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  • i just saw a test screening of TMNT and, although i suspected it would be good, it surpassed my predictions. i should note that i am a pretty big fan of the old movies (1 and 2 anyway) and the old cartoon, and am a collector of TMNT comic art posters-- this may give you a perspective on where i'm coming from before you read my review. Without giving much away, here is what i liked(+)/disliked(-).

    +ANIMATION: the biggest thing the movie has going for it is the animation. it is miles ahead of any animated movie I've ever seen. the level of detail is unsurpassed and completely amazing. everything from backgrounds, characters, various surfaces and textures (including skin), lighting and different effects (including a pivotal sequence in the rain) absolutely blew me away.

    +DESIGN: along the same lines as the animation, the general look and design of everything was pretty cool. the turtles themselves look different and new, as well as splinter, casey and april. their designs fit in well with the overall look of NY city, which is dark, worn and very impressive. the skyline was very well done. I was also particularly impressed with the design of karai and the foot.

    +CHARACTERS & RELATIONSHIPS: especially between the turtles and splinter --and particularly raphael and leonardo-- the relationships are complex, as is traditionally the case for the franchise. in this film they are well drawn and developed and, in the end are fulfilling and cathartic. there are a few surprises to say the least, both within the turtle team and also without. casey also adds to his relationship with raph in this movie.

    +SCREENPLAY/STORYLINE: The screenplay is generally okay. the tone is about as perfect a balance you can hope for for a film trying to appeal to the Saturday morning crowd as well as the old school, 20-something fans. it returns to the darker, more emotional tone of the first live action film but doesn't fail to deliver on humor (although some of it is hit and miss-- probably the result of trying to appeal to the younger crowd). Dialogue is decent. the storyline is a bit more on the sci-fi side than most fans of the old movies will be used to, but it seems secondary to the development and relationships of the characters-- a good decision on the part of the filmmakers. the plot is still interesting and fast paced, and the villains are credible.

    +ACTION/FIGHT SEQUENCES: generally well done. for me, the centerpiece of the whole movie was a climactic, rooftop fight scene in the rain. other cool sequences include a skateboarding scene, and a huge fight against a bunch of foot ninjas.

    -HUMOR: not that it was particularly bad (although michaelangelo was borderline annoying sometimes), but for me, there wasn't enough. i usually associated the turtles with humor, even in their darker pieces like the first live action film.

    -SPLINTER'S VOICE: this may be sacrilege, but Mako's voice took some getting used to. I was used to the soft-spoken whisper of past splinters. this one is harsh and grumbly. this isn't to say its bad-- it just took some getting used to.

    -CHARACTER SCREEN TIME: michaelangelo and especially donatello were hardly in the movie. there could have been more development about their characters (traditionally leo and raph are the focus, though) although they do bond well as a part of the whole group. Same goes for April. She has usually been a pivotal character in any incarnation of the franchise, but she is minor here. Hopefully there will be future films where these three characters will be explored in more depth.

    -APRIL: not only does she have little screen time, but she isn't as "strong" a character as she usually has been, and her fighting skills were kind of out of the blue. besides this, her relationship with casey was kind of flat. hopefully it will be remedied in future films, if there are any.

    -CASEY JONES: what happened to the hard-edged casey we all knew? i get that he is supposed to be more "domestic" now, but i didn't even get a hint of the old, violence-crazy vigilante.

    -VIOLENCE: i hate for this to be another "there's not enough violence in TMNT" discussion, but although there is a lot of fighting, it seems they've really tried to keep the violence to a minimum, which is understandable considering their broad market (after all, it is PG). depending on if this film is successful, i would like to see them up the darkness and violence a bit more (PG-13 would be cool)-- although even if it is successful, it probably wont happen. wishful thinking i guess.

    You will enjoy this film if you are a true old school fan or a fan of the newer cartoon. If you never really liked the turtles, you probably wont like this either. Since this is supposedly based more on the original comics, even the comic fans should enjoy it. Although it is a bit on the dark side, the PG rating is fitting, and isn't too much more violent than the Saturday morning cartoon, id imagine. it is a good action film and a good family film-- adults and non-fans shouldn't be bored. To people who balk at the idea of it being animation ("its a cartoon!") or being PG, i'd say give it a chance-- you might actually like it. like most things, if you walk in hating it, you're gonna leave hating it. but as a longtime fan of the turtles in most incarnations, this film has my seal of approval. it was pretty good, and i expect to see more.

    OVERALL: 8/10
  • Saw the preview of TMNT on the weekend and I have to say that the comments from ChimpCadet are spot on.

    I am one of the older generation of TMNT fans and I can happily say that I greatly enjoyed watching this film. Also the row of children sitting behind me did not make one noise from the start of the film to the end. Which I think is a good sign to universal appeal of this film.

