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  • If the main objective of any behind the scenes production is to inform, to further the viewer's knowledge regarding the title that it concerns itself with, then this isn't bad. Irene Bedard, the voice actress behind Pocahontas(whenever she isn't singing), hosts this, and does fairly well, for most of her screen-time. We are told of the creative process, for animation, voice-work, researching and more. Russell Means, the voice of Powhatan, talks about how proud he is to be part of something so accurate about Native Americans. The host portions are shot in Virginia, at the actual Jamestown. What's really impressive here, what raises this above the norm, if not that high beyond it, is the amount of ground covered, as far as telling us about the film in question. In just under half an hour, quite a bit is said, and this is by far the strongest of the DVD extras for the Disney cartoon. It's honestly well-produced, with cinematography and editing that has actual, definite thought put behind it, which, sadly, makes it stand out from most of the other special features(which, at best, are series of interviews inter-cut with footage, with some notable exceptions). I recommend this to any fan of the film. This is one of the handful of things that make the DVD worth it(more than just a VHS copy). 7/10