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  • Felvy25 July 2005
    WWE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP. MNM V.S. ANIMAL AND HEIDENREICH A highly entertaining match with a surprise ending. I never thought that Animal and Heidenreich would win. MNM do work well together as do Heidenreich and Animal. The right team won in my opinion. 7/10.

    SINGLE. Christian V.S. BOOKER T This was a great match with plenty of near falls and surprise kick outs. Surprisingly the crowd were all cheering for Christian, despite him being the bad guy. Bad ending though, if the WWE wants to get Christian over, they should've made him win this match. 8/10.

    US TITLE MATCH. ORLANDO JORDAN V.S. CHRIS BENOIT Why did Orlando Jordan retain? He has to be the worst US champion ever. Benoit kicked Orlando's ass all the way through but Orlando won by hitting Benoit into the turnbuckle. Good match, wrong person won. 6/10.

    NO. 1 CONTRENDER MATCH. MUHAMMED HASSAN V.S. THE UNDERTAKER The rumour at the time was that UPN had banned Hassan off Smackdown, so this was going to be his last appearance. And to show it, Hassan had to go out in style. Undertaker 'killed' Hassan. The match was pretty one sided, Taker got his revenge on Hassan and his henchmen though. 8/10.

    SIX MAN TAG MATCH. THE MEXICOOLS V.S. THE BWO This was a short match, the Blue Meanie wasn't even tagged in. This match was really just to put the Mexicools over. Still, the BWO's entrance was funny and the Mexicools were very impressive. 5/10.

    IF EDDIE WINS HE'LL REVEAL THE SECRET MATCH. EDDIE GUERRERO V.S. REY MYSTERIO A very good match, Eddie got some real heal heat. Plenty of near falls and good moves. Rey's son was at ring side, and every time Eddie walked towards him, the crowd wanted Rey to knock Eddie out. Eddie frogsplashes Rey, but Rey sneaky pins him. A very good match, but a lot of fans wanted Eddie to tell the secret. 8/10.

    BRA AND PANTIES MATCH. MELINA V.S. TORRIE Wilson Short, but it's only to show the diva's off. 2/10.

    WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP. BATISTA V.S. JBL A tense match, seeing as Undertaker won the number 1 contendership, I wasn't sure whether Batista would retain. It was back and forth, JBL won by disqualification when Batista used a chair, Batista still retained, then kicked JBL's ass afterwards. 7/10.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    MNM vs the New LOD for the tag titles - It was a nice comeback story for Animal.

    Christian vs Booker T - This match wasn't bad, but for a ppv match it wasn't as good as one would think.

    Undertaker vs Muhammad Hassan - For any Hassan fans, this was his last match in WWE. The match was fun though because he had a lot of backup and Undertaker went shell after the match.

    Mexicools vs BWO

    Eddie Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio - Another long list of superb matches they had together.

    Melina vs Torrie Wilson in a bra & panties match - Candice Michelle was the guest ref. The fans were the true winners in this one. (trust me)

    Orlando Jordan vs Chris Beniot for the U.S. title - For the "best pure athlete" and "best technical wrestler" This match was OK. Nice psychology though.

    Batista vs JBL - I loved the hype but this match was very slow. Their following match was kept short thats understandable.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I don't know why, but I seriously like the Great American Bash PPV's. Last year's was alright, but this year's was better than last years.


    {Great to see Animal back} Also great action for the start of the match. Animal & Heidenreich are great as a team. Animal & Heidenreich win after a modified Doomsday Device Slam for the win & to become new WWE Tag Team Champions. 5/10


    Good decent match by these two. They showed some cool wrestling moves & got a great match going on as well. Booker T wins after going on the top rope & nailed a Scissors Kick from there on Christian for the win. 5/10


    This was also a great match which I was really looking forward to seeing. I wanted Benoit to win, but OJ cheated to get the win after slamming Benoit on the exposed turnbuckle & covering him for the 3 count to get the win & retain his US Title. 5/10


    Not bad, but could have been better. {By the way Muhammad Hassan had about 7 men surrounding the ring for no reason.} Even though I wanted Muhammad Hassan to win, Undertaker got the victory after a Chokeslam for the win to become No. 1 Contender. 4/10


    Not the best of their match but it was still good. {Rey's son Dominik was at ringside watching the match}. Eddie dominated Rey for almost the whole match until suddenly Mysterio countered Eddie's pin after a Frog Splash into a roll-up for the 3 count as his unknown secret will still be kept quiet. 4/10


    Boring, just boring. What is up with all these Diva matches. Melina wins after stripping Torrie first in her Bra & Panties. After the match Torrie & Candice together strip Melina in Bra & Panties as she runs away backstage. Later Candice takes her own clothes off & is in her Bra & Panties just like Torrie much to the delight of the fans. 2/10


