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  • I saw this movie today (opened yesterday here) and was simply delighted.

    I saw a review that said something to the effect that the reviewer thought this would be just another teen movie, but then found it was based on Shakespeare's Twelfth Night ... and then started trying to justify liking this flick on Shakespearean grounds. I really think this is going way overboard: the only connections I could see with Twelfth Night are (a) the basic conceit of a girl masquerading as a man; (b) the extensive male-female humor arising out of that basic conceit; and (c) some of the names (including Viola & Duke).

    Aside from those names, the thematic commonalties (a & b) are really great themes for any script, and this movie's script is no exception. Beyond that, though, this really is a simply delightful and very contemporary/traditional teen flick. And that's a perfectly legit genre even if highbrows have to find an excuse to like it ... like alluding to Shakespeare.

    The movie is bright, fast-paced, emotive, stylized, funny ... full of teen hormones and teen humor and male/female humor suitable for all ages. And that's really the best part IMHO: really just about every male stereotype and every female stereotype is depicted in roundly appealing over-the-top fun. Those stereotypes are parodied relentlessly but affectionately, with such a complexity of invention that I'm still a little bewildered ... but really don't feel at all disappointed in that regard, it's not that kind of a movie: things come at you fast and fun and you get a laugh and a groan and then move on to the next split-second happening.

    Amanda Bynes really is just delightful as Viola / Sebastian; Channing Tatum makes a wonderful Duke; David Cross does a wonderfully over the top Principal Gold. All of the acting and characterizations were fine and on target. Cinematography was excellent.

    Wonderful entertainment from beginning to end ... check it out!
  • I just took my 11 year old daughter and 8 year old son to this movie and I can't remember a movie where I laughed SO hard -- literal out loud, deep bursts of laughter because this movie is hilarious. Granted the story line is predictable but the ride is so extremely enjoyable it doesn't matter that you know how it's going to end. The actors' comedic senses of timing were impeccable. The actors were perfectly cast. My children mentioned that Amanda Bynes seems to be the last of the young women actresses who aren't ruining their lives. She is so refreshing. My children said this is now their favorite movie of 2006. Our money was well spent on this movie.
  • I have to be honest, I really had a good time watching She's the Man. Despite it being a typical teenage comedy or if you will the switching of the sexes movie, it had some pretty decent laughs that I think anyone could get. Adults and teens alike would over all enjoy this movie.

    Amanda Bynes is your typical rebellious teen who dresses and acts like a guy, and when she is turned down to try out for the boy's soccer team, she decides to take over her brother's appearance to prove herself worthy of being on the boy's soccer team. Of course, love shows itself when she meets another guy who thinks she's her brother. She also has a girl who is chasing after her. Well, the tag line says it all.

    This is a fun little teen drama that I think will be remembered for a while. Amanda Bynes did prove something in the film, it's really hard to really act like a guy. :D Well, it's true!

  • She's The Man was everything I wanted it to be and maybe even a little more. I love the teen type "chick flick" films and I knew this one would be great!! In the same vein as 10 Things I Hate About You (one of my all time faves) She's The Man is a unique, well written, very well performed comedy with some of the funniest lines, and physical comedy I have seen in a long time. It's probably the funniest movie I've seen this year (with the exception of the hilarious Pink Panther.) But She's The Man is actually a more intellectual funny and most of the humor relies on the witty script, "Three's Company" style story of mistaken identities, and mixed messages, and the cast.

