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  • As with most TaiSeng releases of Chinese television shows, a lot of story is sacrificed to bring the running time from days of viewing down to around the 2 hour mark.

    With Assassin Swordsman (originally Treasure Venture), we get a 2 hour edit of what is mainly every fight scene in the series. The average dubbing tells us a roughly knitted story of back stabbing, secret identities, saving the Shaolin Temple and love triangles that kinda works as it gets shadowed by the continuous displays of crazy, wire- fu and swordplay!

    And I'm not complaining!

    Featuring the awesome Vikki Zhao Wei and a host of familiar faces, including the little fat monk kid from Shaolin Popeye, Assassin Swordsman carries a lot of laughable moments due to budget constraints, none more-so than the animated skeletons in the beginning, yet keeps us highly entertained with its packed catalogue of lively characters, high energy martial arts battles and old school comedy that works okay, dubbing aside.

    Its worth the watch, and with the English dub, is handy to play in the background without feeling that you are missing out on much!

    Entertaining and a lot of fun...