• WARNING: Spoilers

    David Norton is used to being in control. As a best-selling author, he decides the fate of his characters, their lives and their deaths. But what happens when his fictional world becomes all too real?

    David arrives in Majorca for a conference. Everything seems to be going well until his fiancée suddenly jumps to her death from their hotel balcony. As David desperately searches for a reason for her sudden demise, people start inexplicably committing suicide all around him. David becomes the reluctant hero of one of his own stories, but this time, he has no idea how it ends. He meets Silvia who has survived her own suicide attempt, and together they are plunged into a nightmarish game that could spell disaster for the whole of mankind.

    To prevent this, David must now do what nobody else has done: he must somehow find a way to escape from The Kovak Box.