Uncle Jerry: You should be back at your stuffy job, stacking books.

Flynn Carsen: [after whipping a spear around in the air] You'd be surprised what you can learn at the library.

Charlene: [to Flynn] Be safe, don't get killed. Save your receipts.

Jomo: Hippos like chocolate...

[Flynn has passed out and finds himself on a beach with Judson]

Flynn Carsen: Judson, am I dead?

Judson: [flying a kite] Do you wanna be dead?

Flynn Carsen: No.

Judson: Then you're not dead.

Judson: For centuries, men sought Solomon's treasure.

Flynn Carsen: It's just a legend... Isn't it?

Judson: The location of King Solomon's mines must never be found.

Emily Davenport: [to Flynn about her dig sight] There are no secret chambers here.

Flynn Carsen: [after pulling a lever that opens a stone door] Oh look! A secret chamber.

Flynn Carsen: I hate ghosts!

[Jomo is handing Flynn a chocolate bar at the airport]

Flynn Carsen: For the Hippos?

Jomo: For the Hippos!

Charlene: [to Flynn] You're going to Casablanca.

Emily Davenport: [to Flynn] I knew I was going to regret meeting you.

Flynn Carsen: When I say 'jump', we jump!

Judson: Now, lemme show you something. How would you like to see an authentic Sioux Indian arrowhead?

Flynn Carsen: Really? You actually found one?

Judson: Yeah.

Flynn Carsen: Oh, yeah! Where did you find it?

Judson: EBay.

Emily Davenport: [to Flynn, about her dress] Do you like it?