    Amanda Bynes is a star!! Even since the days of the horribly campy (yet strangely entertaining "The Amanda Show", she has shown a brilliant talent for comedy. She's probably one of the most talented comediennes out there. Her style of physical comedy, impersonations, and witty dialect makes her hilarious. Previously her big screen debut (where she was the star) was the rather hilarious and well made "What A Girl Wants." If that wasn't her break out vehicle than She's The Man takes care of that hands down. Bynes is really the ultimate girl next door. It's a shame she doesn't do more big screen work because she could be the next "It" girl. She is the All American, cute, down to earth, bubbly teen (although she's twenty now) and whether or not she'll be able to carry her talent and style over to being an adult actor will remain to be seen. But for the purpose of this film she is perfect!! She actually legitimately pulls off the rather outlandish plot of her impersonating her twin brother and makes it believable. Not entirely...but believable enough. Most of the script relies on the comedy of her errors trying to be a guy but it's just hilarious, non stop laughs. Channing Tatum redeems himself from his deplorable performance in 2005's "Havoc" by plays Duke. He's the jock, the captain of the soccer team, and eventually Bynes' object of affection, unfortunately he's also Sebastian's room mate (who is Bynes.) He's a good leading man, and the chemistry is perfect between them. Laura Ramsey is Olivia, who happens to be attracted to Sebastian (who again is Bynes.) She does good as well although her part is small and she doesn't really effect the rest of the cast one way or another. James Kirk is great in his small role as the real Sebastian. His resemblance to Amanda Bynes is astonishing...they are absolutely believable as twins and further more, from a distance you could understand someone believing Bynes is Sebastian. The rest of the cast all fit in there somewhere and their roles range from brief to more supporting but essentially they are all supporting the story between Bynes and Tatum but everyone is more or less supporting Bynes terrific performance. She easily carries the film with no hesitations and makes it worth while.

    This is one of those films that shows so much in the trailer and yet it's not one of those films that when that part comes up it's not funny anymore. The parts in the trailer that make you laugh are even more hilarious in the actual film. Relative newcomer director Andy Fickman does such an incredible job on this film. He weaves together a potentially complicated storyline and makes it flow naturally and makes everything fall together. The story which is loosely based off of Shakespeares Twelfth Night but it's remarkable how much they managed to translate over to this modern day film. It's seemingly completely off the wall but more exact to the classic comedy than you'd think. There isn't too much to say about a downside except that the last half hour drags a little and also becomes a might predictable but it doesn't change the hilarity of the first half of the film. Nonetheless you'll be laughing to tears and it's one of the funniest films in the theater right now hands down!!! 9/10
  • Now I would just like to say that I love this movie for what it is. Namely, a smart and hilarious teen flick that is at its best when its staying with "the funny", and completely sappy and or cheesy when it attempts anything else. "She's the Man" had solid comedic acting from Amanda. She has really grown as a comedian, and I look forward to seeing her in future roles. The film also had enough pretty people to make the setting nothing like any normal person's high school. I don't know else I can say other than this movie made me laugh way too loud, even for a movie theater, and I had to stifle my chocking laughter numerous times with my coat. i highly recommend this movie to anyone in need of a few laughs and some mindless dialog
  • Nugen1010 March 2006
    I got a chance to see this movie at an early screening in Brea and I have been crazy for it ever since. The film is based on Shakespeare's Twelfth Night which I have read and loved and seen on stage a few times so I certainly liked the references. But whether you like Shakespeare or not it won't matter - the movie stands on it's on. It is super funny, witty and charming. Amanda Bynes is hilarious and so was David Cross. Actually the whole cast is great - I just happen to be a huge David Cross fanatic. The cast is hot and the soundtrack kicks lots of cool bands and a few I hadn't heard before but I know they have a CD coming out so I will definitely buy it. Everyone in our audience laughed from start to finish - all age groups. !!!!
  • I thought this movie was absolutely hilarious. I already knew it was going to be a funny movie, but it was funnier than I expected. Sure there were some lame jokes, but they cracked me up. I thought the actors were going to turn out to be pretty bad, but the actors were good in acting out this comedy. I have to give kudos to Amanda Bynes, she looked surprisingly like her brother and pulled off an awesome performance as a boy. As for the other actors, they were funny as well. Of course there were moments where you yell at the screen "how can you not tell?", but that's all part of the fun. In the end the plot turned out pretty well. There's a happy ending, but what'd you expect.