    The plot ticks along at a good pace, some of the action sequence are outstanding in terms of action, animation and detail (as stated by ChimpCadet the fight in the rain is a highlight of this film).

    On the whole a great film that does well to start the franchise and spawn a sequel or two.
  • TMNT does its job: CGIs are done very nicely, the visual overhaul of the Turtles' design comes near the original comic-look and for a kiddie flick (let's face it TMNTs target audience is well below 14) it is a shade darker, cooler and grown-up than any of the other animation films hitting the Box Office right now.

    I was not sure what to expect after some of the reviews I read before seeing TMNT, but have to admit I was pleasantly surprised. Snappy one-liners and some tongue-in-cheek comments younger viewers will not get did really make this a great CGI-movie. Especially the hyper-kinetic camera work and the rather unusual scene setups were really intriguing.

    Don't listen to the "It's-not-like-the-comics"-Fanboys and dive into the turtle world, you won't regret it.
  • I went into this feature not quite knowing what to expect. I grew up with the turtles and was a huge fan of the comic book, the cartoon series (the original, of course), and the movies (only the first two). Growing up with the first two movies, I was really hoping that this one would be live-action. I will have to say though, that I was not at all disappointed in this feature.

    At the beginning of the movie, I was slightly disappointed in who the rivals were. It seemed very far fetched, even for a Ninja Turtles movie. However, about half-way through the movie, I found myself forgetting about the not-quite-so-wonderful way the story line was set up. I'm not going to give away too much, but let's just say that the feud that has existed between Leo and Raph reaches an interesting point in this movie.

    Overall, I would have to say that any turtles fan should give this film a shot. Try to not go into it with expectations set by the first two movies. Just think of this as a stand-alone movie, even though it does roughly follow the story-line set by the first two. If nothing else, the CGA is wonderful and the voice acting isn't so bad either.
  • fenixurban25 March 2007
    Okay, when I was little, I was a big Turtle fan. I had this deep, emotion connection with the show. Years later, yes, I never give it much thought. In a way, my hopes were answered when I found out this movie was coming out. One could just look at it and tell that this movie is either going to be really good or really bad.

    I was shocked.

    I'm not going to spoil anything, but I will say this. Like many, I was glad to not see Shredder. But that aside, this movie was REALLY well done. It, like many action movies, has its faults (cheesy dialog for instance), but they suit this kind of a movie and franchise. The action sequences were great and the story was compelling and moving. The characters were well developed, and of course, totally freaking awesome. I also say that it is good that the story is darker than the cartoon from the early 90's. Personally, I feel the most moving stories have to be dark.

    In short, this movie does a great job targeting audiences of all ages. Cartoony for the kids, compelling and interesting plot for the teens, and very good morals to remind the parents of what they should be teaching their kids. 9/10.
  • Greetings again from the darkness. Reinventing a once popular franchise is always a bit of a gamble since the built-in audience will be very critical to changes and building a new audience can be extremely difficult. The secret usually lies in the ability to recapture the good parts from the original and add modern touches in order to attract new viewers.

    Director Kevin Munroe delivers some witty one-liners and a couple of nice fight scenes all wrapped up in a terrific new animation style that lends itself very well to the dark side of sewers and big cities. Additionally, some complicated interaction between Leonardo and Rafael add a dimension not normally seen with the Turtles. All the necessary elements are there: the fight scenes (in keeping with the PG rating) are action packed, but with very little real violence; the bad guys are bent on world domination, even though the familiar Shredder is gone; the Turtle brothers struggle at times, but of course come together as a team when necessary; and the funny one-liners will make all ages giggle.

    The downsides are the opening stage-setting scene, which will be a bit boring and hard to follow for the youngsters and the lack of any type of catchy music for the characters. Michaelangelo remains the fun-loving one, but he and Donnatello are pretty minor characters, and a big complaint is the lack of edge to Casey Jones. Instead of a hockey mask, he should probably dress as the Sta-Puff Marshmallow Man. Still, none of that takes away from a fun film with a beautiful look.

    Voice acting is pretty well done by the likes of Chris Evans, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Patrick Stewart, Mako, Kevin Smith and Ziyi Zhang. So take the kids and if you were once a Turtle fan, you should treat yourself to the fine new version. Cowabunga!!
  • Just saw this tonight at an advance screening. Have to say it didn't really leave me disappointed, but it's certainly not harking back to the hyper violent original graphic novels that some might have hoped. It's more of a continuation of the original couple of films, so more action than violence.

    The story is a bit silly, but befitting of an animated piece. It mainly plays a back seat to the inner-turmoil between the four brothers which is the main focus of the film. Leo and Raph have the majority of the screen time with Don and Mikey taking a back seat, even to the likes of April and Casey.