    A cool 6-man tag team match which saw the Mexicools do some cool high-flying moves. The Mexicools win after nailing a double team move on Steven Richards for the win. 4/10


    A bit boring, slow & sloppy. It starts to get fast paced which great moves & wrestling style, but later it gets boring. JBL wins by DQ after Batista slammed him with the Championship Belt which the referee caught him so. After the match Batista goes berserk & nails both JBL & Orlando Jordan {Who tried to interfere during the match} with a steel chair followed by giving each of them a Batista Bomb as the PPV goes off the air. 4/10

    So this was another Great American Bash PPV which was just a but better than last years.

    Overall: I'll give it 7/10 & a C
  • The bash of last night was a very good pay-per-view! It's not Ring of Honor or TNA... but it was fairly done by the WWE Management, many will complains about the endings but the wrestling was very good!!

    MNM vs. Heidenreich & Animal Good opener with some strong words at the end by Animal! Rating: 7/10

    Christian vs. Booker T. Awesome match from start to beginning, the ending surprise me as it was a sick sick finisher by Booker T! Rating: 8,5/10

    United States Title: Orlando Jordan vs. Chris Benoit A bit disappointed by the ending but Benoit was on fire and prove why he's championship material, he should feud for the World Title again. Rating: 8/10

    #1 Contenders Match: Muhammad Hassan w/Daivari vs. Undertaker Good squash, Hassan is really bland and stinks as a character but the match was good thanks to The Undertaker. Rating: 8/10

    Mexicools vs. Blue World Order Look to the entrance of blue world order, people were going nuts, it was so funny, the match was cool and entertaining, a bit fast thought. Rating: 7/10

    Rey Mysterio vs. Eddie Guerrero Match of the night, I can't get enough of theses 2 wrestler, they know each others well and the drama of the match add a lot! Rating: 9/10

    Bra & Panties Match: Torrie Wilson vs. Melina with Candice Michelle as Referee Melina have talent, Torrie is still pretty bland in the ring and you got Candice as the hot chick referee for this match! A entertaining match with a good crowd. unpredictable (finally) Rating: 7/10

    World Title: Batista vs. JBL BORING match, this match kill a great night of wrestling, Batista was really bad in that match and JBL try to carry him to a good match but was unable, still, the end was interesting with a Batista on freaking fire! Rating: 3/10

    So bottom line, if you skip the main event, a very good night of wrestling, buy the DVD when it comes out!!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    animal and heidenreich vs mnm

    this match was probably the most shocking match i've ever witnessed, apart from the main event, but i'll get to that. animal and heidenreich win the titles with the doomsday device, they're new champs

    bwo vs mexicools fast paced match cause of the mexicools. about 10 springboard moonsaults by super crazy, mexicools win

    undertaker vs Muhammad hassan

    lots of interference by the sympathizers, undertaker beats hassan and last ride power bombs hassan through entrance ramp

    Eddie vs Rey

    Rey wins again, Dominique looks terrified during match

    Orlando Jordan vs Chris Benoit

    Orlando wins by cheating, what else is new

    Melina vs Torrie with Candace as referee Melina wins, Torrie gets payback by taking of Melina's pants, Candace joins in and Torrie and Candace walk away holding hands both in their underwear

    Batista vs jbl

    jbl wins by dq after Batista hits Orlando Jordan in the head with a chair, yes you heard me right, Batista got disqualified for using an illegal weapon on someone who isn't even in the match, come on wwe, how stupid do your finishes get?
  • Just like last years GAB, this sucked. WWE's offer of three excellent PPV's in a row (Judgment Day, One Night Stand and Vengeance) made this writer wonder if they had been made to seen sense, but how wrong I was.

    Animal and Heidenreich (possible the worst team ever and an insult to Hawk) beat the best team in WWE right now, Joey Mercury and Johnny Nitro to win the WWE tag team titles in a rubbish match.

    Booker T beat Christian in a fair contest, however there was no build up to the match and it seemed that the match was only booked to pad the PPV out.

    The Mexicools (Super Crazy, Psicosis and Juventud) won the BWO (Stevie Richards, Simon Dean and The Blue Meanie) in a worthless match.

    Orlando Jordan beat, yes BEAT Chris Benoit in a slump. Why Benoit was wrestling Jordan the worst US champ in history is beyond me.

    The Undertaker pinned Muhammad Hassan.

    Melina beat Torrie Wilson in a p*ss poor match, no one cared about the result and it was understandable.

    Rey Mysterio beat Eddie Guerrero in the match of the night.