    Overall,just hilarious.
  • Though I hate to admit it, Karen McCullah Lutz and Kirsten Smith have scored again. "She's the Man" is a ridiculous but ultimately entertaining teen movie which takes the gender-bending action of Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night" and drops it in the middle of a modern-day American boarding school. The premise should sound familiar because screenwriters Lutz and Smith also penned "10 Things I Hate About You," another twist on Shakespeare, starring the likes of Julia Styles and Academy Award nominee Heath Ledger (before he was an Academy Award nominee).

    It's more of the same, of course, but seeing Shakespeare's work go Hollywood, and, thus, be ripped to shreds, continues to amuse. "She's the Man" also focuses on a decidedly less bitter heroine than the shrew, Katarina, played in 1999 by a very stilted Styles. If that makes the film less witty, who cares? Not half of this film's target audience, who came mostly to see Channing Tatum with his shirt off.

    Like Kat in "10 Things," Viola (Amanda Bynes) is a tomboy and a soccer star on the women's team at Cornwall Prep. Her life is soccer, which becomes a problem when her school cuts the women from the sports program. Better than most of the boys, Viola wants to suit up with them but is snubbed by both the coach and the team's captain – her boyfriend. So it's "end of discussion … end of relationship." Viola hatches a plan to pursue her sporting dreams at rival school Illyria, where her twin brother has just enrolled. Twin brother, Sebastian, is skipping off to England for two weeks and nobody at Illyria has ever met him.

    If you missed the set up, read "Twelfth Night." It's pretty obvious what happens from here. Viola disguises herself as her brother and moves into the dorms where she meets her roommate and fellow soccer player Duke (Channing Tatum). She begins to gear up for Illyria's season opener against Cornwall and has to navigate a complicated love-triangle, in addition to other challenges like taking a shower alongside her male teammates, without them finding out about her girl parts.

    In reality, nobody who looks like Bynes could get away with impersonating a 17 year-old male. Viola is too pretty to be a boy; in other words, dressed as her brother, she makes Orlando Bloom look like a frost-bitten lumberjack. This fantasy aspect doesn't detract from the film, though. Viola puts on her wig and fake sideburns and, suddenly, she's the most socially awkward nerd-boy you've ever seen. Suspension of disbelief works.

    The Sebastian disguise doesn't have to be convincing. What matters is that all the other characters are oblivious to facts that are obvious to the audience. The laughs come from seeing Viola get away with a ridiculous scam. In one scene, Duke and fake Sebastian hug each other, but Viola slips out of character and gets a little too friendly. It's not that homoeroticism or homophobia are inherently funny, it's the knowledge that Duke is disturbed by being frisked by someone who is actually a girl that makes us laugh.

    Other than that, "She's the Man" offers audiences the simple pleasure of Amanda Bynes who seems to be a natural in comedic roles. Her Sebastian/Viola is definitely a caricature but it's a perfectly illustrated one. From her mixed-up half southern, half Canadian drawl (her misguided version of the typical teen boy cadence), to her crotch grabbing and Eminem-like posturing, Bynes has a lot of fun and, as a result, the jokes land.

    It's a teen movie, so the ending is typical and cheesy. While sister film "10 Things I Hate About You" had a wild feminist streak in it and touched on somewhat weighty issues, such as the pressure to have sex, "She's the Man" lacks a serious undercurrent. But this is probably a good thing. "10 Things" was, at times, too earnest and moralizing. "She's the Man" doesn't pretend to be more important than it is. It'll earn a spot on the shelf, in between "Bend It Like Beckham" and "Legally Blonde." (And, like Reese, maybe Bynes will win an Oscar in 10 years. Anything is possible – just look at how "Crash" won Best Film.)