    Style wise, it looks very good, with some excellent fight sequences. Although overall the film went by very very quickly. Voice Acting was good too, nice to see Patrick Stewart in the mix too.

    Basically if you liked the original movies than you'll be in for a treat. If you're one of those people that thinks they should all have red bandanas and swear all the time then this might not be exactly what you were hoping for.
  • It appears that 2007 is going to be '80's Revival Year' with both The Turtles and The Transformers making their return to the big screen. I was very sceptical of a CGI redux of the Turtles especially as a child the live action movie was a Friday night staple but I can happily say that TMNT is the best Turtles film yet and one of the most entertaining films I've seen so far this year.

    Writer/Director Kevin Munroe clearly respects what has gone before in regards to Turtles canon and has crafted an original tale that can happily satisfy both newcomers and die-hard fans who's childhood was crafted around the 4 reptilian martial artists (me!).

    The film is a semi sequel to the first Turtles film with Shredder defeated, but things have not gone well for the brothers. The Turtles are divided - Leonado has gone to S.America to hone his leadership skills at Splinter's behest, Donatello is stuck in a tech support phone in job, Michaelangelo has taken to performing at children's parties and Raphael..................well always the hot head, Raph has taken to being a solo vigilante, The Night Watcher, trying to recapture past glories but without his family's knowledge.

    However an ancient curse featuring monsters, a resurgence in the Foot Clan and a mysterious millionaire is going to be the brother's biggest challenge....if they can get past their problems with each other.

    CGI cartoons have become a staple these days with every studio and their dog producing them. TMNT however stands head and shoulders above them by being a film that both adults and kids will love. It's not a happy-go-lucky film with cute furry talking animals - there is fraternal angst as Raphael is finally fed up with following rather than leading and Leonado is forced to reasses his role as leader of the group. The scenes between the two are as dramatic as anything you'd find in a adult drama and when the two comes to blows there are serious reprecussions.

    Munroe has made certain changes though. April O'Neil is no longer a reporter but a Lara Croftesque antique dealer aided by former vigilantee and now 'live in' boyfriend Casey Jones. I expected this to be a shocking mistake but it worked mainly due to the fact that these are the characters you know and love. Casey, like Raphael is also keeping up the crime fighting despite April wanting him to grow up.

    This unique family need each other to survive and love each other no matter and have to realise that if they're not there for each other, then they are nothing.

    The voice cast is amazing with the Turtles voiced by unknowns but famous voices such as Patrick Stewart, Mako, Chris Evans and Zhang Ziyi give the film an A-list film. Even without them though, the animation is first class and at no point do you think is nothing more than a film made by people who love the Turtle brothers.

    You may find it crazy, but this in my eyes was a 5 star film. A wonderful animated film, a gripping brotherly drama and an entertaining martial arts epic. Even the Turtles new lean look worked well, something that had previously worried me, as they flip and jump through New York and battle The Foot and the ancient monsters.

    Hopefully this film will do well at the box office, as like Batman Begins the ending hints at an old nemesis returning in the sequel............and that's something I can't wait to see.
  • I would say that I am a moderate fan of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, while I absolutely loved them as a kid, after a while I felt I had outgrown them, despite still finding the idea and characters legendary. The idea of this new movie however did not really excite me when I first heard about it, I just felt they were trying to bring back a franchise that long ago died, this would basically be Turtles for a new generation. However after letting nostalgia get the better of me and starting to get quite excited over the movie after a decent trailer I went and saw the Advance Screening today. Now let me say this is the turtles we all know and loved, they've changed slightly and the movies a teensy weensy bit darker than the old TV show, but this is still the same thing basically. This is a movie that knows what it is, its a fun, action packed, comedy filled thrill ride from beginning to end, and you know what I wouldn't want it any other way. If you go in expecting faults you will find them, I did hence the reason it got 9/10 instead of 10/10. But this movie is full of inventive ideas, a surprisingly compelling plot, beautiful animation, great voice acting and just loads more. I simply loved this movie! Now then first I'll go on about the voice acting, now the voice acting was superb. All of the voice actors for the turtles are newcomers, yet they're still practically the same as the turtles we all know and love. All of the turtles are played brilliantly, especially Leonardo, who was my least favourite turtle originally, I felt the voice actor added an extra layer to him I didn't expect to find. As the humans we get Patrick Stewart in a role surprisingly unlike he usually does, Sarah Michelle Gellar who fitted perfectly into the role of Abi, Chris Evans who does a pretty decent job, hell even Kevin Smith is along for the ride in a slightly pointless but enjoyable to point him out role. The only Voice Actor I was slightly discomforted with at first was Mako as Master Splinter, he just didn't feel right to me, perhaps its because it was a different voice for Splinter, but still I didn't like him at first. He did however grow on me after time. Ziyi Xang also does a pretty good job in her role.

