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  • This show was so boring. I don't dislike George S. but the shows just seemed so pointless, uninteresting and useless. The jokes were always so lame. Sometimes there would be a decent guest but even then it was just so bland and tedious to watch.
  • i think it is so cool to have a hip forty year old guy sit cross legged on his chair and tell us in a fun way about the days news. wow he is so hip and cool it must hurt to be so hip and cool. cbc is so good at figuring out what us hip cool youths want to watch and then giving it to us. and the jokes he does on the show are so funny they make everyone laugh out loud. but lets get back to how cool and hip this show is especially the host. i am surprised how cool the cbc is. wow and the host is so young he is even younger than the air farce and almost as funny as them to. this is one cool show for cool people like me and the host. he is so cool. he reads the news with his fresh cool style so cool people like me can understand. i bet the hundred year olds at cbc are proud of how cool and fresh and hip the hour is. i wonder if they are working on ways to make it even cooler. like maybe they will change the theme song to something with rap music. and maybe they can have more people with leather jackets and they can ride motorcycles and smoke cigarettes with slick hair and say things like "groovy" and "here's todays news daddyo". what a cool show that is really all i can say. i only wish that i can be as cool as cbc's the hour someday. then man i would be a cool cat. maybe they can do an episode where george just plays video games and then walks right up to the camera and says "yo this game is wack!" and then point at us and tell us they have to take a commercial break then maybe talk about sushi and how cool sushi is and make fun of a politician who just isn't cool at all and everyone knows it. cbc is so cool. i hope they do another show with another forty year old guy who talks about the news because then they would have two shows that are so cool. the hour is so cool.
  • It's been a very long time since there's been a Canadian late night talk show. Mike Bullard was probably the last one on the air and that was over five years ago. Strombo has picked up where Bullard left off and has an interesting line up of guests including many US actors filming up here in the great Hollywood North. But more importantly, he's provided a forum for conversation with many Canadian celebrities, including the final interview with writer/activist June Callwood. And it's a real hoot when the Trailer Park Boys are in the studio! George is a fast talking host and his show moves along very quickly, but he's got a good sense of humour. Comparable to the late Brian Linehan of City TV, he knows his subjects well and his questions are thought provoking and he can put the guests on the spot, but it's all in good fun. The Hour with George Stroumboulpoulos is one of the reasons we tune into our public broadcaster, the CBC. Should be a Gemini winner.
  • One of the most boring shows on CBC. I don't know why CBC has to try to ape the American talk shows ( which they are far better at). George ST....( He should abbreviate his name) has zero charisma with no sense of humour and dresses in the same black is supposedly trendy clothes. He rarely asks insightful questions. Talk shows actually do better on radio where you don't have to see the host or the focus is on the guest rather than the interviewer. The Hour is too egocentric and what bothers me is that the CBC wastes valuable money and time on a show that at best belongs after midnight with all the late night time filler shows. I don't know what the ratings are like but the only thing worst than this show are probably the commercials. I actually watched 3 different shows of the Hour to try to give it a chance; if anything it just made me sicker of George WhatsHisName. He doesn't wear well on you.
  • angelgirl72014 February 2008
    I honestly enjoy watching this show. I've come to the point where watching late night talk shows are fun and all, but they seem so boring and overplayed. George does a great job of bringing in cool guests who you don't always get to see everywhere and asking them real questions. There are people who aren't impressed because he doesn't tend to ask overly insightful questions, but who is to decide what makes a question insightful? I think that when the same questions get asked to a guest on every show they appear on, that isn't insightful at all. George goes beyond that and brings it all back to the center and just talks with the guests, which shows you a lot more of who they are in my opinion.
  • johnjohnsemails20 July 2009
    This show sucks.

    The writing is so terrible I wonder sometimes if maybe it is actually non-existent and maybe George Stromboflofoapoplfous (I won't even waste one second of my life trying to figure out how to spell that name!) just makes stuff up as he goes and he just gets away with it because, well, I don't know why.

    The jokes are unfunny and terrible and predictable and always fall flat.

    The only good part of this show is some of the interviews are interesting depending on who the guest is and as bad as the material and writing are (I hate how every story is covered in like three seconds and we learn nothing beyond the day's basic headlines) George is a decent host and seems like a decent guy.

    I hate his show though, it sucks sucks sucks.