Plot Synopsis

  • WARNING: Spoilers

    The most authentic version of Herman Melville's classic best seller ever produced. Very highly rated in IMDB. Old Vic trained actor Jack Aranson gives life to Melville's poetic dialogue. Its has high lofty prose with many layers of of meaning similiar to the Bible. This never before available DVD was released in 2006 through Amazon. it was produced by veteran Producer John Robert and Directed by Paul Stanley DGA who spent over 20 years as a director on 100 high profile TV series including Hallmark Hall of Fame. Herman Melville is considered America's Shakespeare. Jack Aranson shows what great acting can be.Own a Art film for you and your family.

    "As Ahab, Aranson takes on stature. he reaches up to confront the stars. His chest expands. His voice is a trumpet, roaring over the sound of the sea. His eyes glitter with frenzy. Its a brilliant performance !" Elliott Norton , Boston Herald Examiner

    "To devise a version of MOBY DICK as piece comes under the heading of 'They said it couldn't be done'. Jack Aranson has done it superbly." TIME magazine

    A family classic!!!! This performance as a DVD/ or as a sound only book on tape CD are both available through Amazon.