    Now next thing to praise has got to be the animation and the actual storyline. The animation didn't look amazing to me in the trailers, seemed too cartoony. Boy was I a fool! The animation to be blunt is simply breathtaking. It took me all of five minutes to figure that out and for the rest of the movie I just gazed in awe. My friends complained about how the humans looked, I still felt they worked perfectly in the movie. The animation of the actual city is breathtaking, and when the animation comes to a fight in the rain it looks beautiful. The plot as well is surprisingly decent. The fact Shredder wasn't the villain might upset people, I was glad as they need to movie on, but the villain and storyline here is just as good. The storyline also allows for plenty of pretty good action, this might be a PG, hence why the action isn't violent, but it doesn't prevent the action looking superb.

    Now then the negatives of the movie. Well I suppose the dialogue doesn't exactly amaze, it works perfectly fine and at times I found the dialogue was done very well, at other times it did seem a tiny bit forced. Surprisingly it wasn't the humour that was forced, that actually worked very well, but some of the tough guy action dialogue started to grate after a while. That's pretty much my only negative to be honest, I'm sure there are more, but I was having to much of a blast to notice. Overall TMNT is a great movie that will please fans of the original series and comics as well as newcomers. Its a movie to sit back, relax and enjoy, and bring your bucket of popcorn as well. The turtles are back everyone! And judging by the climax, and if this does well at the Box Office, there's more to come!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I just saw the new TMNT movie. It was the most fun I've had in a long time. TMNT was in a word, awesome, despite what you read from the critics -- and I'll briefly give my theory on why there were so many awful reviews.

    WHY THE CRITICS DIDN'T LIKE IT: The majority of the professional reviewers out there are disappointed that the movie is not in the spirit of the old silly cartoon. The movie is actually more in the spirit of the original, darker TMNT comics, but most reviewers are painfully ignorant of the other TMNT incarnations. Most refuse to go in with fresh eyes; they only compare the new movie to the old ones, which to me is a narrow-minded (incorrect) way of judging any film. Others assumed the movie was nothing but a cheap money-making shot, which I know to be false because I've seen/heard the direct talk about TMNT. This movie was made by a "hardcore" fan, for all fans of the ninja turtles. He didn't want money. He wanted to make a good TMNT movie.

    The majority of critics who don't spend their time whining that they didn't see the goofy Bebop and Rocksteady or thoughtlessly concluding that this was all about money criticized the absurdity and technical "shortcomings" of the movie. Now, when I say awful reviews, I don't just mean negative. I mean they didn't convince me one way or the other of their reasons for hating the film. It's almost like, no matter what, the review was at a loss of what to say and

    The reason is that in film analysis, the writer needs to rely a lot on clichés to get his or her point across -- this isn't "bad," it's just understandable. The point is for the reviewer to present his or her impression of the film in accessible terms. Unfortunately, TMNT makes itself difficult to define. As one of my friends who saw the film mentioned, it is almost impossible to pull out how the film fit together, because technically the director did many things "the wrong way."

    WHY MOST VIEWERS LOVED IT: But somehow, the wrong way ends up being the right way with this film. Much like the comics, TMNT's story progression is unorthodox, and technically wrong. But that's how it works. It's frustrating to analyze. No wonder there were so many negative reviews. The most honest review I've read, actually, states that TMNT is "Totally out of its freaking mind." I strongly disagree with the man's verdict that TMNT was therefore not an enjoyable film. In fact, part of what amused me most about the film, what most likely left the biggest smile on my face that lasted for hours was that I it surprised me in a very good way. I thought it would be okay at best. It was blown away at the end by how awesome it was as a whole. (I understand that not everyone thought it was super-dee-duper awesome, but the point is, you WILL be surprised.)

    The humor is, in my opinion, as enjoyable as in the first film, though not as prolific, and not as goofy overall. (for me personally, that makes the film easier to watch) Visually, the film holds fairly well. Certainly worth checking out if you're interested in animation. It doesn't give us anything new, technically... but it does show off what can be done with today's technology. The action is the best I've seen in any TMNT movie. Especially the duel between Leonardo and Raphael. This is one of the more powerful movie fights I've seen in recent years, not just in animated movies.

    WHY YOU SHOULD GO SEE IT: The director Kevin Munroe, a lifelong fan of the Ninja Turtles, had to work very hard to bring back the turtles in an honorable form. I'm truly impressed with what he managed to give us considering who and what he had to work with. The movie is strong, despite itself -- and I'm not just saying that out of cliché. It's true.

