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  • jrobert36527 December 2005
    Years from now acting classes and scholars will be studying this film for its power in bringing the immortal words of Herman Melville to life. As an example of this power, you can watch this production with your eyes closed and be very moved by the blank Shakespearean poetry written by Herman Melville. Jack Aranson's CAPTAIN AHAB may be the best ever filmed. This is a DVD to own and play more than once for the insights contained in the dialogue. If you are a Herman Melville fan this film is a must own. "If we hunt not MOBY DICK, God hunt us all. I'D strike the sun if it insulted me. Talk not to me of blasphemy . Who moves this arm if not God. I'm the fate's lieutenant under orders." CAPTAIN AHAB "Ahab, beware of Ahab." Starbuck "And the great shroud of the sea rolled on as it has for thousands of years" Ishmael