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Scott Foundas L.A. Weekly
The performers are a bright bunch, especially Snow (even if she's no sane person’s idea of a wallflower), Metcalfe, who has the cocksure swagger of a young Travolta, and McCarthy, who infuses her few scenes with a haggard dignity masquerading as optimism.
Nathan Rabin The A.V. Club
Revenge movies often end with the message that vengeance is empty and futile, but it's never encouraging when revenge seems pointless from the start.
Chicago Tribune
Reasonably entertaining.
The New York Times
Penn Badgley is wildly charismatic in the role of John Tucker's younger brother. The entire picture could hang on his cheekbones alone. If only Mr. Metcalfe shared his talents.
Sean Axmaker Seattle Post-Intelligencer
The film lacks the nerve for any genuinely nasty fun or comic bite.
Kirk Honeycutt The Hollywood Reporter
Lame and unconvincing teen comedy.
Ann Hornaday Washington Post
But despite doing its best to jiggle, giggle and ogle its way into a niche somewhere between "Heathers" and "American Pie," it becomes just another forgettable pastiche of sight gags and pop-culture references.
Entertainment Weekly
Astonishingly (and offensively), the witless ending comes down harder on the women than the cad.
Michael Atkinson Village Voice
Whatever the target demographic was in the pre-production phase, now it's limited to sexually active 14-year-olds still retaking the sixth grade.
Peter Travers Rolling Stone

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