The cat that played "Kitty" was diagnosed with a serious kidney condition. Rather than replace the cat, it was decided to write the illness into the story. The real cat died shortly after his final episode was filmed.

The production team has said that the characters wear colors that either complement or contrast with Brenda's outfit in each scene. Those that complement her colors are on her side or will be helpful to the investigation. Those that contrast are her opposition and/or the guilty party.

Kyra Sedgwick had doubts about taking the role, because it meant being away from her family for a few months. Knowing it was a great opportunity, her husband Kevin Bacon agreed not to work much, and stay home with their children (as Sedgwick had done many times).

Eric Garcetti, who plays Los Angeles Mayor Ramon Quintero on The Closer and Major Crimes, is the son of former LA DA Gil Garcetti, a consulting producer on both shows. In 2013, two years after his last appearance on The Closer as Mayor Quintero, Eric Garcetti was actually elected mayor of Los Angeles. After his election, he made another appearance as Quintero on Major Crimes, even filming a scene in his own office in LA's City Hall.

The appearance of her oatmeal colored sweater is a sign that Brenda is overwhelmed and under a lot of stress - the sweater acts as her security blanket.

In December 2010, Kyra Sedgwick announced that the show would end after season seven. TNT made a statement confirming it, implying that it was mostly Sedgwick's decision with her power as a producer. A few weeks later, it was announced that the show would have a spin-off, once season seven was over, revealing the idea that most of the cast and crew were willing to produce more stories for the characters.

The cast credits for Brenda's team are rotated at the beginning of each episode as "Also starring:"

Each season of this show had a theme on which its episodes were based. For season one, the theme is a woman in a man's world. Season two is about partnerships. Season three is family. Season four is described by James Duff as a meditation on power in its many forms - natural and human. The theme for season five is change, while season six seems to deal with adjustment.

Just two weeks after its debut, TNT ordered a second season of fifteen episodes.

It appears that among Lieutenant Provenza's four or more ex-wives, there was a Heather, a Liz (who corrected his grammar), and a Sharon (who always had to be right). His second wife and fourth wife are actually the same woman.

In the first and last episodes of this show, Brenda Leigh Johnson (Kyra Sedgwick) says the line, "It looks like love."

The first airing of the pilot, and the second and third season premieres were aired commercial-free.

Sergeant Gabriel wears either a tie or shirt that matches Brenda's outfit in most episodes.

While filming outdoors one day, G.W. Bailey asked the wardrobe department for a hat to keep him free from sunburn in between takes. G.W. was given the only thing they could find, a bucket hat. He not only ended up wearing it during the scene, but it became a regular part of Provenza's wardrobe, from that point forward.

Sosie Bacon, who plays Brenda's niece Charlie, is Kyra Sedgwick's real-life daughter to Kevin Bacon. They previously acted together in Loverboy (2005).

Former Los Angeles County District Attorney Gil Garcetti was a Consulting Producer on this show, and Los Angeles Police Department Detective Mike Berchem was the show's Technical Advisor.

Correction: Dr. Crippen was a supposed wife killer. It was never proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

Brenda's first and last line in the series is 'Looks like love'.

Tony Denison previously starred on the 1991 short-lived spy show Under Cover, which had guest appearances from both G.W. Bailey and Michael Paul Chan respectively.

It's well known that the Major Crimes unit wears colors that complement Brenda's throughout the series, showing their unity; however, in season seven, Gabriel begins to wear contrasting colors, indicating that he is the leak (albeit unwittingly). Once the source is revealed, he begins to wear complementing colors again, showing that he is truly on Brenda's side.

G.W Bailey(lieutenant Louie provenza)also played Lieutenant Harris in the police academy films