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  • I've recently bought Guild Wars and so far it has been a great experience. The graphics are beautiful and the sound is OK too (though it tends to get a bit boring after hearing it for hours). A nice detail is the lack of monthly fees. There will be update packs from time to time but you're not obliged to buy them. Patches and small updates will be streamed so your version of the game will always be up to date.

    The first choice you have to make is whether you want to play in the role-playing or the PvP realm. The role-playing part is a good way to learn about the game and unlock skills and weapons and such. You can form groups in towns and outposts and go do a quest or a mission together. Every group gets is own personal copy of the map so you won't be bothered by killstealers and player-killers. If you wish to participate in PvP you can either go to an arena or create a character in the PvP realm. In the PvP realm, your character starts at the highest level and with the best armor. Most skills will not be available though, you'll need to unlock them in the role-playing realm first.

    After you chose your realm you can create your character. Character creation is pretty straight-forward, you choose your character's looks and his main profession. The ability to get a secondary profession greatly adds to the diversity of the game. All beginners will get some easy quests to learn the basics of the game and earn some gold. Once you leave the beginner part of the game, missions will be available for you to complete with others. Every mission will reveal a part of Guild Wars' epic storyline.

    If you like rpg's and good looking graphics you will surely love Guild Wars.
  • I totally agree...Guild Wars is an engaging bit of lost reality. One of the few problems I've encountered is that players are usually not that helpful towards others in the least sense unless it is detrimental to their own task. My advice is to stick to the pre game as long as possible to make sure you have enough level to hack it in the "post-searing" world. Plan on doing most of the game by yourself (and broke) although I must admit the designers struck gold when they decided to make computer controlled bots that you can recruit to help you. Overall, I give the game itself an Eight out of Ten based on sheer re-playability and adaptiveness factors alone. Also, the visuals, while not the greatest, are nothing to laugh at either. Overall, I agree. A MUST-HAVE for any RPG fan alive.
  • I have been playing this game for almost 6 months now. I have to say that if you enjoy the adventure type games, this is the game for you.

    The other comments gave the details, mine is just plain opinion. Carve out a couple hours a week for this because once you start, you will want to continue playing. I have yet to grow bored as there are constant new quests and adventures. I have played with my husband a few times but I will say that otherwise, I have not played with any anyone else. They give you the option to do it solo or with the PC help or with other real world players. This allows you to make your own destiny in a sense. I've noticed that a lot of the players have formed friendships through the game and you can read their conversations in the various towns and outposts. I have barely dabbled in the PvP but I'm sure I'll be hooked once I start.

    I would definitely recommend this game to anyone over the age of 14. Try it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This game is amazing. It has good graphics, good sound, and it was the first real MMPORPG I ever played.

    The story begins when you, one of the bravest young heroes get sent to Ascalon City, to prepare for war against the Charr, beasts that seem indestructible. But Sir Tydus, the warmaster, wants you to train first. When you are all done, just as you leave the city to start the real training, the Charr break down the city wall. Two years later you return, and find the whole kingdom in ruins. This is where the true story begins...

    I enjoy this game. You can choose from many professions: Mesmer, master of illusions, Elementalist, ruler of the elements, Necromancer, the magician of death, Monk, the healer, Warrior, the muscled swordsman, and since Factions you can also choose a Ritualist and an Assassin.

    This game has great Player vs. Player experiences, and Player vs. Environment isn't bad either. The people that play this game are a lot more helpful than in other games.

    A must-have for every RPG fan.