    Copyright (c) 2006 by Lauren Simpson
  • This film is full of charming situations and healthy young people easy on the eyes, whether they are wearing clothes or not. The strong superstructure of its plot is upheld by the art of Shakespeare. As Joseph Papp discovered back in the 1950s in Central Park, Shakespeare's plots can be adapted to the manners and customs of the present. And, so the classic tales of cross-dressing and other mischief found in such lighthearted comedies such as Twelfth Night and A Midsummer Night's Eve and As You Like It are used to good effect in this film. All the young actors and actresses do a good job of advancing the plot with their blocking and dialog and costumes. And the idea of a soccer game to bring things to a climax reminds me of Bend It Like Beckham, another charming coming of age movie.
  • This movie is a great movie, however it is, as most movie highly predictable. The greatest highlight of the movie of course is the star character Amanda Bynes, who is absolutely gorgeous and hilarious. She is one of very few people in this world who can use all 53 muscles in her face to make the most strangest and gut-busting faces ever made. It's good for the kids, and contains upper male nudity and suggestive nudity towards the end. All in all, they did a good job updating an old classic, and deserves to rest on the movie stand along with O and 10 Things I Hate About You. The other actors also do a swell job, in many of their first time debuts.
  • Viola Johnson (Amanda Bynes) enters a prestigious boarding school disguised as her brother, so that he can run off to London to become a musician. Unfortunately, she immediately falls for her male roommate, who already has a crush on a girl who now has a crush on the male version of Viola.

    Combining the story of "Just One of the Guys" and Shakespeare's The Twelfth Night may sound like a recipe for disaster but She's the Man is a funny, charming and cheesy movie. The original trailer looked really lame yet the film turned out to be quite enjoyable. The story is clearly nothing new but it still works fine. The fact that the screenplay is written by Karen McCullah Lutz explains everything. She's good for harmless, fun films like She's the Man, Legally Blonde and Ella Enchanted. Andy Fickman does a decent job as the director. He never lets the film become too serious or else it would ruin the movie's appeal. He does overload on a few lame jokes though. That was the major problem I had with this film. Some of the jokes just fell flat while others were just incredibly cheesy, even for this film.

    The acting was good for this type of movie and most of the actors were enjoyable to watch on screen. Amanda Bynes is full of charm as Viola. It was very hard to actually hate her and she's a much better actress than Hilary Duff. Channing Tatum was not as strong as Amanda. His performance was okay, sometimes his reactions were a little fake. Laura Ramsey plays Olivia and she gives a decent performance. Alex Breckenridge gives a pretty good performance as Monique. Her character was pretty interesting and she had decent chemistry with Amanda. The rest of the supporting actors are good except for David Cross. He plays the school principal and his performance was not funny at all.

