• WARNING: Spoilers

    The second part of the trilogy opens in 573 AD with a group of Angles attacking and killing several members of a party of Celts who were escorting a woman, whom these attackers then abducted.. The action now shifts to Fingal and his daughter Ethne trying to plough a small piece of land, with Fingal yoked to the plough as they have no draught animal that can be used instead. They are interrupted by a man in the service of a local ruler whose bride, the widow of his dead brother, has been abducted by Angles. He ask Fingal to rescue her and offers him money to do so, and he eventually accepts with reluctance both this money and his mission. On their way to the Angles camp, they come across a Roman monk, Regulus, who tells them that the abducted woman is carrying a sacred relic in the form of the two leg bones of St. Andrew, and that it to be used in spreading Christianity among the Celts. Fingal is able to speak to this woman, called Henini, and he arranges to collect the bones from her under cover of darkness later that evening. However, he knocks her out and takes her with them by force so that she can be married to her much older widowed brother-in-law. She is vehemently opposed to this as she she wishes to marry the Angles' leader as he is much younger and more vigorous. After the marriage ceremony concludes the Angles attack as their leader wishes to rescue heri, but he is unsuccessful and carries of the sacred relic instead and runs away. Henini and Tannu, a camp follower who ran away from a convent, are now taken to a rocky islet where a sadistic mother superior has them imprisoned in solitary confinement where they only have bread to eat and are eventually deprived of light in the hope that they will perish. The Angles' leader and his brother learn of their fate and make their way to the islet where they find Tannu barely alive, and the leader's brother strangles the mother superior in revenge for her mistreatment of Tannu, whom he adores, and he throws her body into the sea. Meanwhile, Fingal manages to recover the sacred relic from the Picts who stole it from the Angles' leader and get it to safety. He then sets out after the leader whom he finds and wounds, after the latter had located and rescued Henini, and they proceed to commit suicide by throwing themselves off a cliff. Fingal then finds Tannu with the leader's brother and she stops the two men from fighting. The Angle warrior then says he wants to marry her and in response Fingal asks if he will agree to live under Celtic law and he agrees. The film ends with Fingal purchasing a fine horse to draw his plough. Ax Raiders followed in 2006. Shot on location in the Highlands with many breathtaking shots of its unspoiled natural beauty. Somewhat more light-hearted than its predecessor, with Regulas boasting of having been given a sword that he was told had once belonged to Conan the Barbarian.