but honestly, it is the exact same show. You hardly even notice the different dialogue between the shows. The differences are so subtle it's hard to tell them all apart.

    Don't get me wrong, if you are the type that enjoys the soothing, warm, blanket of repetition. If you are one of the people that fears change. if you do not have an adventurous bone in your body, than this is the show for you.

    If repetitive, goose-stepping, conformity is your cup of tea than this is the show for you. You can rest assured that "Criminal Minds" will be no different than the thousand other television shows that are exactly like it.
  • It's s a great show normally wth compelling and exciting episodes. It doesn't need the super villain.

    In fact this a class of villain which i call the omnipotent villain. In scifi there presence is arguable depending on whether they obey the rules or premises established by the story, but in reality based fiction they are by default unacceptable,

    The writers justify some of his ability with the smoke and mirrors of Garcia's game but it still leaves too much beyond anyone's abilities.

    Some shows need to raise the stakes, but this show doesn't, yet they will do it again many times.
  • No telling where the neo Nazi influence of this sick TV series is from creator Davis or star Mantegna, but it can't be denied. It's strictly preaching hate and neo Nazi ideology. All that I've ever seen on this TV show is the relentless butchering of young beautiful women with dark hair, eyes, and skin. It's completely depressing to the men who aren't totally brainwashed already by the neo Nazi Hollywood agenda, though no doubt the women love to see the preaching of wiping out the competition. One would think the dialog itself would turn people off. Like all the other such shows, the dialog is "unnatural", poorly written, and the actors and actresses speak way too fast to possibly be understood, let alone natural. It is literally impossible to understand people speaking that fast. The show relies totally on closed caption, and there one can plainly see the poor writing of dialog. This is no surprise. The poor writers were long ago inducted into the highest positions in Hollywood, and now they are the "judges", so only poor writing of dialog makes the first cut to begin with. Creativity, talent, and inspiration go totally out the window due to the jealousy of the idiots in the board rooms. There is nothing credible about the show, and to top off the horrible dialog and horrible delivery, there is the horrible "contrivance" of plot to fit what the feeble minded people involved want to preach. It's all terribly contrived to fit their narrow scope. You cannot possibly watch this without groaning, unless you are on the same drugs that the cast and writers are on. Hard to get worse than this, and in 20 years, when the idiots involved in this crap are venerated as "experts", they'll continue to advance more lack of talent, more lack of inspiration, and more lack of excitement. One would think their dullness and relentless self righteousness in their dullness would end their careers, but the emperors have no clothes, and these emperors are ugly.
  • I have always been ambivalent about police drama's. Primarily because of the underlying message many of them send.

    Criminal minds is well cast, if a little corny and at times entertaining. Its also highly formulaic and as is often the case with US based shows of this kind conveniently ignores genuine social problems.

    The baddies are simply bad. Explained away as simply being rotten people to start with or genetic misfits compelled to follow their flawed biological programming. Larger social issues that contribute heavily to crime such as creeping inequality and entrenched poverty are, from my time watching this show, rarely, if ever mentioned.

    For this reason I don't rate criminal minds. It comes across as unconvincing and saccharine. It does not accurately reflect the world as it really is but instead offers a one hour placebo that tells the "haves" they are protected from the "have nots".
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Really a great ensemble show with character and heart as the seven leads show also that they are not one-dimensional characters.

    They have come and gone like Mandy Pantakin, Paget Brewster, and Lola Glaudini and have them replaced with Jeanne Tripplehorn but still the show's characters really are great in the ensemble.

    Think when Joe Mantegna come on in, the show began to have an ensemble feel. Like Pantakin a lot but really love Mantegna after getting used to him after a long while.

    The show focuses on the serial killers most of all, and worst of the worst. As the BAU the Behavior Analaysis Unit of the FBI comes in and the local authorities call them in. With the BAU helping and teaching them what the cities they go in, can expect.

    As really it is a nice surprise to see them working together and no jurisdiction turf wars as that is very rare for a show like CM.

    As they are forced to find the Unsubs as they called them before they strike again. It also shows them as humans with emotions. Not buttoned up people like Hollywood does with the feds or arrogant. And shows their family lives as well.

    Great show, great writing, and great acting!
  • The drama/mystery/thriller "Criminal Minds" is truly an amazing show. I started only watching it couple of months ago, and I can't believe that it took me so long to discover it. This is the show where each episode reminds me of my favorite book on the subject of finding the serial killers by trying to get inside their minds and to think the way they do, and equally terrific adaptation, Red Dragon by Thomas Harris/Manhunter by Michael Mann. Again and again the team of the brilliant profilers, fly from their headquarters in Quantico, VA to different locations all over the country to put their minds together and complete the profile of the mysterious unsub (unknown subject) and to prevent the next strike which would be deadly. This is a very difficult, demanding and exhausting job where the lives of innocent people are at stake and every minute, even second matters. This job takes its toll from every member of the team. Often they have to make very difficult choices and more than once they face the deadly danger not only to themselves but to those who are the closest to them.