    It's also true that I didn't have a lot of faith that I'd like this movie so much. Despite being a part-time ninja turtle fan, I was extremely critical of the first-time director, the low budget, the time spent to make the film, the outlandish premise, the reviews, and even the online clips. But now I strongly want this movie to succeed, because when the credits started rolling, the first thing I could think of was how much I wanted to see the more of this.

    TMNT needs to gross at least 100 million dollars at the domestic box office to receive the green light for part two. Sadly, this movie, which didn't have much support to begin with, had little time to advertise itself to the general public. The reviews certainly are not helping.

    Do you want to have a great time at the movies? Do you want to swim in your nostalgia for the turtles, but at the same time want to see something new? Do you especially like being pleasantly surprised? Then go see TMNT in theaters.

  • AlrightGuy18 March 2007
    Warning: Spoilers
    We got to see a sneak preview yesterday and I was simply floored. It took me back to the days when my brother introduced me to the original black & white books. Outstanding effort, though not perfect.

    The animation was breathtaking, with two exceptions: The humans all looked like they came straight out of the Incredibles. And yes, at the right angle, master Splinter looks a bit like Chester Cheetah. Both are distracting, but not so much that I couldn't get past them. Fortunately the turtles are the main focus and they are simply awesome.

    I was worried that it might be too dark and scary for little kids, but my girls (4 and 5 years old) were fine. Some of the monsters looked a little scary but were cartoonish enough to keep it light. Kind of like the characters from Monsters, Inc.

    The Shredder was, thankfully, nowhere in sight. Nothing would have ruined this movie for me faster than finding out he was still alive. And the Foot Clan remains, but now must deal with being ronin, the masterless warriors. That to me is so much more interesting than the same bad guy every time.

    This movie gets dibs on the title of First Great Movie of the Summer.
  • Fourteen years after the abysmal "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III" sent our beloved heroes in a half-shell back to the sewers, "TMNT" finds the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles returning to the limelight in a completely CGI'ed reboot of the franchise.

    While the film doesn't go out of its way to ignore or necessarily acknowledge the other films, it works as both a new beginning as well as a loose sequel. Opening up with a narrative by Laurence Fishburne, a gaggle of medieval monsters are set-up as the villains as opposed to the usual Shredder and it is established that that Turtles are in shambles, with Leonardo laying low in Central America while the remaining three work menial jobs and look back at the glory days of yore. After a visit from news reporter/friend April O'Neal (voiced by Sarah Michelle Gellar) brings Leo back to the fold, the turtles spring back in action to send the beasts back to where they came from and reclaim their place as the under-appreciated guardians of Manhattan.

    The CGI here is rather good (with the human rendering being the only weak factor), but unfortunately "TMNT" feels, in essence, like one big cartoon. While it's entertaining and easy to swallow, it lacks the substance that the first film had (if you remember, that film was true to the grittier origins of the Turtles while keeping their fun-loving spirit alive as well). You can almost assume that this film was meant more for the younger crowd and less for the twenty-somethings who nowadays look back fondly on the days of not only the original movies, but the original Saturday morning cartoon and the endless onslaught of action figures and various merchandising that accompanied it as well. In turn, this reboot is about on par with "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze," and at the very least, washes away the bad taste that the third installment left in its viewer's mouths. Featuring voice work by Mako, Kevin Smith, Patrick Stewart and others, it's an entertaining but wholly forgettable affair that is no more than an 87 minute cartoon.
  • First let me start by saying I am 26 years old and have been a TMNT fan since i was a little kid. I got into the comics after and found the 2003 cartoon a great treat for the true darker origins of TMNT. This movie was the same way. This movie was the way i had envisioned a true Turtles Movie for many years now. It could have been even darker and more violent, but this was still just what i wanted. Being a TMNT fan i may be more picky about what i want from the film, but i found this to be just about perfect!!! From the animation, to the depictions of the characters, all the way to the darker feel of the story and just the whole film, this is the way the Turtles were meant to be on the big screen!!
  • grantcook21 March 2007
    Warning: Spoilers
    After 14 years and many different incarnations, the teenage mutant ninja turtles are back on the big screen and looking as good as ever.

    I saw the film as it debuted in Australia today, and being the life long turtle fan I am, I went to the very first screening.

    I feel I must point out, that even though I have given the movie a 10 I by no means believe the film to perfect, as it does have its flaws.

    The Animation is not one of them, I've seen most of the big studio released C.G.I films and nothing has really come close to how awesome the look of this film is. The lighting, and textures look extremely articulate and the skyline of NY looks damn near real.

    The Turtles and all of the humans (and monsters) inhabiting the world look great. As you can tell from my comments, the animation wasn't the flaw here.

