[from trailer]

Johnny: Sin City's where you go in with your eyes open, or you don't come out at all.

Nancy Callahan: Looks like trouble.

Marv: Looks like Christmas.

Marv: [observes Ava] That right there is a dame to kill for...

John Hartigan: Death is just like life in Sin City. It always wins.

Marv: [takes a punch] Just another Saturday night...

Mort: You keep asking for it, and asking for it!

John Hartigan: No one ever really guessed what hell is. It's watching the people you love, in pain.

Bertha: [as Johnny turns to leave] Just a second, you. You don't stink of anything I don't like, and you kind of remind me of an old boyfriend, okay?

[she offers him one dollar]

Bertha: This won't take you very far.

Johnny: [taking the money] Sweetheart, it's gonna take me to the moon.

Dwight McCarthy: Never lose control. Never let the monster out.

Marv: [seeing Nancy covered in scars] Just give me a name.

[long pause]

Nancy Callahan: ...Roark.

Dwight McCarthy: Nobody's killing anybody. Not while I'm around.

[first lines]

Marv: Metal screams. Something hits me square in the chest. There's no up or down. I don't weigh a thing.

Dwight McCarthy: [getting beaten by Manute] An atom bomb goes off between my legs.

Ava Lord: What does it feel like?

Dwight McCarthy: What?

Ava Lord: Murdering an innocent man. Just wanna know what it felt like. Must have been beautiful.

Dwight McCarthy: What are you talking about innocence?

Ava Lord: I knew I could count on you. Sex always made you stupid, ready to believe anything.


Ava Lord: You've just made me a very rich woman.

[points a gun at Dwight]

Ava Lord: Do me one last favor, lover? Stay still long enough for me to blow your brains out.

Marv: [waking up next to a crashed car and a group of dead bodies] How did I get here? What have I done?

Nancy Callahan: And this one's for John Hartigan, fucker!


Nancy Callahan: You're the only man I ever loved.

Dwight McCarthy: She owns me. Body and soul.

Senator Roark: [poker scene] I favored your mother, she was a whore, and not a very good one.

Johnny: She was an angel.

Johnny: - I'm all in...

Senator Roark: - Call...

Senator Roark: [shows: Four Kings]

Johnny: [shows: Four Aces]

Johnny: See, I told you, I never lose.

Johnny: I beat you, twice. That means I'm better than you are, and everybody knows it because I beat you again. Every time somebody tells this story - and they'll all say they won't tell it but they will - That's the story that will be told, again and again until you're dead... and after you're dead. I beat you forever.

Johnny: And they all know what happens when you do.

Senator Roark: [pulls out gun] Say hello to your mama. She always was a stupid bitch.

[shoots Johnny in the center of his forehead]

Senator Roark: If I could give any young man advice it'd be this: Always wear a rubber.

Senator Roark: Now take out the trash! Let's get back to the game!

Johnny: You'd be smart to kill me now.

Ava Lord: You've made me a very rich woman.

[last lines]

Nancy Callahan: This rotten town... It soils everybody.

John Hartigan: Don't avenge me, Nancy. It'll be the death of you.

[pointing a gun at Sally]

Joey: You're gonna suck me dry, and you'll never ever stop!

Sally: Kill him! Kill him! Kill him!

Dwight McCarthy: [stops punching Joey] Nobody's killing anyone.

Sally: Then can I have a ride?

Marv: How did I get here? What have I done, and why? I can't remember for the life of me.

Marv: Why'd he call me "Bernie"?

Gail: You have ten seconds to tell us what your doing bringing COPS to Old Town!

Dwight McCarthy: I've taken a beating before, but never anything like this. Never like this.

[punch echoes]

Dwight McCarthy: The sounds go wet. Maybe he keeps hitting me, I don't know. I'm gone. Gone to that place where there's no pain or thought. I wake up in mid air. The pavement rushes up to give me a big sloppy kiss.

Senator Roark: I'm holding a gun on you, young lady. The rules are, you pretend there's a chance I *won't* shoot you.

Marv: [to Dwight] Here we are pal. All of sudden this doesn't look like the brightest idea you ever had, huh?

Dwight McCarthy: You're insane.

Ava Lord: No, Dwight. A crazy person would be anyone who belives me. And that would be you.

Wallenquist: You're starting a gang war. And the gang are professionals.

Johnny: You'd be smart to kill me now.

Senator Roark: [laughs] I'll do far worse than kill you boy.

Marv: What have I done, and why? I must have forgotten my medicine. I've got a condition. It's bad to forget your medicine when you've got a condition.

Marv: Remember when you did, remember what you did.

Marv: [to Nancy] I hope you don't mind me saying this, but... you look hot.

[repeated line]

Dwight McCarthy: Ava. Damn.

Nancy Callahan: This rotten town. Those it can't corrupt it soils. It soiled you, John Hartigan.

Dwight McCarthy: Ava...

[gets shot out of window]

Ava Lord: [looks out window and sees that he is still alive] Damn.

Ava Lord: I own Sin City.

Dwight McCarthy: This time they've crossed a fatal line.

Senator Roark: Now, who wants to play?

Manute: You'll have to beat the goddess.

Dwight McCarthy: She's no goddess. She's a monster.

Marcie: We're we goin', Johnny?

Johnny: Everywhere.

Senator Roark: Power is a fragile thing. It tolerates no threat. Defiance must be met with an example of the wages of defiance.

[thugs maim his hands]

Johnny: You'd be smart to kill me now.

Senator Roark: I'll do far worse than kill you.

Senator Roark: Frankly, between you and me, I've finally accepted that Ethan was not presidential material. I'd have had a hard time buying him an election in an insane asylum. But he was my son, honey. He was my son. And now... he's gonna hear you scream. Scream.

Kroenig: [injecting his arm with heroin] Steady as a rock.

John Hartigan: Let's tear him to pieces.

[from the movie on Nancy's television]

Sam: You shot me in the gut.

Sam's Friend: It wasn't me, Sam. It was the babe.

Sam: This rotten town... it soils everybody it touches.

Senator Roark: Power is as power does.

Johnny: I'm ready for your worst.

Senator Roark: Boy, you don't even want to dream about my worst.