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  • When 'The Two Ronnies Sketchbook' was originally announced, you could almost hear the gasps of amazement from the media. In this age of 'Little Britain' and 'League Of Gentlemen', went the cry, why would anyone by interested in two old men doing corny jokes from behind desks? But the show astonished television executives by pulling in eight million viewers a week, a far better rating than those achieved by many modern shows.

    The reason was simple - Corbett and Barker were back, and doing what they were best at - interacting with one another. The sketches were shown intact ( although 'The Phantom Raspberry Blower Of Old London Town' had a couple of instalments removed ), and good many of them still were. Predictably, a couple of my favourites weren't included, such as 'The Bogle Of Bog Fell', 'The Sky At Night' and 'Star Trek', but that was to be expected. They saved the best until last - 'Four Candles' - and Ronnie Barker told us how unhappy he was with the pay-off, and went on to suggest an alternative. He was in poor health at the time of recording, but he and Corbett were still able to generate a good few laughs after all these years. Had he lived a bit longer, its more than likely we would have gotten another run of 'Sketchbook'.

    On 25th December 2005, a Christmas edition was transmitted posthumously - Barker having died two months before - and it was heartbreaking to see him wish viewers a Merry Christmas, knowing he was not around to enjoy it himself.
  • Very good series, basically the same sketches from yesteryear but with brand new spoof news desk items from the two masters. Ronnie Barker looked very sharp considering it was his first TV work since retiring in 1988, no signs of rust on his part, he's lost a little weight since the Ronnies heyday but still he looked in good health and was as sharp and funny as ever.

    It was a delight to see these two comedy legends reunited for one last time, well... let's hope its not one last time, let's hope the Sketchbook comes back for another series (Fingers crossed), it was delightful.

    Recommended viewing, without saying the classic sketches were great as ever, but the most fitting thing in my opinion was seeing these two comedy icons back together behind the desk once more.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The Two Ronnies Sketchbook was basically reuniting a brilliant comedy duo and letting them show us their past brilliance. Ronnie Corbett and Ronnie Barker were reunited to show us all the best sketches and clips from The Two Ronnies. I wasn't born when The Two Ronnies show was on, but now that I have seen Sketchbook I have now seen all the brilliant sketches and characters that these two comedy geniuses created. Some memorable ones I can remember from Sketchbook were New Glasses, Mail Room, The Two Similars, The Phantom Raspberry Blower, Corbett's Moments, and of course Four Candles. It was mainly the comedians themselves that made the show a success. There was also a Christmas Special remembering all the seasonal moments, which was recorded before Barker's tragic death. Ronnie Barker and Ronnie Corbett were number 6 on TV's 50 Greatest Stars, the Mastermind sketch was number 25, and Four Candles number 5 on The 50 Greatest Comedy Sketches. Very good!
  • studioAT12 December 2010
    The Two Ronnies make a triumphant return in this series that looks back on their classic sketches combined with all new linking material.

    It is a wonderful opportunity for old fans to remember all the magical moments these two masters of comedy produced in their heyday while also proving to be lovely for new fans to discover the world of "four candles" and "The Mastermind sketch" for the first time. As an audience we find ourselves welcoming the Two Ronnies back into our living rooms as if they are old friends.

    This series is also bittersweet as it is clear how unwell Ronnie Barker is during the new material. Despite frail he still manages to get a laugh in every line and his rapport with Corbett is still fantastic.

    The Christmas special complete with the pre-recorded message from Corbett filmed after Barkers death is poignant and brings down the curtain on one of the best comedy partnerships ever.
  • This is a 2005 BBC comedy series, in which Ronnie Corbett and Ronnie Barker present highlights from their long-running BBC sketch show The Two Ronnies, which ran from 1971-1987. TTRS includes many of their best- known sketches, as well as new jokes from the duo inbetween the classic sketches.