    If you do give She's the Man a shot then keep in mind that the entire film is highly unrealistic. I was reading some of the posts here and a few people are bashing the film for that. While the movie is pretty entertaining, it's also easily forgettable. It was a fun way to spend 100 minutes but it won't stay in your memory for long. It's also not just a chick flick and a guy could also like the movie. In the end, She's the Man is worth checking out whether that be in the theaters or on video. Rating 7/10
  • Warning: Spoilers
    At first, I honestly thought it would be a corny movie. But after seeing this, I was quite surprised. Amanda Bynes was convincingly funny along with the supporting cast (Especially that character played by "Bullet tooth Tony" from Snatch. What a contrasting role between those two movies!). Now, i'm not one to say whether or not an actor is good or not, but her act, especially, was thoroughly enjoyable. Even though the plot devolved into a teeny-bopper love triangle (though very funny) half-way into the movie, I feel that this shouldn't discount, what I think, the movie really is: simply entertaining. So if you happen to stumble upon it, whether by DVD or theater, i'm confident that you'll enjoy.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I saw this film at a special screening. At first I thought the movie would be like a typical Amanda Bynes movie, but I was wrong. The movie is based on the Shakespeares book "The Twelth Night" This movie tells the story of a girl who lives to play soccer. Well when the girls team is cut she has to go to great lengths to get on the guys team at a different school to get revenge on the egotistical guys team at her old school. On her way she gets caught up in a long tangled web of love, lies, and deception. This movie is this years Mean Girls. I think it shows some great new actors abilities and there are defiantly some big stars to be featured in this movie.
  • I went into this film not expecting much, so in that respect, I wasn't disappointed, but even then, I can't believe how dire this film really is. Amanda Bynes as the cross-dressing Viola/Sebastian takes every opportunity to mug for the camera, and reinforce the gender stereotypes that always plague such teen comedies. It's so full of over-exaggerated types, that it seems like the filmmakers took a teen comedy proforma and just ticked the boxes: spunky/pretty/feisty girl? Check. Spunky but dumb athletic jock boy? Check. Ditzy frou-frou mom? Check. Gay best friend/hairdresser needed for makeover? Check. Beautiful but unattainable girl who really is shy? Check. I could go on. What's most disappointing is that this film had a real chance to say something, albeit through comedy, about gender roles, cross-dressing and even sexual attraction, but backed away quickly whenever it got close. The concept of same-sex attraction isn't explored at all in the film: when Duke finds himself attracted to 'Sebastian'; he just says it'd be 'weird'. I'm just giving it 2: one for the all the scenes where Channing Tatum and his hot friends are topless, and one because you can't really muck up Shakespeare that much.
  • When the Cornwall school cancels the women's soccer team, the player Viola (Amanda Bynes) is absolutely disappointed since the sport is her passion. Then her twin brother Sebastian (James Kirk) skips class to travel to London to play his songs and Viola disguises herself as if she was Sebastian to join the Illirya soccer team. Viola falls in love for her roommate Duke (Channing Tatum) that has a crush on Olivia Lennox (Laura Ramsey) that feels attracted by the sensitive Sebastian (indeed Viola) that is chased by his girlfriend Monique (Alex Breckenridge). Out of the blue, the real Sebastian anticipates his return from London and he is not aware of the situation and has to play soccer game against Cornwall.

    "He's the Man" is a funny and entertaining comedy with a predictable story similar to the 1985 "Just One of the Guys". The cute Amanda Bynes does not look like a boy but her performance is pleasant. My vote is six.

    Title (Brazil): "Ela é o Cara" ("She is the Guy")
  • While on spring break my mom, dad, 9 year old brother and I went to see She's the Man. Being a teenage girl I could not wait for this movie for many reasons. Reason 1: Amanda Bynes is my hero. 2: It has soccer in it. 3: Looks really funny 4: Boarding School 5: Guys soccer 6: Channing Tatum with out a shirt. Typical, but very good reasons. We got to the theater and of course my dad was being grumpy and complaining about the previews and how we wouldn't be out of the movie until after dinner. Continuing with his current mood, 25 minutes into the movie my dad turned to the rest of us and said, "You guys owe me big time." But, he was laughing so hard sometimes that he was slapping the arm rest in the theater. If this movie can make a 45 year old man laugh it's way worth seeing.
  • This movie is about Viola (Amanda Bynes) and her quest to beat her school Cornwell boys team after they kicked the girls team out. So she goes to the rival school Illaria and joins the boys team, in doing so she falls for Duke (Channing Tatum) who thinks shes a guy and likes Olivia (Laura Ramsey) who likes Viola as a her brother.

