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  • This Sin City series (for its Mayhem sub-label) features director Jim Powers' affection for goofy and kinky situations, best demonstrated in his hit "Perverted Stories". I found the perils of poor Missy Monroe (her character name is Gwendoline as obvious homage to BDSM classics) quite tiresome, with the unnecessary 2nd disk of a "deluxe" 2-DVD set featuring a lengthy BTS that reveals the lengths to which the production went to gross out the viewer.

    She's an innocent bride subjected to abuse from the git-go, as dastardly groom Joel Lawrence subjects her to outre sex and humiliation starting with a wedding night in which she's forced to have a gang-bang.

    All sorts of other mayhem occurs, including plenty of kink involving contract star Hannah Harper and a variety of fetish actresses. One strange suspension scene has nude Missy hoisted up in the air in a clumsy contraption while Joel humps busy Sophia underneath, and Ariana Jollee is characteristically uninhibited as a nude beauty off whose body men dine on carefully arranged sushi before the sex begins.

    The "gee whiz" aspect of the production dominates, at the expense of a good old-fashioned story involving our hapless heroine.