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  • lor_26 November 2022
    Jack Banner digs tying up ladies ever so carefully -the jerk clearly enjoys his work. With the hindsight that he ended up a murderer who commited suicide (they call it a "suicide pact" in ever euphemistic IMDb), watching him for an hour and a half abuse actress/models is quite a chore.

    Of course, fans exist for this nonsense, representing a public whose only virtue (IMHO) is they could never utter that stupid critique "too slowly paced". That's because videos in the bondage genre have no pace - a director like banner makes Warhol movies seem fast-paced.

    Here we have four short subjects and three solos, all featuring exactly the same content: big-breasted model wearing fetish high heels, showing off deolletage and subjected to ball-gagging, bondage tying up and even some hogtying. That, plus the ominous and "banality of evil" presence of Banner mistreating them, is it.

    "Mistaken Identity" stars blonde Sadie Belle in a very poor set-up: supposedly she's driving around looking for a bathroom, wanders into a small office building and is accosted by Jack who immediately ball-gags her and ties her up. Title derives from Jack expecting a model who's late for an appointment and it just so happens Sadie wandered into his place.

    He harangues her for an hour (story time, it only seems like an hour watching the boring scene) and she's unable to explain, just whimpering and moaning. Boring.

    Second segment is "The Audition", starring famous wrestler Hollywood. She's asked by Jack to show her rope work as part of tryout for a job, and Loren Chance is handling the audition. Banner has her do many bondage poses, best of which is a terrific Sweater Girl routine that outdoes that famous debut of Lana Turner.

    Next segment features Talia Monet as "The Gag Tester", a one-joke stinker of a scene. She advertises to test gags but clearly notes: "I don't do bondage". So Jack hires her to test 3 new ball gags, and then assaults her, gags her and ties her up, reprimanding her for the effrontery of dissing bondage. That's the whole scene dragging on and on.

    The 3 so-called "vignettes" are merely Hollywood (again), Kendra Summers and lovely Eve Ellis getting tied up. I guess this crap is where the expression "Put a sock in it" came from.