    John 'Bradshaw' Layfield beat Batista via DQ after Big Dave hit JBL with a chair in a lame main event.

    Overall Grade - D
  • This is the second Great American Bash that the Smackdown brand has held. Now upon ordering this pay per view I was kind of worried that I would get a repeat of last years Great American Bash. Last years was one of the worst pay per views. But I was wrong. This years gave us more then what last years did.

    Match 1. Animal and Hedenrech vs MNM. OK match. It was nice to see Animal back in the WWE affter Hawk died months ago. This was a OK match. Hedenrech needs to work on his matt skills a little better but he keeps improving with every pay per view that goes by. MNM is a great young team. But as of late they seemed to be the only team out there. The WWE needs to expand the tag team divisions on both Raw and Smackdown. Match 2.Christan vs Booker T. This was Christans first Smackdown pay per view since jumping from Raw to Smackdown. Pretty good match. A lot of Booker T sucks chants during the match since Christan seemed to be the favorite to win this match even though Christan was the heel and Booker was the face. Booker T needs to learn some new moves. Match 3. Chris Beniot vs Orlando Jordan for the US title. This was a good match. Beniot proved why he can go into a match and carry anyone over. Orlando Jordan isn't the best wrestler around and its funny at times listing to Tazz accidentally call Orlando Jordan, Shelton Benjamen from Raw. Big difference Tazz. Non the less this match did deliver some good wrestling action. Good moves. This was Chris Beniots first match upon coming back to Smackdown from Raw. Match 4. Undertaker vs Mohmaed Hussan. This feud got a lot of heat from the boys at the UPN network. Hassen did a angle with masked men pretending to be terrorist on the same day of the London terrorist attacks. And this ended up being Hassens first and only match on a Smackdown pay per view. This match was really violent at the end and it could have been a bit better had there been more build up. Match 5. BWO vs the Mexicools. This was a 6 man tag team match. Didn;t pay attention to it that much since the days of wrestling groups seemed to be over. Match 6. Torrie Wilson vs Malenia. This was a brawl and panties match. OK match. It would be nice if Smackdown would create a womens title and make Torrie Wilson and others show more wrestling holds in the ring instead of the getting tired Braw and Panties match. Match 7. Batista va JBL for the World Title. This match had a lot of hype. This was Batistas first Smackdown pay per view since coming to Smackdown. Finally Smackdown got a real champion and not the paper champion they had with John Cena. This match started out good but it got boring really quickly because it was just punching and kicking. And the match had a bad ending. It wouldn't hurt JBL to learn some new moves.

    Overall this pay per view wasn't perfect. But it was a step up from last years.
  • While there is nothing really disgraceful in this PPV (apart from the Eddie-Rey storyline), there is also nothing really worth going out of your way to see.

    1) MNM vs. Animal and Heidenreich (for the tag team title). An old-fashioned (if that makes sense) match, with lots of big power moves. Nothing really special, apart perhaps from Animal's dedication of the win to his late partner Hawk. **

    2) Christian vs. Booker T. Average wrestler vs. average wrestler = average match. By the way, Sharmell is beautiful. **

    3) Orlando Jordan vs. Chris Benoit (for the US title). I liked Benoit's matches with HHH better, he was allowed to use more technique there. Here, Jordan has the upper hand most of the time and when Benoit attacks it's mostly with "chops". **

    4) The Undertaker vs. Muhammad Hassan. Hassan is a total bore on the mic (just compare his promos with those of JBL). Someone in the WWE probably figured that this match was going to be a total bore as well, so they turned it into a kind of 6-on-1 handicap match, with five masked fellows trying to help Hassan. Guess what - the match is still a bore! And it goes on and on and on and on....*

    5) The Mexicools vs. Blue World Order. A very enjoyable 5-minute mess. We need more matches like this to remind us that wrestling can be fun. **1/2

    6) Rey Mysterio vs. Eddie Guerrero (RIP). The storyline behind this match sucks hard, and now that Eddie is dead it's even more uncomfortable to watch. Comments (by Michael Cole and Tazz) that he's a "despicable pig" and that "manipulation is his new drug addiction" don't help matters. It's hard to imagine Eddie and Rey ever being in a worse match than this one - if you take it seriously, it's unwatchable. **

    7) Melina vs. Torrie Wilson. Bra and Panties match, with Candice as the special guest referee. Very short match, maybe under 5 minutes. Both women are game, but it's a little hard to concentrate on the wrestling when you have to strip down your opponent. A regular match between these two might have been a better idea. It's not like the divas are overdressed in the regular matches anyway. **

    8) JBL vs. Batista (for the world heavyweight title). A very sluggish brawl. If it weren't for a sleeper applied by JBL halfway through, you'd hardly know this was supposed to be a wrestling match. The ending is not very satisfying for a title match either. **
  • Warning: Spoilers
    a million times better then last years but still not great. may be in wrong order


    5.5/10 raw look on and be jealous ....proper tag teams.. surprisingly a short match which got it its 5 rating but it was still decent and these are two good tag teams.

