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  • Warning: Spoilers
    I have seen several films of Amir Naderi. Unfortunately it was not no near to them.Runner,Harmonica,Cut.Kind of Boring i guess.110 minutes was too long. 11-year-old Jessie is looking for the recorded tape that his mother left for him when she died.After a long and breathtaking struggle ,he finally finds it.the thing is he is deaf and he can't hear what's been said on the tape.After finding some one to repeat the tape simultaneously ,by reading the persons lips ,he gets to know what has his mother said on the tape.But he really gets upset when he understands that some part of it has intentionally been erased.worth mentioning there happens to be an intense emotional scene where he touches the tape recorder speaker to feel what his mother is saying. All in all,if this film is your first choice of Naderi's films,don't go for it.i recommend you to watch other films of this amazingly likable director. In the end it is worth mentioning that sound barrier has the same basic and main elements of Naderi's Films. Poor Innocent Child,Main Character running for or from everything or nothing.shooting camera behind the cars,Trains and Large moving vehicles,Bridges...