    I was in a version of the 12th night play and the beginning was very modern. So I knew the play well. I was very exited about seeing this movie and when I saw it it exceeded my expectations. It kept a lot of my favorite lines and I could see big connections to the play. Though it was like the play it was not as complicated. It was also more of a chick flick than I expected but it was good. It was very funny. It pulls you into a whole bunch of crazy love stories and lies. You saw how viola (Amanda Bynes) thought wrongly about what guys thought and her complications in living in a guys world. You also see her room-mate, Duke's(Channing Tatum), impression of this. I really liked seeing the characters being portrayed in a modern way. It also tells the modern theme "Follow your dreams" but this time it has a twist. I think this movie was a great movie about a girl who loved soccer and stuck up for herself and her family and her dreams. I think this movie will be the big break for many raising stars.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I think a person would be well-advised to read or see (I favour reading) "Twelfth Night" before seeing, or re-seeing "She's The Man". The movie is good on its' own, but comparing the two, and looking for the in-jokes makes it a lot more fun. Shakespeare was inspired by others. I think he'd give a thumbs-up.

    Harld Bloom said in "Shakespeare, The Invention of the Human", that most of the people in "Twelfth Night" need to be locked up. Malvolio, the person Malcolm is based on, is-for no good reason. People in "She's The Man" are sane in contrast. For instance, Duke Orsino is far more leval than the Duke of Orsino. He also shows that a man can have feelings without being gay. He displays a lot of self-control.

    It's a teen comedy (a clean one), so it doesn't have the dark edges of the play. For instance Olivia in the play is mourning the death of her brother. In the movie, she has been dumped.

    If you like Sir Andrew and Sir Toby in the play, they don't have the same attention in the movie.

    The in-jokes are quite often quick. The hairdresser Pauls' last name is given once. It is Antonio. Lots of people who've read the play say that Antonio has more love for a man than is just friendship. Deep love between men was noted in those days. Some see a sexual side to it-homosexuality was illegal.

    The only line from the play I caught is where Duke Orsino quotes the coach on greatness during the soccar game. In the play, it is said by Malvolio, quoting Maria).
  • I thought this movie was so funny! I loved how it was set into a teens life and I loved the actors. As well as funny, I thought it really did have a lot of meaning to it and I would see it over and over again! Viola is twin sister to her brother, Sebastian. Viola loves to play soccer but, her girls soccer team get's cut because not enough girls signed up, the boy's team won't let her in because they think she's not good enough. Turns out, Sebastian is going to skip school for 2 weeks to go to London for a band concert which he so passionately loves, but what is he going to do about school? Viola is there to help, she disguises herself as her twin brother, Sebastian, she then goes to the school and tries out for the soccer team so she can prove that she is a great soccer player just like any other guy!

