[title card]

title card: Between 1945 and 1962 the United States conducted 331 atmospheric nuclear test. Today, the government still denies the genetic effects caused by the radioactive fallout...

[while searching for baby Catherine, Doug encounters Big Brain]

Doug Bukowski: Where's my daughter?

Big Brain: [wheezing] I don't know where she is, I never leave this place. Your people asked our families to leave the towns, and you destroyed our homes. We went into the mines, you set off your bombs, and turned everything to ashes. You made us what we've become. Boom! Boom! Boom!


Doug Bukowski: What's so funny?

Big Brain: It's breakfast time!

[Suddenly Pluto breaks through the door with an axe and swings it at Doug]

Doug Bukowski: Ninety-seven percent of nation wide coverage, and we get stuck in the three percent.

Small Deformed Child: Mister, will you play with us?

Big Bob: Bobby, leave Doug alone. He's a democrat. He doesn't believe in guns.

Gas Station Attendant: [screams in anguish to the mutants] I told ya it's over! You're on your own now! I... I...

[starts to break down]

Gas Station Attendant: I'm sorry, I can't do this anymore.

Lynn: What I'd give for a hot shower and a cold margarita.

Brenda Carter: [chiming in] The beach...

Lynn: A massage...

Ethel: I'll take a real bed.

Brenda Carter: [slyly] The chronic.

Lynn: [laughs] Brenda!

Ethel: What?

Lynn: [still laughing] The chronic... it's pot, Mom.

Ethel: [stares at her daughters, horrified and displeased]

Big Brain: [over walkie-talkie] Lizard. Kill the baby.

Ethel: [Doug and Big Bob are about to go and look for help] I think that we should pray before you go.

Brenda Carter: Aw, Mom!

Ethel: Brenda, is it really so much to ask?

Brenda Carter: Yes.

Big Bob: [firmly, to Brenda] C'mon.

Brenda Carter: [sighs, rising from her chair] Thank God no one's watching us.

Doug Bukowski: Bobby! Bobby, where you going?

Bobby Carter: Fucking kill those motherfuckers!

Brenda Carter: [Papa Jupiter has just been impaled in an explosion, but he is not fully dead. Brenda comes charging out of nowhere with a pick-axe and slams it into the mutants head - killing him] Fucker!

Bobby Carter: [to Lynn, after scaring her] Could you get me a Twinkie?

Lynn: No!

Bobby Carter: [groans in dismay]

Lynn: Hey B.

Brenda Carter: Hey.

Lynn: How you holding up?

Brenda Carter: [sarcastically] I am thrilled.

Lynn: [laughing] Yeah, this is a total drag.

Brenda Carter: [snidely] Yeah, well, you know, I really don't care what they say. Next year, I am going to Cancun with my friends. Not going on any more of their lame family trips.

Lynn: Well, we're not not gonna have many more of them, you know. And if you want to go to Cancun, you know you're gonna have to get a job.

Brenda Carter: Oh, what you mean like your job?

Lynn: [firmly] Brenda. I help Doug out at the store, okay?

Brenda Carter: [leaning back in her chair, disbelieving] Ah.

Doug Bukowski: [off-camera] Honey? Can you bring me my jacket?

Brenda Carter: [mimicking Lynn] I'll be right there, honey.

Lynn: [gets up and walks away, smirking and flipping Brenda the middle finger]

Brenda Carter: [laughs]

Lizard: [to Pluto, referring to Brenda] You gotta be a man to do that.

Doug Bukowski: [to Big Brain, threatening him with a baseball bat] Give me back my baby!

[last lines]

Brenda Carter: Come on, let's get out of here.

[notices Doug]

Brenda Carter: Oh, my God! Look, Bobby!

[first lines]

Gas Station Attendant: Ruby, is that you?