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  • An enjoyable romantic comedy with interesting characters, well-chosen actors and lots of witty dialogue. The idea of a survival training in a German forest sounds at first rather ridiculous, but these trainings actually exist - and even if there is no need for a machete in these parts, I don't think many people would know how to light a fire or find something edible. So the basic idea seems believable and funny at the same time, and the characters each add their own little flavour to the situation. Of course one can guess very early on how it will all end happily, but the things happening on the way to it are hilarious, with clever and often unexpected twists. I especially liked young actor Martin Stührk, who pulled off his lines pretty convincingly, even though they were a little too much of the "nerdy but clever kid"-kind. It was also nice to meet again Irshad Panjatan of "Der Schuh des Manitou"-fame. Commended for a cosy TV-evening!