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  • The technology, the history, and the sense of fun that makes the new "Doctor Who" series as much fun as it is is explored in depth in this delightful series that takes viewers behind the scenes of the newest "regeneration" of the longest-running science-fiction television series in the world.

    Narrated by actor Simon Pegg, who plays a key role in an episode from the first season, each episode contains interviews with cast and crew of both the new series and the original series, a look at how the new series improves on the old while paying homage to it and keeping the continuity correct, and of course, lots of exclusive behind-the-scenes footage from the set.

    This series is highly recommended, and special edited editions of each episode can now be viewed online at the official BBC "Doctor Who" website.
  • With the return to the screens of the third series of the whole new Doctor Who, I decided to check out the additional series on Freeview to see what it was adding to the party. The answer to the question was not a great deal more than marketing dressed as programming, which is a shame because it isn't like Doctor Who fans aren't hungry for information etc.

    Having said that though, maybe I'm being a bit harsh because for big fans of the series I suppose the behind the scenes stuff will be fascinating and make the series worth seeing. Personally I didn't get that much from the handful of episodes I have watched of it. Heavy with clips of the main programme and footage of those scenes being shot the series is all well and good if that is all you are looking for but for me I wanted it to be more considering that each episode is almost as long as the main series. I wanted more insight and more honesty from those involved but mainly they are guarded and very careful not to criticise anything about the show. I imagine that if they were making a documentary years later looking back then it would not be this way and, while I don't expect that now, it would be nice to find a bit of a rough edge in all the corporate brand protection.

    Interesting for what it is then but it is hard not to see it as part of a marketing campaign rather than a programme of real value in the Doctor Who universe.