    By now, if you are reading this you already have read the summaries, so I wont bother you by writing out again. Suffice to say, the major flaw in the new turtles movie is the story, One of the cornerstones that made the first film in this franchise so memorable was the fact that the story came (in part) from the source material. (as with the case with the new 2003 cartoon) This time around, they veer off the beaten path and try a new approach, That the turtles have broken apart as a family and no longer work together, this part of the film works a treat and really helps as feel for them and get a sense of how the loss of a goal has effected each one of the turtles.

    But then we get into the major plot of the film involving monsters and the stars aligning (stars aligning again? how many films...) and I'll give props where they are due, the intro scene to this plot is amazing, but thats basically where the magic ends, it plays kind of like an one off non-linear episode of the new cartoon series (which I like) but oddly seems out of place with the rich family story already established.

    That said, I still enjoyed the monster mash and all the action, I just kinda wish they didn't have to have such a lame evil guy to fight. When they fought the shredder in the first film, it held emotional resonance as they has history with him, when they fought Max winters and the stone soldiers, it was kinda because they were just there.

    I will see this film again, I urge you to do the same and make your own conclusions, lets face it... the fight between raph and leo is worth the price of admission alone.

    and in 14 years we finally get to hear "I love being a turtle" yet again.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Laird and Eastman's famous foursome return after a lengthy absence.

    The CGI animation they have gone for here is a huge success.

    Now Raphael, Donatello, Leonardo and Michaelangelo can be seen in full flight, using their incredible acrobatic fighting skills without the limitations of the live-action movies.

    Set a year after the death of Shredder, the turtles have gone into semi-retirement.

    Splinter has sent Leonardo to South America for leadership training, the rest have found jobs and no longer go to the surface as themselves.

    April now works as a finder of rare artifacts, she has supplied four stone statues to a wealthy businessman who needs them to put right a plan for global conquest that went horribly wrong 3,000 years ago. A plan that made him immortal but at a terrible cost to his two brothers and his sister, who commanded his army. (The films opening shows the event that occurred in the past.)

    Leonardo finally returns just as 13 powerful monsters descend on New York City. Monsters that their old foes the foot clan are searching for under the order's of the four statues which have now come to life! They are the four who were turned to stone after the same calamity that also brought the 13 monsters into our world.

    The film very much focuses on Leonardo and Raphael, who cross swords with both the foot clan and, in a key scene, with each other.

    When Master Splinter, April (who has trained to be a warrior herself)and old ally Kasey discover that Leonardo has been kidnapped by the business man and his stone warriors, they get together with his turtle brothers, determined to rescue him, re-form the team and save the city from the monster invasion.

    If your a fan of the original, you'll love this and hopefully a new generation with take it to their hearts, it deserves a wide audience.

    As Donatello says, "I love being a Turtle!"
  • kylehodgdon25 November 2009
    Let me first say that I was the biggest Ninja Turtles fan growing up. I saw the three live action films in the theaters and loved two of them (no need to point out which I did not care for).

    Going into "TMNT", I did not expect to get anything anywhere near the awesomeness of the first two live action films. I knew that this was a different movie, and I was okay with that. I knew that these turtle's were the turtles of a new generation and that is all fine and dandy; I'm cool with seeing something I love and having a new story told (see my reviews on the X- Men movies).

    No, the reason that I disliked "TMNT" was not because it was the same Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles from my childhood, but it is because this movie was very, very lame. Let's start with the plot: It was atrocious. I didn't want some fantastic explanation with space age variables. Success is mapped out with a Ninja Turtles movie and they failed miserably. It should be something simple. Someone like Shredder, Baxter Stockman, Krang, they would all work. I'm not saying that those exact characters need to be featured, but someone interesting. A random half hour episode from the 1990's cartoon has much more substance that this film ever had.

    The second major reason why this movie was so lame was because it is so kiddy. Remember seeing the original? It was a kid's movie, yet it was tough. It's really too bad kid's shows and movies are so innocent these days. I mean, kids can take a little harshness and reality. It doesn't need to be so lame. "The Brave Little Toaster" is more adult than "TMNT".

    I didn't like any characters either. Casey was dorky, April was not right, The Foot Clan and the girl they were with were pointless, Splinter did not have any of his original charm, and the turtles were just second rate knock offs of what they should have been.

    I didn't like the CGI in this movie either. It was okay, I guess, but I have seen much better.