    Since I started watching the show, I am trying to catch up the seasons that I missed, so I watch the re-runs every time I have a chance getting the "crash course" of Criminal Minds. What amazes me that watching so many episodes in such short period of time only makes me wanting to see more. I don't recall a single mediocre episode. All of them share the intelligent writing, compelling story, inspired acting from the regular members of the cast (an elite team of FBI profilers - BAU analysts) and the guest stars. I like the music score and the choice of songs is very fitting for each occasion. I also like the famous quotes which one of the team members tells in the end of each episode, which sums up the story perfectly. More than once, I was moved deeply by the way the story was going and its resolution. What keeps me entrancing to the screen during each episode is the brain storm, the collective mind of the team putting the evidence, the small details together, analyzing them, searching for the right question to ask their super computer analyst Penelope Garcia; so she would perform her magic and come up with the one name - of the unsub who must be stopped before he attacks deadly again.

    I also noticed how masterfully the creators make the references not only to the real life famous cases but to the earlier films and books. I recognized the references to Tom Harris's Dr. Hannibal's books (the horrifying parts of "Hannibal" made one of the darkest and devastating two-hours episode) and films, to "Perfume: The Story of a Murderer", to "Natural Born Killers". One memorable episode paid homage to both "Psycho" and "Sunset Boulevard". Often, the writers find the subjects for the episodes from the latest news. But no matter where they find the topics for the show, each episode comes out as gripping and absorbing from the first moment to the very end. To put it shortly -the must for the fans of the genre.
  • The summary line isn't meant as a reflection of the show AS a disaster--on the contrary,I feel like this is a very intriguing concept of a show with very compelling and accomplished actors filling out the roles nicely--but rather my sense of the meat of each episode,which seems to be a week-after-week showcase of grisly,disturbing crime(i.e. you just can't look away no matter how much your senses tell you to).

    A group of elite profilers for the FBI,quartered in Quantico,Langley,Virginia,investigate various heinous serial crimes. EAch member of the unit uses their specific talents to pick apart the crimes,examine them,piece them back together and trace them in order to solve and (hopefully)stop further crimes. They are led by a veteran agent named Gideon(MAny PAtinkin,always fantastic),and are anchored by agents Hotchner(Thomas Gibson),Morgan(Shermar Moore),Dr.Reid(MAtthew Gray Gubler),Greenaway(Lola Glaudini),Prentiss(PAget Brewster)and GArcia(Kirsten Vaugness). EAch case over the(so far)two seasons of the show has some sort of effect that is both broadly impacting and(to varying degrees)personally impacting on each and/or all of the members of the team,thus much of the grist for this show's mill.

    I cannot truly profess a love for this show,but as mentioned earlier,I think that this show is cleverly crafted,well-read and almost irresistible once given a chance. However,a strong constitution and a willingness to explore the darker side of human nature will be required for viewing.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    So this show is no longer about FBI CSI stuff but more about intriguing little spy stories about Prentiss or some heart-aching skits about each star's private history. By the way, this WAS my favorite show. Mandy Patinkin added so much depth to the show and almost seemed like 'the grown-up' in the room. I kind of thought 'Hotch' would assume that roll after Mandy mysteriously bailed. I guess he wasn't old enough or something – so the show brings in Joe Mantegna. Once I saw his name I just knew there was hope and the program would not skip a beat. It seemed the producers or directors were skillfully plugging a hole. Gideon was gone but there was a skilled veteran to replace him. Additionally, someone was there to corral the children and keep their over-grown egos from clashing. Was I ever wrong? I really thought a man of Mr. Mantegna's caliber and stature could have really moved the show forward. Apply some of that old commonsensical writing and some skilled directorial leadership – the show might have even been better. That is how much faith I had in how they might use Joe Mantegna. Silly wabbit – common sense is not for Hollywood. Talk about tossing a talented, skilled and – most of all – interesting actor under a bus. The powers-to-be relegate him to some subservient roll because he has been out-of-the-mix too long. It almost felt like they were saying, 'You are too old – so you are stupid.' What an insult to this man. And of course with this approach, we opened a couple of seasons that had nothing to do with good police work. Everyone needed their piece of the overacting pie! The show tried making a few 'super – cops' (puke – vomit!) sorry Greenberg &Hantz – I don't mean to insult you; we needed foreign spy intrigue (double agent vomit!) and of course we had to elevate criminals (hackers) to agents. We now have a senior agent (Joe Mantegna) whose character is painted as being too out of date and too old and – well – just too stupid. Well that is enough of my whining about Mr. Mantegna – I am over it. I just hope he finds something on the big screen – I enjoy his acting. It almost seems that the show lacks direction or has too many competing egos for center stage. Derek has chilled out some and is back to being a believable character – sometimes dealing with being a bit of a hot-head – but it is dealt with and not expected. We know Prentiss was killed and arose from the dead; JJ was fired and now she is un-fired and the hacker-and-criminal herself – 'Baby Girl' is now an agent. Sheesh – talk about the need for a huge, 'I Believe Button' installed on my forehead. The FBI is pretty straight-laced and very serious. Think! Would you want someone who jumps at the sight of her own shadow covering your back? What would you say? "Shaky Gurl! Put down the perp!!!". The only things Baby Girl has down well are being THE victim, whining and complaining. In all honesty, ever since they moved her on as a 'real' part of the team – she has improved – but remembering her from past episodes just makes her present on screen an annoyance. OK, time to erase the negativity. There are parts of a show's formula that should never be changed. The sad thing too much has been changed. I am happy to see that Reed has not become too un-quirky; Derek is beginning to return to the world or reality and Hotch is still a drab but interesting character (no distractions from the crime). In my book, there is not enough left of this show to salvage. I understand many still watch this show and enjoy it. I do not like change and that is probably my biggest gripe. The original cast (many are still there), I truly liked – but now. Well how it seems like, for the most part, have become camera hogs and scene steelers.
  • It's the best crime TV show and one of my favourites. Unlike Elementary or other shows, criminal minds show clearly the reason why murder occurs. This is the only fact that keeps me watching. Well done!
  • This TV show bring some new way to the police Genre. The traditional way that we see this genre its a killer who commit a murder and we follow the investigation: murDer weapon, motif, and we wait until they catch them and therei is a classical reason behind this: jealousy, anger, sex. But this TV show we go deep in a killer"s mind: his insecurities, his sexual problem, the psychological nature of his crime and it s way more more interesting and each episode have a particuliar problem that will be treated in the episodes. Very good police TV Show. If you seeking of something different that the traditional Police TV show that could be the one. The characters are very enjoyable with different personnalities. I recommend it.
  • Criminal minds is one of my favourite crime drama shows. All the cases are really unique and interesting and I never feel like they are running out of ideas. Each character plays their role perfectly and even though they are all different they all fit well together and it creates a realistic bond/relationship. My favourite character is Dr. Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler). He is just so adorable and naive yet incredibly intelligent and intuitive. But all the cast is great.

