Sean Bean spent little time with his young co-stars so as to distance their relationship and make himself seem more unknown and menacing. He believed this would drive the chemistry in a more realistic fashion.

Rutger Hauer who played the character of John Ryder in the original was offered a cameo, but declined for artistic reasons. Hauer has since said in the press that he has yet to watch the remake, and according to some of his friends he shouldn't bother.

The movie that Grace is watching in the hotel near the end is The Birds (1963).

Jessica Biel turned down the role of Grace Andrews while Britney Spears was considered for the same role.

The car Jim drives is an Oldsmobile 442.

The song that plays at the beginning of the movie "Move Along" by the All American Rejects is also in the tv show Sophia Bush is most known for, "One Tree Hill"

Despite being credited, Eric Red did not work on the screenplay.

Dave Meyers: Photo on the driver's license of the real John Ryder.

The two main characters that survive in the original film, The Hitcher (1986) - Jim Halsey and Captain Esteridge - are killed in this remake.

The bullet marks left on the back of John Ryder's (Sean Bean) bullet-proof vest after he is shot form an 'H' for Hitcher.