    I absolutely loved this movie and I hope you enjoy it too!
  • Ignoring the fact that the movie is unrealistic and a little cheesy, you will love it! I was already a big Amanda Bynes fan, but this movie definitely made me like her even more. If you enjoy subtle or dry humor, she may not be the comedian for you, but she pulls off over the top humor like that of Jim Carey, Lucille Balle, and Mary Tyler Moore. You may know some predictable jokes are forth coming, but you will be surprised at how they are pulled off and what original jokes are presented. If you are quick to judge a movie, i have to warn you that the first 20 minutes have all the qualities of a straight to television tween movie, but as the plot thickens so does the movie and humor. As you watch the movie, you can actually feel the awkwardness that develops as Amanda Bynes character "Sebastian" begins to fall for her male roommate. The humor within the background characters such as Eunice, Malcolm, and Principal Gold is down right silly, but in a hilarious way that makes them stand out. She's the Man won't be winning any Oscars, but that didn't stop me from buying it on DVD the day it was released. It has become my favorite comedy without using the obscenity that Will Ferrel, Ben Stiller and others like them often need to make their movies funny. With the exception of sexual innuendos, it is a fun movie that i think your entire family can enjoy!
  • OK, now at first i thought this was going to be another cheesy romantic comedy, which held back on the comedy but this wasn't. I mean how could it have been with the fabulous Amanda Bynes staring in it! She was amazing, really funny & is still stunning! The boys in it were also extremely fit, one major reason for going girls! The plot is strongly based upon the Shakespeare play 'Twelfth Night', as it was extremely similar, there was even a spider called malvolio, which belonged to the malvolio like character. The script was really well written and pulled together and it was very witty. The football skills in it were also amazing, it even made me think of playing football myself! Anyway, to sum it up this is a light hearted film about young romance, which gets very confusing! Go and see it!
  • This movie was really great! I went with my boyfriend (we are both 20) and he loved it just as much as I did. Amanda bynes who if you don't follow her work has been working since she was very young and got her big break on nickelodeon. Now Amanda stars in the WB comedy series "What I like About You". Amanda is hysterically funny in this movie, as is the rest of the cast. The way she depicts a teenage "all-american" guy is right on target! I would def take your tweens/teens to see this, and parents would have a great laugh too! I feel they got the teen life right on target...usually in teen comedy roles are extremely EXAGGERATED! Def worth the 10$$
  • mrw815 March 2006
    Just returned from a screening of She's the man. It's not a cinematic masterpiece. There is no nudity whatsoever. No swearing whatsoever. But still a solid production with strong comic performances from the leads, especially Bynes. The writers are Karen Lutz and Kristen Smith who also wrote "Legally Blonde" and "10 things I hate about you" Expect the same theatrical set up/punchline/soundtrack dominated flick with more "Series of Shots" plot development montages than most people care to see. The dozens of 16 year old girls at the screening ("I told you at lunch that I was gonna sit with Amanda. Cause remember during study hall when that cute Senior was walking by and Amanda asked me first if I would sit with her? Remember?) all loved this movie. I have watched Legally Blonde numerous times on cross country flights and it never fails to disappoint me. Mainly because Reese Witherspoon is despicable and one dimensional. She is easy to hate. Amanda Bynes is a piece of work. Impossible to dislike. She reminds me of Lucile Ball and Ellen Degeneres with a natural sense of timing and uninhibited range of expression. Bynes is adorable. These types of comedies live or die on how memorable the cast is. If the performances are wooden such as in 10 Things I Hate About You, the film fades into dust. She's the Man is a fine effort. I found myself laughing at regular intervals. That wasn't true with Mean Girls because the performances in Mean Girls were not convincing. They seemed too rehearsed. The cast of She's the Man is theatrical to a fault, but the situation demands it. Their performances come across as improvised and authentic. They are going for laughs and mostly get them. I can't see how anyone under 20 would not like this movie. Anyone over 20 should see it if they like teen comedies with clever situations.
  • I have to say, I was completely taken by surprise with this film. I originally thought this would be like Big Fat Liar - not that funny. I found myself laughing every other second - and it was hilarious. My whole entire theatre had a great time. Amanda Bynes is really talented, and should be doing more of these movies! So, lets get to the story:

    Viola's (Amanda Bynes) school soccer team was cut because not enough people tried out. When her twin brother Sebastian has to go to London, he asks Viola to get an excuse for him. She decides to take his place, and ends up trying to act like a boy so she can get on the Real Sebastian's School soccer team to get back at her school and her boyfriend.

    I definitely recommend this to everyone except for little kids. This is way too much for younger then age 10! Everyone else will like it, because Amanda actually is a good actress and really makes the movie great. And in this movie, they make fun of the Cliché's! Finally!

    Comedy 10/10 Acting 10/10 Directing 10/10

    OVERALL - A++++++++++++++
  • Shes the man is great. its funny, original and made me laugh so much i nearly wet my seat. the day i went to go see it at the movies i wasn't in the best of moods (man trouble)but leaving the movie i had a grin plastered on my face. The story is a bit out there with the whole no-one noticing that she looks way too much like a girl but hey who am i to say whats believable, the jokes are great and some of the one liners in this 2006 hit could go down in history. Amanda B. did a great job as the main role and Channing Tatum looks too good to be true as her opposite as the gorgeous Duke. So girls go see this because its a great laugh and there's a hot guy in it and boys u go see it because you might just learn something about girls!

    All in all a brilliant,fantastic and fun movie which i will be buying on DVD when it comes out.
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