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  • Tikanjiah24 October 2005
    A very nice little film about weather girl turning 40 and looking for love. Although I'm not usually fond of the romantic comedy genre, this one is at least up to par with the usual American flavor. A few spins on the genre, which I won't spoil for you here, still makes it very original even if the story is quite predictable.

    The acting is what really keeps you interested in the characters. But, if you don't hold at least a small interest in them, the story itself probably won't keep you watching. The editing of the movie is quite remarkable, and you probably wouldn't notice it unless you take a minute to consider how easy it was to immerse yourself into this movie. Some of the jokes don't translate well if you're not french, but it's definitely worth a look if you can relate to the movie.

    Definitely a great production and if you like the genre, a guilty pleasure.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    For any of you you have seen "Maman Last Call" you're already familiar with Alice's best friend, Myriam Monette the weather girl. Well this movie follows this character as she is about to turn 40. I really like the actress, Anne-Marie Cadieux, that portrays "Miss Meteo" -- she is fabulous in almost every role she plays. I caught this movie late one night on cable TV. I had never heard of it before then and went into it without expectations. What I found was a sweet movie, that I enjoyed watching. I wouldn't necessarily rent it, but if you're a fan of Anne-Marie Cadieux and late one night you don't know what to watch and you see this movie listed in your TV guide, why not give it a try?