    This movie was not something I would want my kid to watch. If they think this foolishness is cool, which it is advertised to be, then they would be dead wrong. This is stupid.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This movie was great! I have always been a fan of the old school Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle series and have had high hopes for this movie. It was what I was waiting for. A small revival of the old school adding new elements to it. For me, the biggest surprise was that April actually could fight. I haven't seen the new series because I don't feel like it. So maybe I haven't picked up the fact that she knows how to fight, or maybe it's the fact that it's the first time all of us have seen her fight. I don't know. Anyway, back to the movie itself, you can tell that some of the elements of old school rings in this movie, especially the cheesy one-liners. It made me smile every time Michaelangelo has a cheesy dialog because it reminds me of what I've seen on TV every Saturday morning from when I was a kid. Better than I expected. Don't miss this. It's better if you watch it in theaters.

    *On a side note* - At the time I watched this, there weren't very many people in the theater, but it wasn't empty either. I hope it doesn't flop because it deserves some good profits for its great achievement.
  • For years i have been waiting for the TMNT series to take on this persona. Finally the turtles are full fledged ninjas with immense fight scenes never before seen. Thanks To CGI the turtles were able to do what actors in rubber foam suits can't. It also contains astounding graphics that regular animation can't deliver. The film gives the series and edgy darkness that brings true excitement into the movie, i would still recommend children going. But when it comes to a 19 year old whose been a fan since his child hood, prepare your pants cause it truly is a wet dream of a movie. I can only pray for a sequel! So please go see it if not just for the animation which is AMAZING! It truly shows that CGI is the future of film
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Needless to say this film is overdue. After the woeful effort that was Turtles in Time, the animated series that emerged in recent years saw a rejuvenation of the once popular franchise. All we needed was a film. Shot entirely in CGI, TMNT is a great example of why we should still care about the heroes in a half shell. Gone is arch nemesis Shredder, replaced with a brand new enemy. Four immortal warriors made of stone, led by powerful business man Max Winters (Patrick Stewart) are roaming the streets hunting down ancient monsters for their own gain. The back story isn't overcomplicated by writer/director Kevin Munroe who keeps the plot simple and the action high octane. As usual, Leo and Raph aren't seeing eye to eye which leads to a stunning battle between the two on the rooftops of Manhattan as the rain beats down. Old friends are back to, with the return of April O'Neil (Sarah Michelle Gellar) and hapless vigilante Casey Jones (Chris Evans). The decision to shoot in CGI pays off as Munroe uses it to his advantage to use shots that would have been very difficult in real life. Also, the film looks amazing and also manages to have a dark element to it, much like the recent animated series. The film is packed with humour and one liners, and although a kids film still has enough in it to keep older fans happy. The hint of a sequel within the film is promising as hopefully this will be the beginning of a new series.
  • Sky_Rider18 March 2007
    Warning: Spoilers
    I watched this at an advanced preview, I thought it was Brill. the voice acting was really well done (SMG and Chris Evans surpassed my expectations, they were pretty good). Standout performances were Patrick Stewart (as always), Mako and Zhang Ziyi.

    It's got quite a few inside jokes (one suggesting that Splinter watches Gilmore Girls religiously cracked me up, as well as Donatello's 'new' job). Apart from the more subtle jokes, the humour was pretty hit and miss but the jokes weren't a major part of the film.

    The animation was pretty good, not realistic to a FFAC thing but the style of animation used worked well. The fight scenes were surprisingly well done for a PG (SPOILERS!!!! My favourite fight scenes were the turtles Splinter, April and Casey versus the foot ninjas and Rapheal Versus Leonardo).

    It was a blast to watch, I'd easily recommend it.
  • I really had a pleasant time watching this movie: the graphics and animation were great!, and the story is totally captivating as a superhero tale. The fight scenes are absolutely well obtained and i loved the facial expression of the human; they were quite original, the girls (April and Karai) looked beautiful; it's like a combination between anime faces and traditional cartoon characters!. The only thing that a didn't like of the movie was the fact that the thirteen monsters capture is shown too confusing, i would have prefer that they took more time on each monster so i could have seen more every one, its strength, behavior, powers and weak points, as on any villain that you usually see in comics. But besides that this is a good animated film. This fourth movie of the teenage mutant ninja turtles is maybe the best of all, totally computer animated but excellent in its script

    ABOUT THE MOVIE: The story is about the ultimate enemy of this mutant turtles, who started 3000 years ago, where an extremely trained army of soldiers witnessed an alignment of starts that opened a gate to other dimension; this gate gave immortality to the leader of the army and also released thirteen immortal monsters that started to make some damages since that time, and turned to stone the rest of the great army. In the present times, the group of turtles was somewhat split, with Leonardo training in Southamerica, Raphael being a new type of hero as the night watcher, Michaellangelo working as party clown with a big turtle mask and Donatello being a 24 hour online assistant of some software company. Immediately when Leonardo returned from training and while he was having some differences with his brother Raphael, some monsters started to appear in town; while fighting these monsters they also met a group of expert ninjas leaded by Karai, who followed orders from a powerful and wealthy man, Max Winters. April O'Neal as archaeologist and well trained in martial arts, and her friend Casey Jones helped the turtles in these weird challenge as the ancient army of stone was returning also to live.