    2. Booker T Vs Christian

    7.5/10 Good match ..christian surprisingly had all the crowd support booker was booed whenever he mounted offence...good match with a few minor false finishes.

    3. Melina Vs Torrie BRA AND PANTIES Candice referee

    10/10 looks hotness...4.5/10 match.. as usual a poor womens match but this gets a 4.5 because they stripped each other down... candice looked SMOKING HOT when she got her stuff out at the end ...

    4. Orlando Jordan (US CHAMP) Vs Chris Benoit US TITLE MATCH

    6.5/10 a bit boring at times but OJ was impressive he dominated benoit in an impressive way at times.. people say its a shame he won ..i thought he did well

    5. Undertaker Vs Muhammad Hassan,

    7/10 despite the result being confirmed after cry baby upn's complaints about hassan..the match was very good made undertaker seem like the old undertaker we know as he fought not only hassan but daivari and all the hooded men which made him seem untouchable..made him seem like a real tough guy.

    6. Mexicools Vs BWO

    5/10 a few decent moves but nothing more meanie shouldn't be allowed to wear belly tops its revolting

    7. Rey Mysterio Vs Eddie Guerrero

    8/10 Excellent Match from these two again.. the dominic storyline although at times annoying went well with there matches especially this one ....dominic had front row and was treated to a classic


    6/10 Not a great match by any stretch of the imagination ...very average.. these two although very impactful with there moves tend to go into dry patches...crowd were lost a bit of the way through but they got back on after oj's interference which actually made the match better. expected ending ..for me anyway ...i saw it coming a mile off
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is the first Smackdown brand PPV since the 2005 draft. Last years Great American Bash was one of the worst ppv's ever. It wouldn't be hard for this years event to improve on it. Match 1 - MnM VS Heidenreich and Road Warrior Animal. WWE Tag Titles I didn't expect this match to start the event but it wasn't bad. It didn't outstay it's welcome and when Animal got the tag towards the end it really picked up. Winners and new tag champs - Heidenreich and Road Warrior Animal

    Match 2 - Christian vs Booker T Could've been better but it wasn't too bad. Their match ups in 2003 were decent and there wasn't much heat going into this. If they had more TV to develop a storyline something better would have come from the match. Still it had it's moments and was passable entertainment Winner - Booker T

    Match 3 - Orlando Jordan vs Chris Benoit. U.S Title I couldn't understand the lack of TV time they had going into this match. Benoit beat Booker T in a No 1 Contenders match and that was it. There wasn't even an exchange between the two until Heat before. But despite this they put on a decent match. Benoit did a great job and brought out the best in Jordan. I think it was the best match of his career up to that night. It seemed a competitive match and just about the title. Nothing else which is very rare for any title match on PPV. Winner - Orlando Jordan

    Match 4 - Mohammed Hassan vs The Undertaker I wasn't looking forward to this a great deal as Mohammed Hassan can hardly wrestle and Taker's been poor in the ring for the past year. But i was surprised to see a good and entertaining match. The whole interference thing actually helped the math a great deal and it was fun to see The Undertaker beat the crap out of six guys. The ending was a bit bogged though as when Hassan went through the stage the noise of him landing was badly timed. Winner - The Undertaker

    Match 5 - Mexicools vs BWO A filler match which i expected to start the card. Not a good match and usually after something big has just happened on a PPV you get filler matches like this. Too short and really should have started the PPV. Winner - Mexicools

    Match 6 - Rey Mysterio vs Eddie Guerrero This rivalry has gotten too personal and i don't like these personal angles. They diverge from wrestling completely. Anyway the match was very good and i was very surprised to Rey win it. A lot of high spots were awesome and the psychology between the two in the ring was very good. Not as good as their match at Wrestlemania 21 but still a top match. Match of the night. Winner - Rey Mysterio

    Match 7 - Melina vs Torrie Wilson. Bra and Panties Mtch. Nothing much to say. I expected noting much from this match and i was right. I wasn't interested but Melina has got a decent rack on her. It's worth watching just to see that. Winner - Melina

    Match 8 - Batista vs JBL. World Title. I expected too much from this contest. It didn't deliver. There was hardly any wrestling in the whole match. Just punching and kicking. It did have some good moments and it beats the crap out of last years main event at the Great American Bash, the infamous Concrete Crypt match Winner - Batista