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  • Once I pulled my jaw back up off the floor after reading in IMDb that this turn of the century turkey was nominated for Best Video of the year by that sterling outfit "AVN", I set about writing a brief review for posterity. It doesn't deserve a full treatment, as Michael Raven, awarding himself five credits, turned in dreck to Sin City this time.

    Even the title is off, as instead of Alice pursuing a white rabbit Raven and his usually more astute scripter George Kaplan have her following a dwarf wearing a top hat. He's not the Mad Hatter, that role goes to a full-size actor.

    One of porn's least-talented actresses (of all time) Sunset Thomas is miscast as Alice, here called Allison. Her non-adventures executed on cheap sets show no visual or intellectual imagination, just silly excuses for explicit filler sex. Raven has at his command quite a lot of alluring talent, including personal favorites of mine like Julie Meadows, Inari Vachs, Gina Ryder and Mia Smiles (not to mention big names like Jill Kelly and Nina Hartley) and wastes them all. The only good thing to be said about this loser is that it wraps up in under 80 minutes. Nowadays one of the "visionaries" currently following in the footsteps of such former icons as Raven, Ninn or Blake would likely inflict four hours of crap on the lowly Adult Cinema fans.