    7/10! Good film and nice work of Kevin Munroe.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    It's good to see TMNT's back on big screen and I was very excited about it! (Almost) everything was great: CGI, action sequences, darkness of the story/design and the story wasn't that bad at all.. except some part. This is probably a bias comment, cause Leonardo is my favorite.

    At the end of the movie I've got the feeling that Raphael was (becoming) the leader of TMNT. He led his brothers and the rest of the gang to rescue Leonardo. I started to 'dislike' the movie AFTER Raphael defeated Leonardo. The chase scene over NY and the fight scene on the rooftop were amazing. It doesn't bothered me to see Raphael kicked Leonardo's ass on a one-on-one battle. I admit it, Raphael is the better fighter and the strongest among these four turtles. After all Leonardo is (still!) the leader, while Raphael is the rebel, Donatello is the brain and Michaelangelo is the comic of TMNT.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    At first I was little skeptical to see this movie. The only reason why is because it was going to be animated and not live action. But I finally got over it, and watched from the first minute to the last. I couldn't help but laugh at all the great jokes that were said. Michelangelo is still as funny as I remember. The turtles made it worth my while to get up early on Saturday morning when I was younger.

    But there were a select things that bothered me little bit.

    Don't get me wrong, I love the guys, but I thought that Leo and Raph got too much screen time. As well as April and Casey.

    Speaking of Casey, what was up with him. I remember him being a hardcore son-of-gun. Now he is a whipped boyfriend.

    Now with those flaws aside, I thought that this was good family-fun!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, long known from their underground comic and later three movie releases, return for a full CGI release. After the disastrous third movie it was believed by many that the series was at an end as far as movies were concerned. Well, that has proved not to be true. TMNT has shown that there is still life out there for the turtles.

    TMNT starts off with an unusual premise. Lenoardo (James Arnold Tylor), has been sent to Central America by Splinter (Mako) in order to learn more of the ways of a true leader. However, his stay continues much longer then anticipated and even the arrival of April O'Neil (Sarah Michelle Gellar) can't bring him back to New York. Leonardo is convinced that he is not the leader Splinter wants him to be and so remains in hiding even though the brothers back home have fallen into a slow decline of moral and direction.

    April's business in Central America soon brings a new threat to New York and the rest of the world. Billionaire Max Winters (Patrick Stewart) is intent in bringing back four strange and unique statues of an ancient civilization back to New York City. What April doesn't realize is that Winters himself is a 3,000 year old immortal warrior who, in an attempt to conquer the world, opened up a portal that not only froze his siblings into the statues he now seeks but also released 13 aliens into the world. Winters has been waiting for to end his own immortality and release his siblings from the prison he placed them in so long ago. The portal itself can only be opened up every 3,000 years and now Winters has his chance to end what he started so long ago.

    Lenoardo returns in time to find that the siblings of Winters have returned to life even though they remain statues. The turtles soon not only face the generals (as the statues are called) but also the aliens Winters seeks along with the Foot Clan which is now led by a mysterious Karai (Ziyi Zhang). The help of April and Casey Jones (Chris Evans) unites the turtles and allows them to win perhaps their most important victory. Winters is free from his immortality and his siblings, who attempted to betray their elder brother and conquer the world themselves, are defeated.

    The only problem that I had with TNMT was the constant feel that I was watching a Saturday morning cartoon. The CGI seemed little better then something one would see on a television channel show which is disappointing. The conflict between Leonardo and Raphael (Nolan North) is predictable and adds little to the overall story. The idea of April herself fighting with the turtles seems somewhat strange if one remembers her past role in the series as a reporter and nothing else.

    In the end TMNT is still a movie that long time fans, such as myself, and newer fans will enjoy. Hopefully we will see more of the turtles in the future.

  • You've probably been hearing comments of how stunning the animation was. And every last one of those comments are right. It is obvious how much care and attention was put into the look of this film. Everything from the New York City environment to the Turtles themselves looked absolutely fantastic.

    The story was sort of a mixed bag. I liked the struggle between the Turtles and how Leonardo is trying his hardest to get the team back together with Raphael trying to pull away. Everything else, however, could've been a little better. There doesn't really seem to be any level of suspense here, save for a fight between two main characters (which looks phenomenal, I might add). I also would've liked to have seen a bit more screen time for Donatello, who always seems to be pushed to the side. And there were some jokes here and there that might make you cringe, most of them involving Michelangelo. But this is still an enjoyable flick for everyone to watch, even if you're not a Turtle fan. It's worth seeing for the animation alone.
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