    I may personally love crime shows but Criminal Minds is a more accessible show for the masses. It's great that a broad audience can experience the excitement that a crime drama can create without feeling overwhelmed with too much focus on procedure.
  • ctomvelu-124 January 2009
    Mandy P. is back on TV, this time as an FBI agent with a team that hunts down killers before they can strike again. Mandy P. (where in the hell did his parents come up with this guy's name?) is fine, but his team is strictly generic, like the team on WIHOUT A TRACE or COLD CASE or even NCIS. Tough-talking beauty queens do not help provide any sense of realism, and should be excised from this cast. The episode I saw involved tracking a serial killer to a diner, with a bunch of flashbacks explaining how they got to the diner. Keith Carradine played the killer. I get enough flashbacks with COLD CASE, another show that lacks any sense of reality. I like Mandy P., and wish him well, but the episode I saw was so-so. I will take NCIS, THE CLOSER or even the very lame WITHOUT A TRACE over this.
  • Maniac-92 March 2012
    Criminal Minds is one of the best procedural crime shows on TV. It's mostly self contained episodes without a serial element to the show which normally isn't my favorite way to do a drama type of show but it works great here. The show is about the FBI BAU(Behavorial Analysis Unit), in other words they investigate cases involving serial killers only. They're not investigating just simple murderers who only commit murder once out of a moment of rage, but people whose very nature makes them want to kill repeatedly. The team goes all over the country with the help of local law enforcement trying to hunt down these predators. The show has a great cast headlined by Thomas Gibson and Joe Mantegna.
  • RussHog20 May 2020
    Every time this show is on TV I cringe. The writing sucks. The acting sucks. Nothing is believable. It's violent in a bad way. Everyone in the show looks bored. It's just a horrible TV procedural. One of the worst shows I've ever seen.
  • nicholls_les14 June 2016
    Everything about this show is good, really good.

    The story lines are clever and believable and the characters are perfect.

    Thomas Gibson is brilliant and holds the whole team together as Aaron Hotchner and Joe Mantegna as David Rossi is another great character.

    But then there is the amazingly good Matthew Gray Gubler as the weird and wonderful Dr. Spencer Reid and Shemar Moore as Derek Morgan shows that a black man can have a major part that isn't as a black man ( so many films stereo type black actors and this is a refreshing change)

    Jennifer Jareau played by A.J Cook is another well rounded character but then there is the brilliant Kirsten Vangsness as Penelope Garcia I miss Mandy Patinkin as Jason Gideon as his character was a lynch pin for the early episodes.

    The only character I didn't really like was Erin Strauss played by Jayne Atkinson. I felt that those episodes were more like a soap opera and Criminal minds was better than that.

    So pleased that this show is continuing and look forward to many more.
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